First Date – An Outtake to Sleeves Chapter Eleven


"I'm taking you on a date." Jasper had suddenly blurted over the phone last night. "Tomorrow. Our first date."

My first impulse was to cringe. I could count on one hand the number of dates I'd been on in my life, all of them forcing me into pretentious suits and my best behavior. Things had been going amazingly with Jasper and I and the last thing I wanted now was the pressures of a first date to cause stilted conversation over an overpriced dinner and ruin our run of good luck.

"Uh, OK?" I obviously didn't sound convinced. I could hear Jasper chuckle over the crackle of the phone and felt my lips tug into a tiny smile at the sound.

"Dress warm and comfortable, baby. I'll pick you up at around 10."

"In the morning?" What kind of a date was he planning? Jasper just laughed, promising me I'd enjoy myself and that he'd see me soon. I was too nervous to argue.

I pulled on a long sleeved, cotton tee, my softest jeans, brown leather jacket and boots. As I wound my scarf around my neck I heard a knock at the door of my apartment. 955; he was right on time. My heart picked up it's pace in my chest and my stomach fluttered anxiously, almost making me regret having that second bowl of Lucky Charms for breakfast. It was so fucking stupid to be nervous about this. This was Jasper. This was us. But my stomach knotted anyway and I had to wipe my sweaty palms on my jeans before opening the door to him.

He looked amazing. Dark denim and grey wool coat. A warm hat covered most of his curls and a thick scarf was pulled up to his dimples, his cheeks pink from the cold outside. Fucking gorgeous. Jasper smiled brightly at me, his eyes sparkling and his arms outstretched to wrap around me immediately. I felt his warm lips on mine and smiled happily against his mouth.

"You ready to go, baby?" He asked as he pulled away and moved toward my door. I nodded, nervous and excited to get started. I couldn't fucking wait to spend the day with him.

We walked closely together along the sidewalk towards the subway, our hands buried deeply in our pockets and our breath coming in panting clouds before us. The early November air was biting, unseasonably cold, against our exposed skin. I looked over to Jasper as we walked, our shoulders and elbows brushing gently with each step, and watched as he buried his whole face in his scarf, only his bright eyes peeking out against the wind.

I laughed heartily inside my own scarf, loving the freedom I felt in the simple act. Loving that this beautiful man could cause me to laugh at all. His eyes squinted at me and I just knew that under all that wool and warmth he was smiling too.

"Where are we going?" I was getting impatient as we stood together on the crowded train. Our bodies were pressed together tightly as people pushed and crowded around us. We were swaying gently with the undulations of the train and my groin was brushing Jasper's hip with every jolt. I was trying desperately to ignore the stirring in my pants and focused intently on guessing his plans for our day ahead.

"We're going to have some fun." Jasper's eyes sparkled with amusement. His glee was infectious and I found myself grinning widely along with him and simply trying to enjoy the suspense.

We stepped off the subway when we reached Brooklyn, Coney Island spread out before us and my eyes widened, my grin freezing on my face as I took in my surroundings. The sites and smells of the amusements crashed into me, the fresh, salty wind coming off the sea brought with it the smells of hot dogs and cotton candy and the peals of laughter and delight.

The Ferris Wheel took up most of the skyline and the Atlantic beyond was choppy and rough on such a bitter morning. The beach was quiet and the boardwalk was littered with people enjoying the day. The rides, the games, the food; they were all things I couldn't wait to dive in to. Jasper seemed to know how perfect a day like this would be for us; neither of us had allowed ourselves to have much fun in the past, we both deserved to kick back and let go for a day.

We could act like kids, laughing and playing all day, and I couldn't think of a single fucking date that could top this. Jasper was giving me something that I thought I'd lost forever. I'd never been able to be a kid, too broken and drowning in guilt to allow myself to enjoy any small pleasures in life. Jasper was giving me back my childhood for a day. It was perfect.

"I fucking love it, Jasper" I laughed as I tugged his hand along behind me towards the huge Ferris Wheel.

When we were settled inside one of the cages and swinging in the wind on our way to the top I pulled Jasper to me for a kiss. I wanted him to know exactly how much this meant to me and how much I appreciated the thought he'd put into making this day so special for us. It meant fucking everything to me.

I swiped my tongue across his wet bottom lip, feeling his hands tremble on my sides, gripping me fiercely to him. Our tongues moved slowly within his mouth and each flick and suck was driving me crazy. I blinked my eyes open, seeing Jasper's eyes squeezed firmly shut and wondered briefly if he was scared of heights. Pulling away from the kiss, I chuckled softly when his eyes remained closed against the view from the top. It was breathtaking; you could see the whole island from here and the ocean beyond.

"How high?" I heard Jasper whisper between clenched teeth as his hands moved to grip mine with a white-knuckle strength. He was scared.

"150 feet. Are you OK?" I tried not to make a joke about it, working to pry his fingers from my palm and relax his hand slightly.

"I've never been scared of heights before. I'm not. I just want to be safe on the ground as soon as possible. I want you safe on the ground."

In my chest, under layers and layers of clothing, my heart thumped wildly. However unnecessary his fears, I couldn't help but feel my heart melt at his concern for me. I kissed him soundly until we could both step foot on the hard pavement once more. Jasper's sigh of relief giving me ammunition enough to tease him mercilessly for the rest of the day.

Our afternoon was spent going on more rides, our eyes widening and our hearts thumping as we waited to ride the old roller coaster, The Cyclone, eating crap food until we thought we'd throw up and watching Jasper spend close to $30 trying to win me a prize on any one of the games dotted around the boardwalk. He ended up handing me a cute little teddy with a look of such pride on his face that I couldn't even laugh at him about it. The thing had to be worth 5 bucks.

It was the best fucking date I'd ever been on and when we stumbled through Jasper's front door and into his warm little apartment, full and exhausted, I knew this was only the start of more things to come. More fun and much more happiness. We collapsed on his sofa, wrapping ourselves around each other and napping away the evening, only moving to the bedroom when our bodies ached from our position, straining to get closer to one another, and our kisses grew deep and needy.

"Thank you for today." I whispered against Jasper's hair as he pushed inside of me, stretching and filling me beautifully. Gasping and panting, our bodies joined and moved together, the perfect ending to a fucking perfect day.

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