Ninja of the Void

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This will consist of a general outline of the story is things went to plan. In addition I will be inserting a few scenes that regardless of how the story evolved I would have wanted them.

So after the two years time skip some things have changed while others have stayed the same. Though everyone still has the same style as their canonical versions, Naruto and Hinata have changed outfits in reflection to them of Naruto having a more mature look with Hinata being more liberal.

While investigating one of Orochimaru's labs, Hinata gets infected. With what exactly, that I was still debating. Aside of wanting a match to show just how much Naruto and Hinata had grown and changed, it was a plot point of needing Hinata's body to be capable of handling Kurama when Naruto transferred some of him to her.

But by next scene is when Arashi and Hana is introduced. Yes, Arashi is Naruto and Hinata eldest son while Hana is Sasuke and Sakura eldest daughter. However Hana was not born with that name which I'll cover later. So as the pair meets the gang they have a very interesting interaction as Arashi takes after his mom of being very polite while Hana is like Sasuke of having a very condescending attitude. However there is a reason she was like that.

So moving along Orochimaru had reappeared much to the confusion of everyone of how he is alive. But after a hard fought battle they forced him to retreat through one of the cracks. Needing to save everyone, Naruto sacrifices himself to close it as he leaves some of Kurama to Hinata to keep her safe. In the resulting aftermath Naruto ends up in the canon universe.

Here following two separate stories, Naruto fixes things in 'his' life while Hinata continues Naruto's work in investigating what's been happening in the world.

On Hinata's side because of the altered memories, people recall her as Kurama's jinchuriki which gets the attention of Akatasuki as they are now on the hunt for all the bijuus. So Hinata goes on a mission to meet them all and to ensure their safety as she figured that's what Naruto would've done. Along the way she helps the other jinchurikis and the bijuus come to an understanding more or less covering that life doesn't suck that much and that people can get along if you're patient and willing to listen. Due to Kurama's diminished state, all the bijuus heckle the hell out him for now being so tiny and cute. But upon meeting Bee and Gyuki, the only way Hinata is able to talk to him is through rap. But as Bee raps Hinata talks in haiku.

Finally catching up to Bee, Hinata stopped him ensuring that she just wants to talk. Now standing apart from each other they attempt to come to an understanding.

"Yo yo yo" as Bee swayed back and forth to get his rhythm. "A chick of the leaf has come to play with tons of interesting things to say. Though she chill and the fox is sway, why is it that I have to stay?"

Thinking carefully of how she should word it, Hinata gave a slight cough as she readied her response. "An octopus went off to war. It's a good thing he is well armed. But I come in peace along with this cup of tea".

Meanwhile on Naruto's side, he reforms Sasuke, get's Itachi to reconnect with his brother, get's Danzo busted, and spends time with the Hinata of that world connecting with her bringing her out of her shy shell and trains with her. During this time he comes to understand his own feelings about her when Hinata confesses to him.

While he over there, Arashi communicates to him through his watch explaining everything that had happened as he came from the future to help him come back home.

Now being alarmed at how powerful 'Naruto' has become as well as the few members he had taken out Akatsuki sends in their big guns Nagato to take him in. It's here that Naruto properly learns of the six paths technique and how to fight it as he creates seven bunshins to fight them all with different tactics to counter each of his techniques. But in the final moments in their battle, Naruto get's him to see the error of his ways before he dies from over-exhaustion from how hard Naruto pushed him to fight. As Konan comes to collect him, Naruto refuses to let her.

"He's very weak" said Kurama as he sensed Nagato's dwindling life force. "He won't make it".

"The hell he won't!" as Naruto went max power. "He just needs a jump start right? Kurama, divert as much power as you can. This son of b**ch isn't dying on my watch!" Generating two orbs of pure yang chakra, he placed one hand over Nagato's heart and the other over his central chakra source as he forced the two orbs into him causing his body to convulse.

"Nothing" as Kurama sensed no change.

"What are you doing?" Konan questioned. "Stop it this instant!" as she tried to rip the blond away.

"Saving his life! So get back!" as he shocked him again. No matter how hopeless it seemed, he kept pushing as much yang chakra into him as he refused to give up on him. "I know you can hear me you bastard! You don't get to die like this! You don't get to have the easy way out after realizing what you did! So wake up!" as he continued to hit him again and again. But pushing himself to this point, he was completely exhausted as his shroud faded forcing the last of his yang chakra into Nagato. "Come on" Naruto gritted now close to tears. "You're an Uzumaki too aren't you? There not many of us left anymore . . . . So you got to survive . . . . You're one of the few family members I still have anymore . . . ."

Coughing out, Nagato was breathing again.

Moving along Naruto jumps again and arrives in the world where the cracks all started.

Arashi goes to explain that Orochimaru had won the fight instead of him and Itachi which created this hellish world as the snake sannin not only attained absolute power but control over time and space after adapting the watch to himself.

