Chapter 8 Rewards and new trails

On their guard, the adventurers searched the immediate area but found no sign of the missing Kraken agents. Tension rose as each peered into the inky darkness.

"Where do you think they got to?" Skylah asked nervously.

"They sprouted wings and flew away," Talindra snorted. "What do you think? They've got friends in the area."

"That's likely the case," Captain Gavin agreed. "Let's not wait around and give them the change to regroup and attack. To the horses and back to St. Vincent."

Despite the discovery at the abandoned manor of the missing Kraken's the party travelled without incident back to the Golden Acorn Inn in St. Vincent, following Captain Gavin's flapping cape the whole way back. It seemed the fight was out of the feared group for the time being.

Despite the fact it was early morning by the time they arrived the leader of the party roused the inn staff and ordered up another feast to celebrate their success. Captain Gavin sent off a Quaal's Token to let Dove Falconhand know of their success. While the adventurers enjoyed cakes and more drink he brought out a heavy strongbox. Opening it with a flourish he handed out bags of gold to each of the adventurers, reward for their efforts.

Dove and her party arrived early the next morning and provided additional escort for the orb. Out of respect for her family, the adventurers placed the precious artefact into the sister of Lady Alustriel's care for the journey. She looked at it for a long moment and her eyes moistened.

"Thank you," Dove said in a choked voice. "You don't know how much this means to my family."

The strong party travelled immediately and without incident northward. As if word of their success had spread a squadron of mounted Knights in Silver met them on the border of their metropolis to provide further support. By the time they reached Silverymoon throngs of people crowded the walls and streets of the famed city to watch the group go by and head towards the palace. Many had heard the report of Captain Gavin and his party of lady adventurers so wanted to see what seemed impossible for their own eyes. At the top of the steps they were met by Lady Alustriel, resplendent in a shimmering white gown. Many commented that they'd never seen her look more beautiful.

Though a personal matter for her alone, the beloved ruler's distress over the missing item was known so a cheer erupted from the crowd echoing through the city when Dove presented the long-lost family heirloom to her sister. It grew in volume as the High Lady embraced each of the adventurers who had made it possible. It was a good day in the city.

After enjoying the hospitality of Silverymoon for a ten-day the time came for the adventurers to move on. But before separating each pledged to stay in touch and join anew if the fates should call. Sarai Swiftdeer, her tracking skills recognized in the search for the orb, received an invitation to join Dove Falconhand's ranger group and accepted the great honour. Impressed by their fighting skills, Captain Gavin asked the Strongsword sisters to join the city guard of Silverymoon which they agreed to while Skylah returned to Waterdeep with several new stories and songs which made her the toast of the city for a season.

That left only Talindra and Alariya.

"So will you return to the Moonwood?" the paladin asked.

"No, I think I'll stay here a little longer," Talindra answered lazily. "Besides, Lady Alustriel invited me to stay when she found out who my father is. I think she wants to teach me some refinement." With a wink she added, "We'll see who teaches who!"

Alariya laughed then a sudden note of sadness crept onto her pretty face that did not go unnoticed by the observant elf.

"And what of you, our fearless leader, and my now dear friend? Are you ready to find peace?" Talindra asked tenderly.

"Peaceā€¦" the woman pondered the thought for a moment, absently gripping the pommel of her sword. "No, there will be no peace for me until my family's name can be declared and it's synonymous with honour. I am back to St. Vincent this day and see where the road takes me from there."


Author's note: The story ends here but could continue for any or all of the party members if there's interest. If you'd like to see more of any of them please let me know in comments and the adventure will continue! Thanks for reading, its greatly appreciated.