Film night

I wrote this because my husband and friend are watching Hellraiser and I just can't, I sat writing this instead.

Harry sat comfortably on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn perched on his lap, each of the watchers had a bowl of their own to avoid fighting.

Harry had been the last into the make shift cinema room in Grimmauld place, he had the unfortunate pleasure of sitting next to Snape. The film they had chosen was Hell Raiser. It had started well enough; Harry laughed along with the others at the special effects of the beginning and whistled at the naked body bits.

Then out of the corner of his eye he realised Snape had his eyes closed, and was flinching at some of the noises. Casting a look around the room to make sure no one was looking Harry took Snape's hand in his making the seasoned spy jump. Sure he had the older man's attention Harry cast Mufliato "Are you alright sir?" Harry asked concerned.

"I am fine; I merely dislike this type of film."

"Horror films?" Harry asked.

"Gore films, I don't mind scary films." Snape seemed uncomfortable.

"But this one is terrible the graphics are funny." Harry pointed out.

"Do you have nightmares Mr Potter?" Harry nodded. "Do they come from real life?" Harry nodded again. "Then imagine if you will watching a film that reminds you of those dreams of those realities."

Harry paled. "I understand."

Snape nodded. "You are one of the few in this room who I know would understand."

"We could leave, you and me." Harry offered.

"They would notice." Snape gestured to the room.

"Not till the end of the film. Hermione and Ron are already paying more attention to each other than the film. So are Neville and Ginny." Harry pointed out. The two couples were kissing enthusiastically. "That means both mine and Ron's and Hermione and Ginny's room are out of bounds tonight." Harry sighed.

Snape pointed at Sirius and Remus, "Those two, are they together?"

Harry laughed softly. "Yeah they are but they are pretending not to be. I don't know why." Harry shrugged.

"Perhaps they think you won't approve." Snape said logically.

"That's dumb, if anyone knows the importance of love it's me. If they are happy together they should be together."

"And the fact they are both male dose not bother you?" Snape inquired.

"Why should it? I dated a boy a few months ago." Harry told the now intrigued man.


"A Muggle, no one you know. We broke up before I came back to Hogwarts, it would have been too hard to explain." Harry took out his wand and sent a shoving charm at Remus pushing him onto Sirius' lap. Both men turned to him and he grinned at them, shooing them back towards the film with a hand gesture. They did, both smiling, neither man moved to adjust their new seating arrangements.

"There, now no one will notice we're gone." Harry grinned.

"And what exactly do you plan to do if we do leave." Severus asked raising an elegant eyebrow.

"I don't know," Harry said thinking. "We could have a cup of tea." He suggested.

"Ah, tea, the cure for all nightmares."

Harry grinned. "Yep, so what do you say?"

"A cup of tea would be acceptable. Where do you intend to sleep? It seems all the rooms are taken."

"I've been sleeping in the study. Those for are like rabbits I swear to god, I can't go into my own room without knocking first."

Snape snorted a laugh. "They are teenagers, it is perfectly natural."

"I wouldn't know." Harry told the stunned potions professor.

"You wouldn't? Really?"

Harry turned and smiled sweetly. "Could I ever lie to you?"

"No, for that matter you can't. Were you aware Mr Potter, that the only thing that works better than a cup of tea to scare away nightmares, is to have someone to share your bed."

Harry looked up in surprise. "Is that so? Well who am I to deny us a decent night sleep." Harry stood and they left the room unnoticed. As they left, Snape wisped against Harry's ear. "I don't remember mentioning sleep."