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The Kitsune Rebel of Yokai Academy


He stared out the window of the bus with boredom reflecting in his eyes. His sun kissed blonde hair was spiked and the bangs fell over his eyes, giving them a slightly shaded look. His dark ocean blue eyes looked at everything as the three tomoes surrounding the pupil spun lazily, memorizing the colors and shapes of things that went by as the supernatural bus sped through several dimensions. His hand went up to clutch the jade green crystal that hung over his chest and he brushed it softly with his hand. His eyes shut as he thought back to his Baachan and why he was sent away.

Flashback: Yesterday Morning; Konohagakure, Tsunade's Office

The blonde glared down at the floor, pissed at the way things turned out. He clenched his fists and his jaw before asking, "Why?"

"This is the way it is, Naruto..." Tsunade said as a tear fell down her cheek, "You lost control at four tails and killed Sasuke as well as taking his Sharingan for yourself."

"I wasn't aware of what I was doing!" he tried to defend himself. His defense only seemed to make the motherly Kage even more depressed. She had tried that defense multiple times and only a few would actually stick their necks out for the blonde after hearing her defense.

Turning away to hide her emotions she was quickly losing control of, Tsunade spoke again, "Regardless, the council has reached a verdict that I cannot overrule. I'm...I'm so sorry."

Naruto remained silent as he listened to his Baachan to cry softly before leaving the room without another word in a shunshin. He left the next day, not even saying goodbye to anyone he knew. It'd be too hard for him to face his teammate after nearly killing her. He couldn't finalize his promise and he lost control...again. It always happened when he went to four tails. His perverted sensei Jiraiya could atone to that. If he had to leave the village to protect it, then it was his duty as a shinobi of Konoha to do so.

End Flashback

Naruto dropped his hand and put it back into his black jeans pocket. He was being sent to another dimension where (hopefully) the Akatsuki couldn't reach him and where he would be able to learn control over his Biju chakra. He knew he was going to a school for monsters, not that it bothered him. He, for lack of a better definition, was a monster as well.

Naruto looked over at his black and silver Konoha marked duffle bag that held his belongings. His sensei, Yamato, had packed several of his old clothes, much to the blonde's dismay, and he was dressed in lax shinobi slacks and a mesh long sleeved shirt underneath a white tee-shirt that had an orange swirl on the front. On his feet were modified black sandals with black tap wrapped over his feet. He was informed he would have to wear a school uniform, but when it was brought before him, he incinerated it with a small Katon technique he knew. He would talk about the uniform issue when he met with the Headmaster or whoever he was.

Suddenly he was slammed against the back of the seat in front of him as the bus came to a stop. After growling at the pain his nose was going through, Naruto snapped his head up when the glowing eyed bus driver spoke after taking a puff on his cigar, "Last stop, Yokai Academy. Just be sure to watch yourself, punk."

"Bite me, fat ass," Naruto grumbled as he swung his duffle over his shoulder and got off the bus. The bus driver laughed before shutting the doors behind him. After that, the bus went off in a hurry, leaving Naruto coughing on the exhaust. Glaring in the direction the bus had left, Naruto barely noticed someone approaching from the right.

"Look out!" a girl called. Naruto turned and was suddenly bowled over by a rush of weight. His head connected with the ground and he yelped in pain. When he looked up, he saw a girl with long pink hair, longer than Sakura's when they were younger, and emerald eyes looking back at him with worry. She was dressed in a plaid skirt and white blouse along with the horrid green blazer he recognized over her shirt. Around the girl's neck was a weird necklace, but he was more concerned of her position. Her hands were on his chest and she was straddling him, her dress was parted enough to reveal her undergarments to him.

"Uh..." Naruto started in an oh-so-smart way as he stared at her panties while trying to complete a thought. The poor fifteen-year-old couldn't manage anything other than a dumbstruck look. He was snapped out of it when the girl spoke.

"I'm so sorry!" she exclaimed, standing and offering a hand to help him up. Naruto gladly took it and stood, rubbing his sore head and wincing when he felt a small patch of liquid under his fingers. She continued her apology, "I'm anemic and I get dizzy easily, I'm sorry I ran into you!"