However in Orochimaru's arrogance, he believed he could control everything reworking the world to his machinations. So cannibalizing the watch, he created a paradox machine to keep whatever changes he made permanent regardless of consequences. But in doing so the fabric of reality was being ripped to shreds which was affecting worlds close by. But more so, he crossed his own time line too many times which in turn made him a walking paradox which in essence meant he was protected by time itself.

So confronting the snake sannin once more, Naruto was not going pull any punches as his aim was to kill as it was the only real way of hurting Orochimaru tiring him out. Employing some gruesome moves, Naruto pummeled him with spiked wooden fists, exploded splinter bombs inside of him, even used a wind release rasenshuriken on him.

Beating him to this extent, Orochimaru attempts to escape with Naruto following as they end up back at his original universe where he reunites with his friends. However in a last ditch effort, Orochimaru decides to travel back in time and kill Naruto before he was ever born. Reacting quickly, both Naruto and Arashi tries to stop him only to end up somewhere else much to Naruto's confusion.

"It's happened" said Arashi. "Total event collapse has occurred. All reality is being destroyed as we speak as that paradox has completely destroyed everything".

"It's not over till it's over! I just have to stop him!" as Naruto attempted to time jump again.

"Don't" as Arashi placed his hand over the watch. "It's dangerous as the time vortex is in complete shambles making time travel too dangerous. It's like trying to run through a raging thunder storm with a hurricane class wind going on. The turbulence alone would kill you. It's complete suicide".

"No. There's always a way" as Naruto looked around, "if there's a storm going on" now spotting a giant blue box "you just need to get a ride".

Putting his seals to work, he created everything he needed to allow the blue box to time travel safely as they make it to Minato and Kushina to which they somehow manage to chase Orochimaru away. However total event collapse has already occurred as now it's a race against the clock to save as much as he can.

"Come with us if you want to live!" Naruto shouted as he pulled his parents into the box.

Yeah I couldn't resist the terminator reference.

Anyways Naruto pilots the box around evacuating the entire world. But needing to make more space inside, it becomes difficult as it's taxing on not only Naruto's chakra but Kurama's as well as they are not enough to refuge the entire world. So in a great show of humility, Kurama asks the other bijuus for help as the jinchurikis gather around the central console giving it the power it needs to support the world. With everything calmed down Naruto demands answers from Arashi to what exactly has been going on. This is when he reveals that he and Hinata are his parents.

"You" said Arashi awkwardly, "my dad he realized what had happened as someone killed him in the past. Though he could have saved himself his first thought was to save his friends, family, as many people as he could. So he gave me the watch dislocating me from the flow of time and everyone else I could save". He then scoffed shaking his head a bit. "I never realized it. But you, my dad was preparing me all this time for this moment".

As an omake they discuss what the name of the box is.

"So what's the name of the place?" asked Kiba.

"Hmm" as Naruto thought about it. "I think I'll call it . . . . The T.A.R.D.I.S.".


"Yeah, it's a neat acronym I thought up"

Thinking about it Hinata guessed what it could mean. "Does it mean 'time and relative dimensions in space'?"

"Actually I was thinking 'this awesome ride designed in style', but that works too".

As a second omake he would have used the Ichiraku ramen stand as the ship. Though this would purely be for laughs.

So after much discussion there is a way to fix everything as they just need to destroy Orochimaru's paradox machine undoing all the damage he has done which would snap reality back into shape.

However due to total event collapse, time is literally ripping itself apart trying to make sense of the chaos that's occurring. Hence everything that has happened in recorded history is all happening at once right then and there which includes all the wars that have ever been waged including the one with the juubi.

So you can imagine they were going to meet a lot of interesting people along the way.

But searching out Orochimaru, the defining moment occurs as as they run into Hanzo in which they have no choice but to battle. But after a scuffle with Naruto and his friends, it's then that Hanzo names Naruto's generation 'ninjas of the void'.

Finally locating the snake sannin, this leaves Minato, Naruto, and Arashi to battle Orochimaru. After a short exchange, the sannin realizes he's actually getting hurt.

- –- -

"We're forcing you back into synchronization inside a localized pocket of time" said Minato

"How are you doing that?! Time no longer exists anymore!"

"Not exactly" Minato continued as he pulled out his watch as did his son and grandson. "In this pocket of time, I represent the past".

"The present" said Naruto.

"And the future" said Arashi.

"let's see how good your immortality works now".

Though the problem still stands that Orochimaru with the six paths technique is hard to defeat as he's wiping the floor with them. However Minato, Naruto, and Arashi use their blood as a hard medium to hold their chakra as it's being splashed onto Orochimaru. With the trap set, the three boys activates their sealing technique shutting down his six paths ability as they are now able to turn this battle around.

