Maybe Then Someday



Rating: R

Warnings: Language, Angst, possible OOC/AU

Disclaimer: Don't own the characters or any part of Numb3rs.

Author's Notes: After a long long hiatus I am back. I will try to finish Take My Hand and Unforgivable too.

Summary: 2 Men, 1 Contract, 1 syringe and 1 will to live. Charlie is taken from his bedroom in the dead of night. It will be up to Don and company to rescue him before time runs out...for both brothers.


Chapter One: Kidnapped

Professor Charles Edward Eppes; Charlie to those at the FBI and CalSci, rubbed his face as he exited the bathroom. It was well past 11PM; way past his bedtime. He didn't know why he had stayed up so late, there was no pressing issue at the college or at the FBI...for once! So just why had he stayed up late?

Entering his bedroom Charlie made sure his laptop computer and cell phone were in their chargers before getting underneath the covers of his bed. The sheets were cold but this was to be expected until he built up some body heat.

As he tried to get comfortable Charlie looked around his darkened bedroom noting the bookshelf crammed full of books, the LCD radio clock and his high school diploma that hung on the wall.

"Comfortable Professor?"

Charlie sat bolt upright in his bed. Someone was obviously in his room. The voice was obviously male and so full of hatred and annoyance that it made Charlie flinch even though he couldn't see who was in his room. His eyes immediately went to the phone even as the light in his room suddenly came on with such brilliance that he had to shade his eyes.

When his eyes adjusted Charlie was finally able to see the intruder. It was Special Agent Marcus T. Franklin; one of Don's best friends and fellow agent.

"Special Agent Franklin, what...?" Charlie began but upon seeing the Special Agent point a shiny black pistol towards his head, Charlie shut up not wanting a bullet to the face.

"Now is not the time for talking Professor. Now is the time for you to shut the hell up and do what you are told and no trying to sound the alarm or you and your father won't wake up to see another sunrise again, you hear me?" Special Agent Franklin said. To emphasize his point he pulled the hammer of his gun down; the click sounding extremely loud in Charlie's ear.

What was going on here? Why was Marcus doing this? Charlie searched previous memories of Agent Franklin, Don and himself. They were all happy memories; certainly there was nothing to suggest or even hint that Agent Franklin was even capable of doing what he was now doing. What had happened? Had Marcus and Don gotten in to an argument or worse was Agent Franklin an undercover operative working for someone else? If the latter was the case then Charlie knew he was in real deep shit, but wasn't he always?

Marcus tossed Charlie a light black jacket and a pair of dark blue slippers; no need for the Professor to get sick because of the cool outside temperature. "Put them on." Marcus ordered. He watched as Charlie quickly complied with the order; the look on his face being priceless. It was clear that Charlie was scared but there was something else in his eyes; acceptance? Annoyance? Both of those were possible but the former was more likely. Charlie wasn't a hero like his big brother Don; and both men knew it.

"Alright now. You are going to get up, go down stairs and calmly walk out the front door. I'll be behind you and if you try something you won't live to regret it. Not only that but your father AND your brother won't live to regret it either. Understand?" Marcus asked.

Charlie sighed. Now it wasn't only his father that Marcus was threatening, he had now brought Don in to it. This was totally unacceptable but what could he do? He wasn't an agent, he didn't know how to shoot a gun...what could he do?

Easing himself out of bed, Charlie planted his feet on the floor.

~The only thing I can do is survive until Don finds me.~ Charlie told himself. He had to keep himself alive and keep his brother alive by co operating. He didn't even want to think of his brother being shot if not killed because he failed to co operate.

Not being able to help it, Charlie looked at his cell phone wishing it was in his hand. His brother's number was on speed dial. All he had to do was hit the number 1 and then his brother could hear what was going on; hear what Agent Franklin was trying to do. Don would come; Don would rescue him, of this Charlie was absolutely certain. Don would risk his own life to protect his baby brother.

When he looked at his cell phone, Charlie regretted it a second later when Agent Franklin grabbed it off the charger, placed it on the ground and stepped on it, breaking it apart with a crack.

"We won't be needed that. Now are you going to move or am I going to have to shoot you?" Agent Franklin asked.

Charlie didn't want to be shot, didn't want to feel the pain of the bullet so he did the only thing he could do. He calmly went to his bedroom door and opened it, the light from his room pouring in to the dark hallway that led to the stairs.

Stepping out of the room Charlie headed for the stairs, hearing and feeling Agent Franklin behind him.

For a brief moment Charlie hoped his father was still awake and sitting in the living room reading a book but once he came to the stairs and saw the darkened first floor Charlie knew that his father was asleep in his bed; he wouldn't be able to help him.

Feeling the gun in his back, Charlie took one step then another. He didn't want to go with Agent Franklin but he had no choice.

~Don where are you?~ Charlie thought, hoping against hope that somehow someway his brother could hear him. They did have a connection; Don and him but sometimes Charlie doubted Don actually heard him. He needed now to not be one of those times.

Feet hitting the first floor, Charlie walked to the front door and unlocked it before opening it, stepping out on to the front porch.

The cool night breeze ruffled his dark curly hair. It was a nice breeze, so healthy and free. For just the briefest of moments Charlie forgot about the situation, forgot about the gun and Agent Franklin. He imagined himself sitting on the outside patio with his father and brother. They were all smiling; laughing as if they didn't have a care in the world. In Alan's hand was a spatula; the obvious grill master. In Don and Charlie's hands were beer bottles; Don's beer bottle being almost completely empty and Charlie's beer bottle being almost full.


Charlie came back to the present. The memory faded from sight as he was marched to a black Chevy Suburban. Charlie grimaced. Agent Franklin even had the audacity to use a federal vehicle to kidnap the brother of a federal agent.

"Open the door to the back seat." Agent Franklin ordered.

Slowly Charlie complied. He felt Agent Franklin push him so that he was leaning in to the seat but wasn't in the vehicle. So what was Agent Franklin planning on doing? Tying him to the outside and make him run along behind? That thought sent shivers down Charlie's spine. He hoped it wasn't going to pass but with Agent Franklin who knew for sure.

"Nighty night."

"Huh?" Charlie asked, confused by what Agent Franklin had said. He didn't have the chance to get a better explanation before pain errupted on the back of his head sending him in to total unconsciousness. When the Professor went in to Dreamland, Agent Franklin quickly and quietly handcuffed Charlie's hands together followed seconds later by his feet. Once Charlie's hands and feet were in cuffs he then tied them together with rope; a bit of overkill but Agent Franklin wasn't going to take any chances. The contract on Charlie's head was considerable; too much for him to pass up. He didn't want to hurt his best friend by kidnapping his brother but business was business. If Charlie had to die then so be it.

Finally Agent Franklin removed a roll of black duct tape, ripping off a small section and placing it over Charlie's mouth, smoothing it in to place so there were no wrinkles or loose sections. He didn't want Charlie to be able to remove it at all; listening to his constant yammering was not on his to do list that evening.

Once Charlie was bound, Agent Franklin hoisted the man up and placed him in the floor of the backseat of the Suburban, shutting the door once Charlie was secure.

Rounding the side of the Suburban, Agent Franklin wasted no time in getting in the driver's seat, firing up the engine and pulling away from the Eppes abode. He didn't want to be stopped or worse; caught, not by Don or anyone else. So far things had gone according to plan, now all he had to do was make it out of state and he was home free. Sighing, a smile came on Franklin's face as he headed for the interstate...and freedom; his catch unconscious in the floor of the backseat.