"Really, it's alright," he replied as he rubbed his head over the wound, relaxing as it started to heal before he brought his hand back to examine it. Sure enough, ruby red liquid clung to two of his fingers. What surprised him was the girl now had her attention locked on the red coated fingers.

"Oh, no! You're...bleeding! I'm...so...sorry..." she replied as she started to lean onto him. His eyes widened when her head drifted toward his.

Holy shit! Is she going to kiss me? I am not ready for this! Dammit, I knew I should have brushed my teeth twice this morning, the blonde thought. Naruto was shocked again when her head drifted downwards and he felt something pierce his skin. His eyes were now the size of dinner plates as he felt her start draining him of his blood.

Akashiya Moka was ecstatic as she drank from this person, this boy. She was sure he was human from his blood, its taste was to die for and it was addictive, even from the first taste she could tell. There was another hint to it, one Moka's senses couldn't determine. It made her heart beat faster in excitement as she took a drink from the boy. When she had landed on him, she could feel lithe toned muscles underneath the clothes, which only continued to excite her as she thought about them. But the strange eyes he had, blue with three comma-like tomoes swirling around his pupil, were what really intrigued her.

When her thirst was sated, Moka released the blonde as he clutched his neck and stared at her with fear and confusion. Moka looked at her feet and spoke softly, "I'm sorry I did that, but I'm a...I'm a vampire."

He blinked a few times before sighing and shaking his head. She barely caught the mutter of, "I should have known..." before he looked up at her with forgiveness in his eyes.

"It's cool," he replied with a small smile before holding his hand out, "Uzumaki Naruto. I can guess from your attire that you are also attending Yokai Academy?"

"Hai," she replied as she took his hand in the handshake, "I'm Akashiya Moka. Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Naruto-kun."

"Same here, Moka-chan," Naruto replied as he smiled when they pulled their hands back. He looked down at her bike and saw it was bent irregularly at the handles and front of it. Picking it up easily, he put it over his shoulder before kneeling down and picking up his duffle, throwing it over the other.

"You don't have to do that," Moka said with a slight blush. Naruto gave her his signature foxy grin.

"I think I do, considering it probably wouldn't have bent like this if it ran into anyone else," he replied, not noticing her blush, "Wanna walk with me to the school?"

Moka looked over his clothes once more before looking at him with confusion, "You're going to attend the Academy as well?"

"Yea," Naruto replied with a nod as they started walking through the dead woods towards the school, "I guess you'd be thrown by my clothes, huh? Back home, I was the same way. Heck, I used to run around in brighter attire than this, but my sensei decided it'd be better if I didn't bring it here. Didn't want me to bring attention to myself or something...Which is weird cuz I'm going to a school with a bunch of monsters, but in short, you won't catch me in the school's clothes cuz one; they look stupid, not on you of course, but on me they would. And two; I've been a rebel all my life, fighting everything someone ordered me to do unless I was on a mission."

Moka's eyes widened at his explanation and her curiosity concerning the blonde next to her grew, especially that comment about a mission. When they arrived at the official entrance for Yokai Academy, the vampire's eyes widened while the blonde simply scoffed and looked around. She loved that it looked like a haunted cathedral, as though it was made specifically for the monsters that would attend.

Naruto was less impressed, thinking that the scariest building alive would forever be the Konohagakure Hospital. He shuddered at the memories of waking up to intense pain from the fourth tailed form only a few days ago. He set Moka's bike down and looked at her, chuckling at her amazed gawk at the building. He tapped her shoulder, earning the gorgeous pinkette's attention and smiled at her foxily again.

"I gotta go talk to the Headmaster or something..." he said with a shrug before grinning at the girl, "Catch ya around sometime, Moka-chan. It was nice meeting you."

