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I knock on the door of Harry and Draco's room. I'm nervous, because this time, I cannot fail. The bruises are becoming more obvious and I cannot bear the burden of Harry's pain any longer. I love my son, but I fear I may love Harry more. He rescued my family from the clutches of the Dark Lord and he was my rock after I lost Narcissa. I owe the boy so much and it's high time I paid my debts to him.

"Mr. Malfoy," I cringe at the greeting, it hasn't been that long since we were on a first name basis. I assume my son has something to do with the decline in our relationship, it's the only thing that makes sense.

"Harry, are you busy? I'd like to talk with you," He is frightened, but steps aside to allow me entrance.

"Sure, but, uh, Draco could come home any minute and I don't think he'd be happy if you're here," Draco will not be released from work early today, I have spoken with Severus to guarantee that.

"And just why is that, Harry?" He shakes his head and sits gingerly on the edge of their bed.

"It doesn't matter. What can I do for you, Mr. Malfoy?"

"You can start by calling me Lucius, I know that isn't a new concept for you," His eyes widen and he looks like a scared animal.

"I can't…"

"Let me guess, my son wouldn't approve?" He opens his mouth, to deny it, I'm sure, but I lean forward and place a firm hand on his shoulder. I quickly pull away when he winces in pain.


"Mr. Malfoy, Lucius, I appreciate your concern, but I'm fine, really." He is far from it.

"Are you really, Harry?" Before he can try to assure me again, I wave my wand and banish the shirt he is wearing. I had prepared myself for injuries, but I'm taken aback at how bad they truly are. There are bruises, and those are horrible enough, but the slices I see across his back as he grabs another shirt from the closet are unthinkable.

"Oh, Harry. Let me heal you. Stay here, I'll get some salve."

"NO! You can't… He doesn't like for me to treat them with magic. If he comes home and they're gone, he'll be upset. Lucius, please, just forget about this. He can't know you were here, ok?" His pleading breaks my heart, and I want to just do what he says, because I feel as if I've put that fear in his eyes. But, it wasn't me, it isn't me he's afraid of, it's Draco.

What has my sadistic son done to this poor boy? He was once so strong, so happy, and now he's just a shell of the man he should have grown into.

"Does he… does he hurt you for his own pleasure?" He freezes and looks at me as if he's scared I'm seeing directly into his soul.


"You heard me Harry, does he hurt you during sex?"

"Why do you want to know that? How is it any of your business?"

"I'd like to know how deeply this runs. How tightly he's wound your pain with your pleasure," I just want to know how thoroughly my wicked son has broken this beautiful boy.

"You want to know how much he's hurt me? You think the scars and cuts are my back and chest are horrible? You haven't seen the worst of it, Lucius, not by a long shot. Do you really want to know?"

He sounds so bitter that I'm not sure any longer that I do. I just want to mend him. I must know though, if I'm to clean up my son's mess, make those wondrous green jewels sparkle again.

"Yes," My heart speeds as he begins to unbutton his trousers. I have, on numerous occasions, imagined watching the boy undress, but never once has it been prompted - in any way - by my son.

He takes a deep, unsteady breath, as he lets his trousers fall and I'm greeted with one of the most horrendous sights I've ever beheld. There are bite marks marring the perfection of his milky white inner thighs. What should be smooth, supple skin is marked with purple and red indentations of my son's teeth.

"Harry…" He turns his head as one lone tear falls silently to the floor.

"Why? You are the most powerful wizard this world has ever known, why do you give him this power over you?" He jerks his trousers up and fastens them haphazardly.

"I can't… I can't tell you that, if he finds out that I've talked to you at all, he'll-"

"Harry! Surely you can't think my own son is stronger than I? I can ensure your safety. If you won't or can't for some reason stand up to him, I'll will do it for you," I ache to see him so hurt, so beaten.

"There's nothing you can do, Lucius. Contrary to what you might think, I know how powerful I am, and even I can't do anything about it," He's going to shut down on me, I can see it. I have to keep him talking.

"Do you love him, Harry?" He's surprised by my seeming non sequitur.

"I did, once. I haven't for a long time," He sinks into the chair, completely emotionally drained.

"Tell me, Harry. Tell me all of it and we will figure out how to get you away from him," I'm begging, and I never beg. He sighs and finally, after two years of prodding, gives in.

"We started seeing each other shortly before the war ended. I didn't think it was anything but a quick shag here and there, fantastic, but nothing serious. Then, after I killed Him, he started coming around all the time. We'd shag, like before, then he'd fall asleep in my bed. Eventually he was pretty much living with me. When Narcissa got sick and he needed to return home, he asked me to come with him. I tried to tell him no, but he said he loved me and by that point the feeling was mutual. So, I did what he'd been after me to do for a while, I quit Auror training and moved home with him.

