This is just a short silly, fluffy little one shot that I really had to get off my manly chest. Seriously, I'm a guy, I shouldn't own up to writing this kind of mush. Apologies in advance.

I don't own Clone Wars, but the characters did volunteer for this one.

Blaster Boy and the Doughnuts of DOOM!

Ahsoka couldn't sleep. She gave up trying and headed down to the mess hall where she expected to be alone. Instead she saw Captain Rex all by himself; she smiled and headed over to him.

Rex sat at a table, his head leaning on one hand as he tapped periodically on a data pad in front of him. Also on the table was a large flattish box. As Ahsoka drew nearer she could see that the open box contained a heap of iced sugary doughnuts.

"Hey Rexter" she greeted him as she plonked herself down in the seat opposite.

Without looking up he slid the box closer to himself and out of her reach, and then as if noticing her presence for the first time, looked up and gave her bright smile.

"Good evening Commander"

"What you doing?" she enquired innocently eyeing up the box.

"Oh, you know, just catching up on some things" his look sideways at the doughnuts did not go unnoticed by her.

"Sooo, doughnuts huh?" she said smiling sweetly at him "I heard you guys all have a sweet tooth."

He nodded sagely, "Yes Commander Tano"

"Rex, why so formal?"

"You're not having one" he said bravely.

"Aw come on Rexter, just one?"

"Nope, all mine." He rested both arms around the box and smiled appreciatively at the doughnuts within. "Come to papa"

"You're gonna eat all of them?"


"But there's like 12 in there!"

"And they are all mine" he glowered at her in a teasing way.

"In that case, I'll sit here and pester you until you let me have one"

He considered this.

"You are good at pestering" he conceded.

"Yes I am"

"Okay, I'll cut you a deal" he said leaning forward in a business like manner. "If you can eat one doughnut ONE without any lip licking, then you can have some more. If not, you leave me to eat them in peace"

"Hmmmm", she folded her arms as if considering this "Sounds easy. Ok Rex old boy, you got yourself a deal"

He smiled and offered up the box, she cautiously selected what she deemed to be the biggest doughnut and started to munch happily on it.

Rex watched her carefully. His eyes flicking from her mouth to her eyes. Her eyes sparkled at him.

She only had about a third of the doughnut left now and she could smell victory.

Rex grunted, leant forward suddenly and committed a crime.

He then sat back in his seat; skilfully snatching up another doughnut from the box as he did so.

Ahsoka sat rigid in her seat, a look of shock and bewilderment frozen on her face.

Rex gave her a cheeky wink and chomped down on the doughnut which oozed jam down his chin.

With his mouth still full he proclaimed "I won!"

Ahsoka looked aghast.

"You cheated!" she bust out.

"Did not" He replied looking hurt

"Did too" she fumed

"Bad loser" he said gesturing at her with his half eaten doughnut. "Typical Jedi"

"Cheater!" she shrieked again leaning forward with her elbows on the table.

"Fair and square" he added swallowing his mouthful noisily and smirking at her.

"I only loose if I lick my lips, those are the rules!" she protested.

He stuck his tongue out at her and she couldn't help but laugh indignantly at him.

"Oh, this is war" she declared.

"I'm good at war" he said flatly "Born for it infact"

"I can't believe you did that Rex!"

He took another bite and looked at her shrewdly for a few seconds before speaking.

"You complaining?"

Ahsoka met his gaze for some time before she smiled wickedly at him.

"Ok" she said simply. "Ok"

She then plucked the data pad from the table and started typing something on it. Rex leaned forward to see what she was up to but she covered the pad with her hand as she slid it closer to herself away from his view. When she had finished she placed the data pad on her lap and picked up the uneaten third of her doughnut. She held the piece of doughnut up in front of her as if studying it; and then very slowly and deliberately teased it across her lips. It left a little smear of jam.

Back and forth, back and forth.

Rex watched the doughnut like a man hypnotised.

Ahsoka caressed the doughnut with her lips, her eyes half closed in ecstasy as she swept the tasty treat with ever increasing passion across her hot lips; it's sugary trail evidence of her theatrical passion.

With her lips fully caked in sugar she leant right forward across the table, she then hooked her fingers in the top of his armour and pulled him the rest of the way until their faces were just inches apart. She fluttered her eyelashes at him making a point of flirtingly glancing at the sugar that still remained on his lips. Ahsoka held up the data pad, Rex's eyes darted to it, a small whimper escaped his own lips before he coughed gruffly to cover it.

The words shone in the dim lighting of the mess hall.

"Let's play that again Blaster Boy"