He started walking away and waved over his shoulder after Moka called out the same as she headed for the building that she had been assigned to for dorms, wheeling her damaged bike as she walked. Her mind occasionally drifting towards the spikey haired blonde with the strange eyes and tasty blood. She could only wonder what type of monster he was and hoped he wouldn't do anything to risk his enrollment.

Meanwhile, Naruto found himself whisked away by a bright green light and now stood before a robed man with glowing eyes that were eerily familiar to him. The Headmaster sat in a large chair and his eyes crinkled with amusement as a small smile appeared on his face.

"So you are Jiraiya-san's godson, mm?" he asked. Naruto nodded. The Headmaster nodded as well before speaking again with slight annoyance in his voice, "Where is your uniform?"

Naruto scowled and dropped his bag at his right, "I'm not going to wear that pathetic excuse for clothing even if you pay me!"

The Headmaster chuckled before looking at the blonde once again, "You remind me of a young Kitsune that had three tails a long time ago. He was the same way. I will allow your insubordinate ways... for now. Just watch yourself as I have made several powerful people promises concerning your continued existence here."

To Naruto, it sounded as though the Headmaster was saying his life was at risk here despite the promise to safety and in all actuality...it made the academy life sound more exciting to him. He was worried about seeing less action, not being able to fight or prank like he did before. All those concerns were chucked out the window, just as a green blazer was chucked at his face. The blonde scowled as he took the blazer off his face and was prepared to throw it back when the Headmaster spoke.

"You have to wear that at least, Uzumaki-san," he said, smiling wider as the blonde's scowl deepened, "Feel free to modify it however you want. I will inform the teachers to this in the staff meeting later today. Have a good first day, Uzumaki-san."

Naruto felt the strange sensation of being teleported away again and stumbled before leaning against the wall of a hallway to catch himself. His bag was no longer at his side and the damned green blazer was now resting in his hands. Naruto held it up and examined it before noticing a white slip of paper in the front pocket, pulling it out and unfolding it.

Class schedule, eh? Oh and my dorm room as well, Naruto thought as he looked around for a classroom label, searching for his homeroom. He looked up to his right to see the exact one he was looking for and chuckled before shoving the paper in his pocket. He tore the sleeves off his blazer before pulling the newly made vest on and walking into the classroom. The teacher, who he noticed had cat-like ears and tail along with the other disguised students all looked at him.

Scratching the back of his head and grinning nervously, Naruto said, "Nekonome -sensei's class?"

The cat woman, Nekonome Shizuka, nodded and frowned at him, "I'm Nekonome-sensei and I'm wondering why you aren't in proper school uniform, mister...?"

"Oh, gomen," the blonde said quickly as he bowed in an apologetic manner, "Uzumaki Naruto, sensei. The Headmaster will explain my lax dress code later. Gomen, but that's all I can say about it."

The teacher just smiled at him and nodded, "Please take your seat, Uzumaki-kun."

Naruto looked over the class, most guys now ignoring him and staring at the far right while the girls of the classroom all had their eyes locked on him. His curiosity coming over him, Naruto followed the boys' gazes before smiling as the pink haired girl gave him a large grin.

"Naruto-kun!" she said happily as he walked to the desk on her left and plopped down in it. Most of their male classmates glared at him while the females glared at her. The pinkette kept her smile up, completely happy she wasn't alone in their homeroom. The blonde next to her smiled back before leaning back in his chair, resting an arm over the back of his chair as Nekonome-sensei continued her own greeting to the school.

When class let out, the two friends walked out together, Moka carrying her book over her chest while Naruto had sealed his away in his right arm. The sealing only perplexed the vampire even more and when she asked about it, Naruto only waved her off with a smile and a simple answer of, "It's complicated."

They were talking quietly about their homeroom teacher when they were suddenly stopped in the middle of a hallway by a boy with long blonde hair and piercings marking his face. He smiled at Moka while his eyes showed nothing but perverse intentions, making Naruto scowl.

"Why hello there," the boy said, his eyes going over Moka's form, "You must be the most beautiful girl in the school, Akashiya Moka. My name's Komiya Saizo, and it should do you well to remember it."

