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Watching AVPM

Harry Potter was sitting alone, in his small box bedroom at number four Privet Drive, thinking about the upcoming year. He didn't want anybody to die again for him. Not after Sirius. You see, Harry was having a hard time in Little Whingting, as his awful relatives were constantly mocking the death of his godfather since he returned at the end of the school year. Dumbledor's Army had helped in fighting off as many of the Death Eaters that night, but it wasn't enough to stop Bellatrix Lestrange from firing the dreaded curse that nobody wants to hear. Harry really needed some joy and laughter in his life, and that, is where I come in.

Harry was shook out of his train of thought by the hooting and tapping against his window. It was an unfamilia owl as it certainly wasn't a Hogwarts or a Ministry of Magic owl. Cautiously, Harry opened the window and let the owl in, putting it in Hedwig's cage for food and water. Hedwig was currently at Hermione's house waiting on a reply to Harry's last letter to his female best friend. He took the letter that had been strapped to the owl's small leg and stared at the envelope. He opened the letter.

Dear Mr Potter.

You do not know who I am, but I certainly know who you are. You are the Boy-Who-Lived, but I know you prefer to be just Harry. I know all about you, and as you will know stories have been written about you in the Daily Proffit and not all are true. I believe you about Voldemorts return but I am not writing about such affairs. I am writing because I was looking through the muggle site call YouTube, and I found a rather interesting play on there. I thought that it might cheer you up as well as give you an insight to whatever might happen, though it is not all true. In this envelope you shall find a £1 coin. This coin is a portkey and it will transport you to your dear friend's, Miss Granger's, house, where you shall see your Professor, best friends, a mortal enemy and a not so mortal enemy. Also you shall see Miss Cho Chang and a Miss Ginevra Weasley. They have all been given a letter similar to this to explain their sudden appearances at Miss Grangers house. Unfortunately, because of the unfortunate accident that occurred in your fourth year of Hogwarts, Mr Cedirc Diggory is, obviously, unable to attend. When you get to Miss Grangers house, you shall be watching a play, created by muggles about something extremely close to you (maybe even too close). There is the first and if you so wish there is also a sequel. Enjoy Mr Potter. Laugh and have fun. The list of people who are to be there are as follows; Professor Albus Percival Wulfrick Brian Dumbledore, Ronald Bilius Weasley, Hermione Jane Granger, Voldemort (all magic is taken from you as soon as you step into Miss Grangers home so you both shall not kill each other), Draco Malfoy, Cho Chang, Ginevra Weasley.

Please have fun whilest watching this.



Harry stared at the piece of parchment in his hands and re-read it twice more. He couldn't believe this, Voldemort was going to be there, and at his weakest at that, and he couldn't even touch him. Voldemort was thinking along the exact same lines. Harry looked into the envelope and saw that there was, indeed, a £1 coin inside. Cautiously, Harry lifted the envelope, tipped it up-side-down, and dropped the coin into his hand.

Almost imediately, Harry felt a tug at his abdomen and was spinning. He landed with a great thud, but was on something amazing soft for what, or rather who, it was.

"Potter, get off of me!" Voldemort, or a younger and more alive looking Tom Riddle (A/N: the chamber of secrets version of Tom coz he is gorgeous! XD) shouted at him. Harry shot up and off of him. Harry was suddenly pulled into a warm embrace by Hermione.

"Come on, your the last to arrive Harry. I know exactly what this play is about. Come on! Ron! Have you got the popcorn ready?" She yelled into the kitchen to where Ronald was standing next to the microwave, looking more dumbstruck than when he saw the spell Wingardium Leviosa.

"Ummm, I think so, is it supped to just stay in the middle in the dark?" He asked in a little voice. Hermione sighed.

"No Ronald, its supposed to spin around, with lights and heat. Move." She sighed.

"Nice one Granger. You should be like that more often." Said a smirking blonde sitting on the couch in Hermione living room.

"Oh, buggar off Malfoy." She sighed as the popcorn had finally finished popping. She took the popcorn out of the bag and into a clear glass bowl. Walking into the living room, popcorn in hand, she set it down on her coffie table. Hermione walked over to the computer, which she had hooked up to her television, and switched it on, whilest putting the internet on.

"So, Professor, how are you today?" Harry asked.

"Oh, yes I have been very good lately. I have discovered a new liking for a muggle sweet called Wine Gums. Would anybody like to share?" He asked whilest pulling out five big bags of the muggle sweet.

"Yeah!" Was heard all around the room. Draco, yes Draco, got off of the couch and walked into Hermione's kitchen.

"Granger! Where do you keep them big glass bowls?" He shouted from the kitchen.

"Under the sink Malfoy!" She yelled back.

"Thanks!" And Draco came back into the room with an orange bowl that Hermione's parents use on Halloween to put the candy for the children who trick or treat. Dumbledor then opened up all five bags of Wine Gums and poured them into the bowl.

"There, now this is a play called A Very Potter Musical and, yes Harry, its about you. The first musical has Voldemort in it and the sequel does not. This isn't supposed to be depressing at all, but to make everybody smile. Okay, this is the first scene." She hit play and music sounded through the speakers...

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