He was slowly taking over every aspect of my life, there was nothing more important to me than Draco. I noticed how jealous he was, but I just thought it was because he loved me so much. When Narcissa died, and you and I started spending more time together, he started to change even more. I didn't realize it until later though. By then, it was too late. He'd already started to play certain games with me during sex. I was a little horrified at first, but he cast spells so that I felt no pain. He said… He said he enjoyed sex so much more when I was bleeding. He always healed me after, and he took care of my needs as well, so I let him cut me.

Anyway, one night, we were discussing getting older. He was joking about what we might look like, and I said something that I have regretted to this day. That night was the first time he cut me without casting a spell to block my pain. I tried to leave him the next day and he… he did something to make sure I never would."

I'm revolted by my son's perversions. I cannot believe that, with everything available to him for an outlet as a wizard, he has chosen to hurt someone else. I tried to get him away from the Dark Lord before he could be tainted, but obviously I failed.

"What did you say to him, Harry?" He laughs darkly before answering me.

"Well, he gets a little jealous if someone else looks at me, or touches me. If, however, I make even an innocent comment about someone, he goes into a blind rage. I told him that, if you could judge what you'd look like based on your parents, then he shouldn't worry about aging. I told him that his father was beautiful, so he would be as well."

My breath catches in my throat. Harry's words sound innocent enough, but if that was the look on his face when he said that to my son? Well, I can see how someone who's prone to jealousy might overreact. I won't dwell on it though, there are things more important than my libido.

"What did he do to you when you tried to leave?" I know exactly what morning he's talking about. They'd had a huge row that had lasted almost two weeks. Then, nothing. I'd thought they'd worked it out, until I started to notice things. The way Harry seemed less in awe of Draco and more frightened of him. The way Draco seemed entirely too possessive of his lover. The bruises and scars that were sometimes accidentally exposed. The way he stopped joining me for a drink before bed.

"He cast a spell on me. A curse that only he can remove. I'm stuck here until he decides to release me," That doesn't make sense, there are multiple spells to keep someone prisoner, but I can't think of a single one that can only be removed by the caster.

"I don't understand, Harry. What kind of limitations do you have? I know you aren't limited to the house, I've seen you outside. Did he limit you to the property? Can you remember any part of the spell?" He laughs, another humorless cackle.

"You want to know my limitations, Lucius?"

"Yes, it's imperative that I know as much as I can."

"I can't come," His choice of words make no sense to me, he must see my confusion.

"Not only can I not come, I can't even get hard. Not with him, not on my own, it just doesn't work. He's rendered me impotent with a curse that only he can counter. I keep thinking it would be better to suffer this on my own, but every time I decide to leave, he holds over my head the promise of one day - when he can trust me again - removing it."

My son's cruelty knows no bounds. Luckily for Harry, I'm very familiar with that particular bit of Dark Magic. Maybe Draco does get some of his bad habits from me, though, because before I tell Harry that I can alleviate his problem, there's something I want to know.

"How long has it been since he's pleasured you, Harry?" He drops his gaze and refuses to look me in the eye as he answers.

"He has never removed the curse, not even for a minute," For a moment, I'm speechless. It's been…

"Three years since he's relieved you? Three years since you've been able to relieve yourself?" And if the marks on his legs and my son's penchant for instant gratification are any indication, it hasn't been nearly that long since they were intimate. That spell doesn't keep one from feeling aroused, only from reaching the state physically.

"Yes, three fucking years!" The chair crashes to the floor as he jumps and starts pacing, "I want to leave, Lucius, I want to get the fuck out of here and never see him again, but, like any man, I can't think with the right head long enough."

It's no wonder, that would be enough to drive any sane man mad within a few weeks, especially considering the fact that he's been keeping my son well satisfied.

"Calm down, Harry. I can fix this," He stops in his tracks and turns to me with so much hope that my heart twists.

"You can… But he said… I've tried…"

"Harry, the curse can be removed by anyone sharing his blood," He looks as if he's going to faint, but catches himself on the post of the bed.

"You're serious?"

"Absolutely, and I will do it on two conditions," Anger flares in his eyes and I wonder if I've made a grievous mistake.

"What is it with you damned Malfoys? You always want something. Do you ever do anything out of the goodness of your heart? Do you even have one? Or is it ripped out at birth?"

"Harry, all I want is for you to let me heal your wounds and scars. I also want you to promise me that you will leave him. Leave him and do not look back," His anger changes to disbelief.

"That's it?"

"Yes," His joy is palpable. He starts to divest himself of his clothing, and I try not to notice every scar that lines his magnificent body. I also try very hard not to let myself enjoy the unwitting show he is providing.

Once he is naked except for his underwear, he turns to me with excitement, "Where do you want to do this, Lucius?"

Oh Merlin, I am an evil old man. I can't help but to imagine he's speaking of something entirely different. Yes, I've longed for Harry. Yes, I've coveted my son's lover. Yes, I want him even now.

"On the bed?" Yes, Harry, on the bed. It really is the most reasonable place since I need him to lay down.

"Yes." I hope my voice doesn't sound as husky to him as it does my own ears.