"H-Hello," Moka said before gesturing to Naruto, "This is my friend, Naru-"

"Forget him," Saizo said, moving to push Naruto back. Imagine his surprise when the shorter blonde wrapped his wrist in a bone-crushing grip and the tomoes in his eyes spun angrily. Saizo tried to pull his hand back, only for Naruto to increase his hold and twisted his arm, electing a crack and making Saizo yell in pain as well as fall to his knees. A small crowd was around the three, boys whispering to their friends about rumors revolving around Saizo and girls staring at the spikey whiskered blonde, want and desire in their eyes.

"You better know your role, baka," Naruto growled as he crushed the wrist even more, "If I even suspect you doing what danced across your eyes a few moments ago to any girl, especially Moka-chan, I'll make you pray to Kami above that you never even knew the reproductive dance."

Several boys gasped as a louder crack came from Saizo's arm and the boy yelled a profanity at the whiskered blonde, only managing to piss said blonde off enough to kick him square in the jaw with his heel. Saizo fell back, pulling his arm close to his body and holding his mouth, blood seeping between his fingers. Naruto looked at the crowd and his eyes spun.

"That goes for the rest of you horny fuckers!" he snarled, before turning once again and kicking the downed boy in the groin, making the crowd gasp when Saizo released a shrill cry. He grabbed Moka's arm gently and led her away from the scene, leaving behind several groups of gossiping girls and concerned hormonal boys that unconsciously covered themselves.

When they were far enough away, Moka turned to Naruto and asked quietly, "Why did you do that?"

"You probably didn't recognize the look in his eyes," the blonde replied as he released her and slowed his pace as they walked outside of the school. They were only required to go to their homerooms today for proper introductions, so now the two were on their way to their dorm apartment. They shared the same one, which was another pleasant shock for the vampire and shinobi.

Naruto put his hands in his pockets as he continued, "Growing up with multiple perverted teachers and role models, I know that gleam better than anyone else. Hell, occasionally I have that gleam, but not since...it's not important. What is important is that baka, along with the other boys in the school, learn their roles in life."

"But you...you didn't have to do that to him," Moka said, "You could risk getting in trouble."

"Been getting in trouble all my life, Moka-chan," the blonde replied with a grin, "Plus, it's not like I'm here cuz I chose to be."

"What do you mean?" Moka asked as he opened their dorm door for her. She nodded her head in thanks as she walked past him inside before waiting for him. He followed her inside and they continued walking together towards the stairwell.

"Well, it's complicated," Naruto said as he rubbed the back of his head, "And it's probably best if I don't involve you. Don't get me wrong, I bet you're strong enough to defend yourself, but this is personal."

"Oh...Ok," Moka replied, a little dejected. She wished he would open up more to her, and she also wished she could determine what type of monster he was. It was infuriating to the girl that no matter what she thought of, another feature belonging to the blonde would cancel out her ideas, mostly his eyes or whisker marks on his cheeks.

They walked up the stairs in a comfortable silence, on Naruto's part anyway, before Moka's stomach rumbled. The vampire blushed in embarrassment while Naruto looked at her with wide eyes before he snickered, making the poor pinkette blush even more. The blonde took her hand in his and pulled her towards his assigned room. Opening the door easily, Naruto ushered the vampire inside before double checking the hall and shutting the door. The blonde turned back to the very confused vampire and tilted his head, exposing his neck to her.

"Take a drink, Moka-chan," he said with a smile, her eyes widening, "I can take it and I can tell you need it. An old sensei of mine said my blood was addictive, at least now I know she was right."

Moka hesitated before coming closer to the blonde. Again hesitantly, Moka leaned forward before pressing her fangs into the blonde's vein. Naruto tensed for a second before relaxing, feeling a slight high and arousal come to him from getting sucked off, pun intended. The vampire softly moaned as his blood flowed into her system, it was like a sinful delicacy it was so tasty. Before either of them knew what was happening, her arms were around his shoulders, hugging him closer to him as he held her hips in place and occasionally hummed while she fed off his blood.

