This is just fluffy fun. Don't take it too seriously, tis only meant to make a few of you smile.

Sky Guy and Blaster Boy

Anakin and Ahsoka walked with tired legs into the mess hall, both work weary and in need of food before a much earned rest. The hall was deserted except for four clones sat at one table.

"Hey Rex" said Anakin as they drew closer.

"Good evening General" smiled Captain Rex as Commanders, Bly, Cody and Gree also acknowledged the presence of the two Jedi.

"What have we here?" asked Anakin rubbing his hands together as he eagerly eyed up the box of doughnuts on the table.

"Clone food" said Rex flatly narrowing his eyes.

Anakin craned his neck slightly for a better view of the sugary treats but Commander Cody was already sliding the box away from him to the other end of the table.

"Aw, come on boys" said Anakin merrily before an evil smile played on his lips. "I bet you can't eat one without licking your lips"

A soft gasp escaped Ahsoka's mouth as both she and Rex looked up startled at his words.

Anakin watched them both for a few moments, his arms folded on his chest, his smile unfaltering. He winked at them both.

"Ah, romance is in the air" sighed Anakin in a mock manner. He smirked at all the nervous faces around the table. "I am Jedi" he said tapping the side of his nose "I can sense these things, I know the score." He drummed his fingers on the table and looked happily at the other anxious faces at the table.

"I know all the scores" he added.

Silence hung in the air for a while as Anakin mercilessly enjoyed watching the others fidget uncomfortably at his meaning.

"Talking of scores sir" said Rex "How is senator Amidala?"

Anakin's face froze before he shrewdly eyed his Captain

"Ok Rex" he laughed "She is fine to the best of my knowledge. Well played. What would I do without you to keep me on my toes?"

Captain Rex raised his eyebrows "We both know why you keep me around sir"

"As far as I'm concerned Rex, you are one of a kind. The best there is."

"And?" said Rex

Anakin looked genuinely confused.

Rex cleared his throat. "We both know it's because my armour matches your R2 unit sir."

Sniggering erupted around the table and Ahsoka had to put her hand over her mouth.

"Rex!" Anakin spread his hands innocently "That had never even occurred to me!"

"Sir" said Rex flatly

"It's just a . . . delightful bonus." said Anakin eventually.

Rex threw him an exasperated look before shaking his head and picking out a doughnut from the box. Next to him Commander Cody was already chomping happily away on one.

The box was pushed to the middle of the table again for all to tuck in.

"So …" said Anakin as he pulled his most innocent expression and smiled brightly at Commander Bly whilst selecting himself a doughnut. "How is general Secura these days Commander? I trust she is well?"

Bly glanced nervously around the table only to find everyone but Anakin avoiding his eyes.

"She is fine thank you General" he replied carefully.

"So she is very well then?"

"Er, yes sir"

"Keeping herself fit you would say?"

"Yes General Skywalker." replied Commander Bly, his face a picture of honesty. "General Secura is very fit indeed I would say."

The occupants of the table burst into uncontrolled sniggering as Commander Bly, realising his words blushed furiously.

Anakin wiped the laughter tears from his eyes.

"I'm sure she would be delighted to hear you say so Commander" he said eventually still smirking at the sight of Bly's red face.

Commander Bly picked out a doughnut and sat quietly eating it his face still red.

Anakin turned his attention to a very wary looking Commander Gree.

"And General Unduli Commander Gree?" he pursed his lips thoughtfully. "I trust she is keeping you . . . busy?"

Gree shook his head and smiled. "I'm not playing" he said as he licked escaping jam from the side of his doughnut.

Anakin laughed "Well I know for a fact that she likes to put you through your paces, so we'll leave it at that shall we." He leant back in his chair and rested his hands behind his head as he chewed his food; he glanced over at Commander Cody.

Cody choked on his mouthful of doughnut.

"Don't look at me, there is nothing going on between me and my Commanding officer!"

There was a long drawn out silence as everyone tried to get the imagery out of there heads.

Ahsoka broke the silence.

"Do you think he has . . . you know . . .with anyone?"

"Ahsoka!" exclaimed a mischievous Anakin "That is not something we should be discussing at the dinner table, or anywhere else for that matter".

"But you started it Master!"

"Obi-None Kenobi" sniggered Commander Gree softly as he eyed up his second doughnut. He then looked up nervously as if he hadn't meant to say the words out aloud.

Anakin chuckled, his finger on his lips. Gree visibly relaxed.

"Great" said Anakin after a few moments "Now if I ever call him that by accident I'll know who to blame"

"It's the sugar talking sir" offered Commander Gree by way of an excuse.

"Oh, and do pass on my regards to Commander Offee please Gree." Said Anakin stretching and yawning "Or would it be more efficient to ask Commander Cody to do that?"

Gree smiled around a mouthful of doughnut and Commander Cody, his cheeks blushing found sudden interest in the mess hall ceiling.

Anakin laughed, looking very proud of himself. His victorious mirth was cut short when a piece of sticky doughnut splatted onto his forehead from the direction of Captain Rex.

The scene was frozen, and then Anakin finally spoke.

"Started the doughnut wars have."

Ahsoka sprang away from the table as the battle commenced.

She escaped to the doorway and stood next to a serving droid.

She sighed.

"Everyone else gets to work with professionals" she said addressing the droid. "What do I get?"

She folded her arms and then smiled happily.

"Sky Guy and Blaster Boy"