First Time – An Outtake to Sleeves Chapter Sixteen


"I want you to be the only man to ever have me like this." Jasper whispered into my ear and it was my undoing.

The thought of making love to Jasper this way was enough to make me tremble, excitement and lust coursing through my veins. The thought of being the only man to ever do it had me whimpering, pushing Jasper beneath me and pinning his hands by his head as I rolled my hips against his. I could feel his cock, hard and ready and leaking precum, showing me how much he wanted this, telling me with his body what he had already promised with his words.

My whole body was on edge, covered with a sheen of sweat and shaking in anticipation. Kissing Jasper's sweet lips softly, I tried desperately to control my breathing and slow my hips. I needed to let him control the pace of this; I needed to make him feel good. With thoughts of only Jasper's pleasure in mind, I whispered in his ear how much I wanted to taste him, moving behind him and ordering him onto his hands and knees.

Seeing Jasper on all fours in front of me, ready for me, fucking trembling in anticipation of what I was going to do to him, was the most erotic thing I'd ever witnessed. He was giving himself to me, without any hesitation, and I couldn't believe the trust he was placing in me. I was so fucking blessed.

I gripped onto his firm backside, spreading his cheeks and opening him up to me. My dick was fucking aching at the sight before me and I could hardly stop myself from just lunging my face forward and lapping at his sweetness until his body had given everything it could give. Taking a final deep breath, I allowed myself to move forward slowly and lick my way from the base of his spine, down and over his entrance, to circle my tongue around his balls before travelling all the way back up again.

The taste was incredible, warm and musky and masculine, and I had to dig my fingers into the soft flesh of Jasper's ass to stop myself from forcing my hungry tongue inside him. Jasper was panting below me, writhing and before long, pushing back into my face, encouraging me to enter him. My fingers took over the task of preparing him for me and I worked my mouth up the heated skin of his smooth back.

I wanted him to have something else to focus on other than the burn and I let my mouth distract him as my fingers pumped in and out of him at an excruciatingly slow pace. Our lips smashed together, our mouths hungry and our tongues desperate. I couldn't get enough of him.

As I moved to roll a condom down my length, spreading my precum over the head before sheathing it, I could feel Jasper's anxiety begin to surface. The muscles of his back were tense and his shoulders and arms were locked stiff. He took a huge, long breath and seemed to steady himself for what was about to come. He didn't think I'd fuck him like this, did he? He had to know that I needed to watch his face as I made love to him, that this was more than it'd ever been before? I needed this to be something amazing for Jasper, something special, and fucking him from behind was so far from that, I couldn't even comprehend it.

"Can you roll over, love? I need to see you." I placed my mouth near Jasper's ear and spoke softly, making him sigh quietly and relax his muscles. I watched as his breathing slowed and his jaw and fists unclenched. He had needed it this way too. I kissed his cheek softly, shifting my weight off of him and allowing him to move.

Our murmurs of love and desire were unnecessary; I could see his love for me burning in his eyes as I held his head in my hand, my fingers wrapped around his beautiful, damp curls. And I could feel my eyes shining like his; I just knew he could see all the same emotions mirrored back at him; desire, admiration, trust. Love.

Clenching my jaw against the desire to just thrust myself inside of Jasper, I entered him inch by fucking glorious inch. He felt unbelievable. It had been a while since I had topped and the feeling of control, of responsibility, was comfortingly familiar. But everything else was different; nobody had ever made me feel like I did as I was settling myself deep inside of the man I loved. His body was taking me over. His heat enveloping my aching dick made it near impossible to still and allow Jasper time to adjust. His lips on my skin, my mouth, were driving me to insanity.

My chest was aching from holding my breath so long and as Jasper lifted his hips against me, telling me he was ready, the air in my lungs left me in a furious gasp.

"Jesus Christ. You feel incredible." So fucking incredible.

Pulling almost all of the way out of him and sliding back in easily, I started a rhythm, a beautiful push and pull of our bodies. When Jasper begged me to move faster, harder, I swear my eyes almost rolled back into my head. Before I could think twice about it I was snapping my hips on the downward thrusts and slamming into him.

Our moans and gasps were filling the hazy bedroom and I could feel my orgasm coming on thick and fast. When Jasper moaned that he was just as close as me, I almost lost it.

"Give it to me, Jasper. Fucking cum for me." I begged. Desperately trying to hold off my own orgasm and allow him his, I pumped his dick furiously. When he cried out, spilling all over my hand and his chest, and when all I could feel was his tight muscles clenching and releasing around my cock, I exploded.

The most intense orgasm I'd ever had ripped through me, pulling Jasper's name from my lips, and causing my heartbeat to soar. I'd never felt so alive. So in love. So trusted and so needed. I'd never felt anything like this before and I owed Jasper for all of it.

"I love you, baby." he whispered, as we panted together. "That was incredible."

"I know. God, I love you Jasper. Thank you."

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