Right as Naruto was starting to feel woozy, Moka backed off a few steps after gathering some residue blood from his neck and sucking it off her finger. Naruto quickly tilted his neck to the other side, cracking it loudly before he groaned and rubbed his now healing bite mark. The vampire smiled at him which he saw through one eye as the other was closed, a reaction to the pain of regenerating the tissue that Moka's fangs had destroyed through their piercing.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun," Moka said in a grateful manner, "I don't know why but your blood is so..."

"Tasty, I know," the blonde groaned before he rolled his neck around once. Seeming to feel better, the whiskered blonde gave her a foxy grin, "Feel free to feed whenever. I tend to recreate blood cells faster than anyone I know."

Later that night, the two were examining the surrounding school grounds. They were still walking and talking, getting to know one another better when Moka finally groaned out of frustration.

"Something wrong, Moka-chan?" Naruto asked, stopping and looking at her in a concerned manner. Moka shook her head and looked at him once again before she sighed.

"I'm sorry...I'm just so frustrated!" she said, crossing her arms and pouting, "I've been trying all day to figure out what type of monster you are! You can't be a werewolf, because your blood doesn't taste like poison. Can't be an orc, Cyclops, or troll because you would have dirt in your bloodstream. I know you aren't a mermaid or any other aquatic monster because I would feel sick. You can't even tell me because it's against the rules. I give up!"

To her surprise, Naruto simply stared at her before chuckling and putting both hands behind his head in a relaxed manner. He gave her another foxy grin, the same one that sped her heart up and made her feel completely at ease.

"That's because I'm not any of those or any other for that manner," he said, "I'm more like a...like a hybrid I guess."

"You guess?" Moka repeated. Naruto nodded.

"Yeah," he replied, "You could say I'm a Kitsune Hanyou, but that's about it."

Before Moka could ask more about his heritage, a familiar voice spoke up, "Finally! I found you!"

Saizo, now complete with a sling for his right arm and a few front teeth missing from his mouth, hopped out from the tree line. His eyes locked on Naruto before he looked past his target towards the girl with him. A perverted grin appeared on his face.

"Moka-chan is here too? Perfect!" the boy said, "After I kick your ass, Uzumaki, I'll take Moka-chan as my own!"

Said blonde growled and his tomoes spun slowly before his eyes widened to the size of dinner plates when Saizo's skin stretched and his muscles grew. A flashback to fighting Sasuke at the Valley of the End came to the blonde's mind and he swallowed heavily. That outcome was not fun.

When Saizo finished he stood at a whopping seven feet with grey skin and torn clothes. He smirked down at the frightened looking blonde before leering at the pinkette behind him.

"Don't be afraid, Moka-chan," Saizo said in a deeper voice, "Once I kick this asshole's ass from here to the moon, you and I can have all the fun we wa-aaaaant!"

Saizo collapsed to his knees, cradling his once again damaged goods and tears threatened to fall from his glowing eyes. The Orc looked up to see the spikey blonde glaring down at him with a fist cocked back and his tomoes were spinning rapidly, making Saizo suddenly tired.

"I warned you, baka!" Naruto snarled before delivering a bone shattering punch to the orc's nose. Saizo recoiled in pain and covered his nose with his non injured hand. To retaliate, he surprised the boy by punching him solidly in the stomach with his 'injured' arm. In actuality, it had healed when he transformed, and now he could use it freely to, oh say, knock a certain blonde about fifteen feet away.

"Naruto-kun!" Moka cried out, rushing to the blonde that had lost all the wind in the punch. Naruto coughed as he sat up when Moka knelt to his side.

Dazed, the blonde muttered, "Hold the soy sauce on that ramen, Teuchi-jiji..."

"Moka-chan, come to daddy," Saizo said with a lecherous grin as he started to walk towards them.

Naruto, still slightly dazed because he is only used to getting hit in the head, grabbed the rosary around Moka's neck before falling back to the ground in a coughing fit. The rosary snapped off in his grip and a large source of yokai swirled around the pinkette, making the blonde and the Orc cover their eyes. The yokai engulfed Moka before a bright flash erupted and next to Naruto stood a now silver haired girl, more curved hips and fuller breasts. Her eyes opened and she looked at the blonde.

