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A Second Film Night

"Whose turn was it to pick the film tonight?" Ron asked, making himself comfortable on one of the sofas.

"Mine," Hermione smiled, brandishing a DVD in one hand.

Ron groaned, "it's not... 'Educational' is it?" Ron asked with a shudder.

"No Ron, it's a mix of Sci-Fi and action adventure, with a healthy bit of romance added into it." Hermione punched her boyfriend lightly on the arm when he rolled his eyes.

"Come on then put it on," Ginny said impatiently.

They had all gathered again for a second film night, since everyone had enjoyed the first one so much they all agreed to come together every week and take turns in picking what they watched.

Harry sat next to Severus; they'd had very little time to talk since last week. Last week had been a revelation to Harry; to Severus too not that he would admit it.

After they left to avoid the gory film that was bound to give them both nightmares, they had shared a pot of tea, and ended up talking all night, about virtually everything from their childhoods, to what happened during the war. It was nice not to have to censor everything to stop other people from feeling bad. They had eventually fallen asleep as the sun came up, and woken up in time for lunch. Nobody had questioned where they had been assuming they had been out, separately, all day.

"What's it called Miony?" Harry asked accepting the bowl of popcorn from Remus who was giving them out for pairs to share.

"'The Fifth Element', I saw the beginning of it a few years ago. But I was studying for something and left my Mum and Dad to it."

"Come on then put it on," Remus said snuggling up to Sirius; they had been much more open about their relationship since last week.

Severus darkened the room and the film started.

They watched in awe as Leeloo dived off the side of the building to be caught by Korben Dallas.

Severus shifted closer so he could whisper to Harry, "I like this film much better."

Harry turned slightly and smiled up at him, "So do I, shall we put up a silencing charm?" Harry asked hopefully.

Severus nodded, and cast the spell, allowing them to hear perfectly what was going on around them, but stopping anyone from hearing them.

"You look like you haven't slept in a week," Severus commented without the usual harshness.

"Yeah, well, the sofa in the study isn't very comfortable," Harry said by way of explanation.

"The sofa? Why are you sleeping on the sofa?" Severus asked shifting closer to Harry.

"I'm not really into watching my best friends get their groove on," Harry stifled a snigger at the look of disgust that crossed Severus' face.

"You could have come to me," Severus told him as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"I could? You've barely looked at me for a week Severus. I thought you were embarrassed by last week and wanted nothing to do with me," Harry huffed. It had hurt Harry a lot when he'd realised that Severus was avoiding him.

"I... I suppose I was embarrassed, but that only lasted a day, by then I realised I had just as much blackmail material on you as you had on me," Severus admitted.

Harry laughed, "That is such a Slytherin thing to say."

Severus shrugged. "Come with me tonight. I will transfigure a bed for you so when you're friends realise where you're sleeping they won't try and hex my balls off," Severus ordered.

They both knew that bed would never be slept in.

"OH MY GOD," Hermione yelled, making everyone in the room jump. "Look at him." Hermione had paused the film and was waiting for them to all see what she'd seen.

Harry dropped the silencing charm quickly before it could be noticed, then looked closer at the TV.

"Bloody hell," Harry examined, several others adding their own sentiments of surprise. "Sirius, when did you have time to get an acting career?"

"That's not me, he looks nothing like me," Sirius asserted, although he knew that he looked a great deal like the person on screen.

"Siri love, if you add hair, that's your double," Remus told him gently.

"Gran always used to say that in the Muggle world every witch or wizard has a double. We all probably do, I guess not all of them are going to be actors though," Neville commented continually looking from the television to Sirius.

"My mother used to say that too, but I thought she was talking crap," Sirius said still staring at the screen in awe.

"I guess not," Remus said amused at Sirius' reaction.

The group fell silent watching as Korben Dallas was scolded by the tiny red head.

Looking around Harry put the one-way spell back up. "Do you remember my aunt Petunia?" he asked.

"As much as I wish I didn't, yes I remember her. Why?" Severus asked his lips twitching as the incompetent idiot pressed the little red button.

"I got a letter from her this morning; she wants me to go around tomorrow."

"You gave her this address?" Severus asked angrily.

"Don't be daft; I have a post office box in Portsmouth. I apparate down every few days to get my post," Harry explained not minding the harsh tone Severus had used.

"An intelligent plan. Why Portsmouth?"

"You don't have to sound that shocked I came up with an intelligent plan," Harry sniggered

"You didn't answer my question," Severus observed.

Harry shifted uncomfortably, "I may or may not have a house there. One that no one knows about."

"And when were you planning on telling your friends that you no longer live here?"

"If they ever noticed I'd tell them, but I can't move in yet anyway. The house was in a really bad way when I bought it, and I'm fixing it up myself, so it's taking a while," Harry admitted, not wanting Severus to withdraw his earlier offer.

"Perhaps I could offer some assistance," Severus offered, his eyes fixed on the screen. A blue woman was singing.

"Sure, that would be great. I can take you to see it tomorrow, if you like."

"I thought you were supposed to be going to see your Aunt tomorrow."

"Ah damn it I hoped you'd forgotten about that," Harry smiled. "Well, if you came with me to my Aunts then you could come to my house afterwards," Harry said, showing his sneaky side.

"Very well, I suppose I've kept you save from evil monsters this long, I had better protect you from your aunt. I would like to have the opportunity to talk to Tunney again; it would be interesting to see if she remembers me."

They watched the film silently, merely enjoying each other's company. They cheered along with the others as Sirius' evil look-a-like was blown up, all apart from Sirius who was rooting for him on the grounds that he had to support someone that good looking.

"Want to go before that lot untangle themselves?" Harry asked nervously.

Severus nodded, "Very well, I believe we will both need a good night's sleep if we have to face Tunney in the morning."

This time Harry led the way, they both knew it was so Harry could make the decision as to where he would sleep that night. No one noticed them leave. And in their absence Remus was elected to choose a film for the next evening.