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Blue Cove, Delaware:

"Sydney! Miss Parker! Syd-" "Hello Mr. Broots, looking for someone?" Broots froze on the spot. He turned around slowly at the familiar voice. "Mr. Lyle, I was just-"

"If you know anything about Jarod, just tell me. I can let Parker and Sydney know soon enough. You can trust me Broots." Mr. Lyle said laying a hand on Broots' shoulder. Broots shuddered and muttered, "How can you trust anyone at the Centre?"

"You trust Miss Parker and Sydney-why not me?" My Lyle asked looking calmly and expectantly at Broots. Broots gulped as Lyle led him into his office. "I got a package from Jarod. It's a magazine article, and a Bible verse on a sticky note." Broots explained as Lyle looked at the article and note.

"It's about that attack on Israel. Strange. And since when was Jarod interested in God?" Lyle asked looking at Broots as if for an answer. "The article came out of the Global Weekly magazine. If that helps." Broots noted, awkwardly. Lyle nodded and pressed a button on his desk. "Find me Sydney and Miss Parker."

Global Weekly office in New York:

"So, you're the Weekly's star reporter huh? And the youngest senior writer in the magazine?" Jarod asked the young man in slight admiration. Cameron Williams was a celebrated journalist, who had been in Israel when Russia attacked. He nodded, smiling bashfully. "And why is it everyone calls you 'Buck' again?" Jarod continued asking, trying to guess the emotions of the other man by his expressions. "Everyone says it's because I'm always bucking tradition and authority." buck replied with a laugh. Jarod smiled, thinking how this man was so smart, yet so young. It reminded him or himself.

"And, do you believe that…God stopped the Russians from destroying Israel?" That seemed to stop Buck. He looked down as if thinking, then said, "I do. A woman who works with the Chicago Offices, Lucinda Washington, keeps pressing me to take the next step, and commit my life to God. Or something like that."

"Sounds like you believe in God, but don't want to follow the Christian lifestyle." Jarod replied raising his eyebrow. "Oh, please. Don't start calling me a Christian, that's what I told Lucinda. Deist is as much as I'll cope to." Buck told him rolling his eyes.

Buck had to go take a call from a friend. Jarod waited where he was, and made a phone call himself.

"Hello, this is Sydney?"

"Hello Sydney.""Jarod,"

"Who's listening in?" Jarod asked, knowing exactly how the Centre works.

"No one, it's just me-"

"Come on Sydney, you taught me better than that. I know how to detect some who's listening in on a conversation." Sydney chuckled, "Miss parker, Broots, and Mr. Lyle."

"Did you get my package Broots?" Jarod asked.

"What does it mean? Have you become religious now?" Mr. Lyle said before Broots could respond.

"No. Just reading, researching. Never heard of anything like it, have any of you?""Aircrafts exploding and coming down on their own? No." Miss Parker spoke up this time.

Jarod looked up, Buck was talking quietly to whoever was on the other line. He heard the sound of Mr. Lyle's frustrated breathing. "Ok Jarod, does your latest scheme have anything to do with that magazine? Or was there something else we were supposed to be looking at?"

Jarod smiled and said, "Follow the bouncing ball." and hung up.

The Centre:

Mr. Lyle hunched forward in frustration. "Jarod and these little games he keeps playing, are really starting to get to me." Miss Parker straightened up and said, "Welcome to my world. Jarod lives to torment us all."

"I wonder if this has anything to do with, the writer who was in Israel." Sydney said observing the article closely.

"You think if we find this Williams' guy, we find Jarod?" Broots asked looking over Sydney's shoulder. Sydney laid the article on Mr. Lyle's desk and said, "Knowing Jarod, it's possible."

"Go do some research on Williams Broots. In the mean-time, Sydney, try and find out where Jarod's at. And Miss Parker, maybe we should see if our father knows anything about the writer or the magazine, you think?" Lyle ordered, smiling expectantly at Miss Parker. "Whatever."

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