Naruto knew those eyes. Slitted and blood red, as though glaring into your soul. The spikey haired blonde swallowed in slight fear before she looked back at the Orc that was hesitatingly taking a few steps back.

"Aw, what's wrong?" the new Moka asked him, slowly standing and crossing her arms, "Don't want to play anymore?"

"A v-vampire...you're a-a vampire?" Saizo asked with fear on his face. Moka nodded before taking a step closer to him. Saizo looked her over once again before a lecherous look came over him again and he grinned, "Ah, so what? I'll just make sure you're not too beaten up!"

Saizo rushed her and brought his fists back before she faded from his sight. He looked around for her, only to be shocked when someone tapped his shoulder and he turned to see Moka with her fist pulled back.

"I'd like to see you try when your jaw is knocked off. Do not touch me, weakling! Know your place," Moka said coolly before she drove her fist up into his jaw, easily fracturing it. Saizo stumbled back and cupped his mouth when his left arm was grabbed and he was turned around. Standing in front of him was a grinning red eyed blonde with black eyes and a blue pupil that reminded him of an atom's shape.

Naruto grabbed his shoulders and kneed him in the groin roughly once again, making the orc fall to his knees as his hands went to cup his precious tool and ask Kami why the blonde constantly targeted his boys. The spikey haired blonde then grabbed both of the orc's ears, forcing him to look him in the eyes.

"Tsukuyomi," Naruto snarled, a grin plastered on his face. When he first woke with the eternal Sharingan, he sobbed long and hard. Long enough to pass out from exhaustion and talk to the Kyuubi about his abilities, considering the demon lord created them. He learned them the day before his...enrollment.

Saizo found himself in a world that had a dark blue sky and black ground. He looked around to find the bane of his current existence standing before him with a blade in hand.

"Welcome to my world, Baka," Naruto said, running his finger along the edge of his wakizashi, "I'm nowhere near as strong as my friend's brother was in this world, I can only slow time for one day. Now currently, you have twenty four hours before you go back to reality."

Naruto then suddenly shoved his blade into Saizo's stomach, making the orc gasp in pain as the blonde started twisting the blade around before pulling it out. He did this seven more times, each time he twisted it slower and slower, before he finally stopped and took a step back. Saizo opened his eyes after the feeling of dying passed.

"Well that wasn't so bad," Naruto started, further confusing the orc, "Now you only have fifty-nine seconds, fifty-nine minutes, and twenty-three hours left."

Saizo screamed as Naruto slowly started to slice him into itty-bitty pieces, continuing his destruction of the orc's mind.

A few moments later in the real world, the orc collapsed on his back and blood leaked from his ears and nose along with a green substance mixed in with it. The silver haired Moka looked down at the orc with wide eyes, the only thing showing her shock. She looked over at the blonde questionably to see him rubbing his eyes furiously and growling. Then an amazing aroma hit her, it was familiar to her because of her other half.

She walked over to the blonde's side, standing only a few inches taller than him. A few moments later, he looked up at her, dried blood the only residue around his tomoed eyes. Grabbing his head and forcing him to tilt it on the left before she bit into his neck. She drank the heavenly substance, savoring each taste that flowed into her mouth. When Moka broke away, she wiped her thumb over her bottom lip before sucking on it in a sensual manner. The blonde in front of her just rubbed the spot where she bit him and blinked in confusion.

"What...Moka-chan?" he asked, now dazed and slightly aroused from the bite. Moka nodded and knelt down to pick up the rosary that was on the ground.

"My other self will explain it to you later, Uzumaki," Moka said before wiping her thumb under his eye and sucking the residue blood off again, "Mm...AB positive?"

