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I cringed as the roar of the plane flush echoed through the small plastic cubicle; I fiddled with the taps producing only a small amount of water to wash my hands before unlocking the door and walking down the isle of the Boeing 747 jumbo jet.

I stumbled over someone's leg as the pins and needles subsided in my legs. "Oi" the man grunted before rolling back over, I scowled at him that inconsiderate man!I thought before slipping back into my seat and strapping the belt and settling back into the stiff chair. One thing I usually liked about CHERUB is the flying, going on private jets or business class. But for some reason we are flying from England to New Zealand in Economy.

The stopover in Shanghai was uneventful but interesting nevertheless, and I was over the moon about returning home. Over my short life span I was born in Rotorua and grew up in Tauranga. Moving to Auckland then England after my family's death and then my life at CHERUB rocketed before it hit rock bottom in Russia. The return back to CHERUB has filled in a piece of me that had dropped out and gone missing, but I was far from being complete.

"Dakota move you fat legs I need to get past!" James sad pinching my arm, my eyes flew open as I swung my legs round so they were in the aisle. James shuffled past before disappearing into the toilet.

"You excited?" Rat asked from beside me, I turned my head to look across James's empty seat.

"Sort of, I mean I don't know how to feel." I said as James walked back to his seat.

"Feel about what?" he asked strapping his seat belt.

"None of your business James." I mumbled returning my full attention to the screen before me and putting on my headphones.

Auckland International Airport hadn't changed much since the last time I had seen it, I enjoyed breezing through the security and as we came to the last hall way towards the exit I kept my eyes peeled for the hidden camera, which shows the people waiting on the other side who's coming through the door.

I hadn't realised I had become still staring up until James tugged my sleeve and dragged me forwards "Dakota!" he hissed, I scowled at him before following him through the doors.

"You three!" we turned at the same moment to see Chloe Blake our mission controller strolling towards us, "How was the flight munchkins?" she asked leading us out of the airport. The heat from the summer sun radiated off the tarmac, I was thankful for wearing shorts as was Rat. James on the other hand was still wearing jeans and jumper.

"Why didn't you guys tell me it was going to be this hot?" James gasped yanking the jumper over his head.

"We would've thought that you had figured out that its winter when its summer, etcetera." Rat replied slapping James on the back.

"Piss off." he grumbled as we neared a Silver Izuzu Bighorn. "What is this?" Rat asked sending a disgusted glance at the car.

"That Rat is a car which we are going to be using for this mission, capeesh?" Chloe said unlocking the door and giving us a hand with the bags.

"Shot gun!" I shouted running round to the front of the car, my legs stiff from the 32 hour flight. I know it's childish but you always get the front seat doing that.

We ended up staying in a little motel called The Monument Motor Lodge, the guy behind the front desk kept on staring at me as we checked in and Chloe got the keys to our room.

"I think he likes you!" James whispered in my ear, I gasped and punched him in the stomach. "Owww! Chloe! Dakota punched me!" He gasped as he hobbled to the room.

"Dakota did you?" she asked.

I put on my best innocent facade "Course not."

Chloe shook her head and sighed before we walked into our room.

"Don't get too settled, we're only spending one night. Anyway you need privacy to go over the briefs again." Chloe said walking into the little kitchen and reappearing with a thick folder.

"Did you place those there?" Rat asked gazing at the paper in awe.

"No dipstick didn't you notice her walk in there with a briefcase?" I said, Rat glared at me.

"Shut up know it all," he said glumly.

"Rule one for missions with me, no fighting amongst yourselves, ok?" Chloe said "Also seen as we're a long way from home things can get stressful but please don't take it out on each other."

"Does that mean we can take out anger out on some random stranger!" Rat said.

"Do you have any brain cells?" I asked him.

"Course I do! Just don't use them!"

"You complete nutcase!"

"Are you calling me a weirdo? Just cause I'm an Aussie?"

"No, I'm ...Wait never mind! You don't have a brain to use so there is no bother in explaining it."

"You two cut it out! You need to go over the mission alright?" Chloe growled shoving the papers into our hands.

"I thought it was against the rules to take these out of the room?" I said glancing down at the paper before me.

"I know that is why you need to get it drilled into your head and I can burn it ASAP" Chloe said.






Extract from – The Bay of Plenty Times:

There have been reports of murders throughout the Waikato district; they have been against the rich families. No hard evidence has been given out by the police but it is said that they might have it under control, though the last murder was on 17thDecember. A source close to one of the families has said to have been given a threat in the form of a phone call, but this can't be completely true because there is no evidence and the family is known to be mentally unstable.

The Harding family:

The Harding family owned the business Harding Construction, back in 2003 the business collapsed and they went into debt. That is when the father became mentally unstable, he would disappear for weeks on end and return with no recollection of what had happened. He was put on medication which has got him back on the right track. The Harding construction was rebuilt, joining with HEDs construction ltd.

The family moved to Tauranga following the business and have since settled there and rebuilt their lives. Until recently the family has kept out of the spotlight, and with all the murders and the so called death threats CHERUB has been called in to help with the investigation.

Mission plan:

The plan for the CHERUB agents is as follows, the three selected will befriend the siblings of Michal Harding. Then they will be assigned to protect them, following them and bugging the house and listening for any threats.

As follows:

James Adams (16) – Lucy Harding (17)

Dakota Costello (16) – Ingrid Harding (16)

Greg 'Rat' Rathbone (13) – Alfred Harding (14)




"Wicked! I get an older woman! I am still so happy!" James said punching the air and skipping around the room, Chloe sighed deeply before taking the crisp white files outside to burn.

"Aren't you dating Dana Smith?" I asked stretching my legs out before me.

"Well what she doesn't know won't hurt her"

"How do you know I won't tell her?"

"Because you won't"

"Sure, sure"

James looked at me with wide eyes "You wouldn't!" he gasped, as he stopped dancing round the room.

"Maybe I will, depends on how nice you are"

"That's blackmail!"

"No it isn't, Rat that isn't blackmail is it?"

Rat looked from me to James uncertainly "No its not" he said quietly. I smirked in James's general direction.

"Rat, you would betray your best friend's brother?"

"What she scares me! She can beat Bruce. That's saying something!"

"You know I'm still here right?" I said, as James and Rat started an argument. I gave up and went outside to watch the flames burn.


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