Naruto nodded and Moka's mouth turned into a ghost of a smile before placing the rosary around her neck and her features returned to the way they were before. The pink haired vampire blinked and her eyes returned to the normal green ones they were. She stumbled a moment before Naruto caught her and looked at her while she passed out. Sighing, he swept his arm underneath her legs and carried the vampire towards the hospital, which had already found via Kage bunshin.

Next Morning; Yokai Academy Infirmary

Moka woke up in a white room in a firm bed. She blinked a few times before looking around. A blonde woman dressed in a school nurse's attire walked in through the door on the right and smiled at her.

"Oh, good morning Akashiya-san!" the nurse said in a chipper tone, "You look like you've completely recovered! I'm sure your little friend Uzumaki-san will be relieved to hear this!"

"U-Uzumaki-san?" Moka repeated with a dazed tone in her voice. Realization struck her and she clarified, "Naruto-kun?"

The nurse nodded and continued to smile, "Ah, it was so sweet. He seemed so worried when he carried you inside, asking questions about your condition, whether you'd be ok or not. *sigh* If only I managed to find love like that at your age..."

Moka's eyes shot open, but before she could correct the nurse, said nurse had ducked back outside to get her release papers approved. Her mind spinning, Moka sat back and rubbed her temples in an effort to relax when someone spoke.

"Nurse-san said you were feeling better?"

Moka's head snapped over to her right to see Naruto standing halfway through the door. She smiled at him and nodded. The whiskered blonde grinned before he walked into the room fully and took a seat on her right. His hands were resting on the arm of the chair he sat in and a silence filled the room. Moka glanced at him before looking down at her hands in her lap.

"You're wondering about last night, aren't you?" Moka asked quietly, her bangs covering her eyes as her head tilted down. Naruto paused before sighing and nodding his head. Tears dropped down onto her sheet and the blonde's concern grew for his new pink haired friend.

"I...I understand if you hate me now," she said softly around her tears, "The other me, the one you saw last night...she...she's dangerous."

"Yeah, I kind of gathered that," Naruto replied with a chuckle as he rubbed his neck. Moka shook her head.

"No, y-you don't understand!" the pinkette yelled in a hushed tone, "Sh-she...she just...she is my true self! My true vampire side! She'll drink anything, drain anyone...she doesn't care...She's the real me...And I'm...I'm..."

Seeing the poor girl start to become hysteric, Naruto stood from his seat and moved onto the bed, wrapping a comforting arm around her. Being teamed with a girl much like the one next to him, if only in looks alone, helped a little bit with knowing how to comfort girls on off days. Like when he woke up in the hospital for the second time and Sakura walked in, bawling about how worried she was about him. Not about how he killed Sasuke, but him. She was scared for him, which was insanely better than being scared of him.

Moka buried her face in Naruto's shoulder as she cried her shame out. The Moka he was currently comforting was so sure she was a false identity. She clung to the whiskered blonde and she sobbed into his shoulder. Unknown to the both of them, the nurse was watching the whole thing, recording it with her cell phone. It was very touching to her, seeing as she was still single at the reasonable single age of twenty-five, and she was a hopeless romantic.

Naruto softly brushed the vampire's hair as she made his shoulder very damp from her sobbing. When she started to quiet down, Naruto tried to cheer her up as he righted her on the bed, "Hey, hey...It's ok, Moka-chan. No matter which of you is out and about, I'll still be your friend."

"R-Really?" Moka asked as she wiped at her tears. The tomoed blue eyed teen gave her his signature smile.

"Believe it!" he said. A shudder traveled through him and he suddenly looked around the room before shrugging and looking back at her with his grin back on his face. Moka smiled back at him while she wiped her tears away.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun," she said with a small smile. The blonde grinned even wider when her stomach rumbled and her face turned a nice shade of pink. He tilted his head and offered her a meal, which she gladly accepted. The moment was dead to the witness and her phone as the vampire bit into his neck, sure watching a romantic scene was one thing, but her duty on the scholastic payroll came before her own hopes in romance.

Moka jumped away from Naruto's neck when the nurse burst in and yelled, "NO SEX IN THE INFIRMARY!"

The two turned a bright cherry red at that remark.