Unable to win, Orochimaru goes to the one place he can go which is the beginning of time in order to rewrite existence with him as god.

So on the final battle, the boys jump into the time vortex as it's a free fall battle. As things escalate, Orochimaru summons some sort of giant creature to stall them as he goes to the beginning. Just at the nick of time, the T.A.R.D.I.S. arrives to assist as Orochimaru rides the beast down while the T.A.R.D.I.S. attempts to pull them back.

Running out of time, they need to destroy Orochimaru before he get's to the beginning.

For this one time only Minato, Naruto, and Arashi brings there watches together generating void element as they form a rasenshuriken that explodes into a black hole. Moments before they reach the beginning as the big bang occurs, reality snaps back into shape.

With everything saved, Arashi and Hana returns to future only to accidentally drag Naruto, Hinata, Sasuke, and Sakura to future where they see how everything turns out and that everything turns out fine.

As a closing note Naruto remarks the journey of life and how he couldn't wait to get there.

Now the other part of the story covers Arashi's life as he grew up.

In a revenge scheme against the Uzumaki clan, Kabuto kidnaps Sasuke and Sakura first daughter Yume who was renamed Hana to be raised for a simple purpose. To kill Naruto and Hinata first son Arashi as a scar that will never heal.

Of course Naruto never gave up his search for his best friend's daughter. Finally finding Kabuto, he was just one step ahead sending Hana off which enraged Sasuke to which he get's into a fight with Naruto as they both duke it out as eventually they calm down.

A few years pass as Naruto and Hinata have a daughter Kisara who has long red hair with spiky bangs and a son Hatsuharu or Haru for short with spiky blond hair with some streaks of black.

Sasuke and Sakura also had another daughter Toph. Yes, Toph she's cool enough to be in any story. They also have two sons Ren and Shigure. Ren with spiky dark pink hair and Shigure with spiky black hair.

The two families are good friends as Ren, Shigure, and Haru play often with each other. Though Kisara and Toph have a relationship similar to Ino and Sakura did in their youth as they seem antagonistic to each other but are actually very good friends.

Now fast forward a few more years as it's the chunnin exams as everyone is gathered for it. Recommended by Miwa, Kakashi and Anko daughter, who is Arashi's jonin teacher he takes the test. It's during the first part part of the exam that Arashi meets Hana as she presents herself as a very flirtatious girl. But by the time of the second part of the exam, she is far from what she seems as Hana attempts to kill him. Revealing her mangekyo sharingan eyes, Arashi realizes who she is. In a hard fought battle, he manages to chase her away as she disappears from the test.

With the conclusion of the second exam and intermission towards the third exam, that is when tragedy strikes as Hana visits her parents home and kidnaps Toph to 'play' with her.

Scouring the village as they looked for the young Uchiha, Arashi picked up her tracks as he entered the forest of death as that's where all the clues told him where to find her.

Searching carefully paying close attention to every small detail, every little sound, or shifts in the wind, Arashi needed to find her as Kisara would never forgive him if he failed to do so. But at the very twitch of his ear, he heard something. "Crying?" Using his eyes, he scanned around while using his ears to lock on to where the sound was coming from. Picking up the quiet weepings of a little girl, he knew where to go. "Hold on Toph, I'm coming". Quickly running through the forest, he avoided everything that got in his way as he finally made out the young Uchiha's chakra amongst the vastness of the nature around them. She was hiding within a hollowed out tree stump sitting in the fetal position terrified. Finally arriving, he saw some wood and rocks that blocked the entrance inside the stump. "Toph! Are you OK?! Toph!" But all he could hear was crying. Quickly removing the obstructions, he peered inside as she was curled up in a ball as she hugged herself tightly.

Gasping in fear, Toph frantically panicked trying to escape.

"Toph, it's OK. It's me, it's Arashi" as he grabbed her shoulders. But upon facing her around, the dark haired youth was horrified to what he saw.

"Arashi . . . ." Toph stuttered as she twitched, "I can't see . . . ." as blood ran down the sides of her cheeks from her gouged out eyes.

"Oh no . . . ."

Upon notification, Toph was taken to the hospital where she was treated. Having some donor eyes ready, Sakura did her best to repair her daughters vision. However the nerve damage was far too severe as Toph will never be able to see again.

Using Tsukiyomi, Hana tortured her sister for three days and three nights with genjutsu showing her terror and nightmares in order to forcibly awaken her sharingan and mangekyo. Once that happened, she took what she wanted leaving her little sister for dead.

Sometime later, Hana faces off against Arashi revealing the special talent of what her eternal mangekyo eyes can do which gives her perfect foresight capable of truly seeing the future. This time around, Hana has the advantage as Arashi can't make a move without being countered.

During the fight they share a lively conversation consisting of a mix of flirting and angry talks. Forcing a stalemate, Hana kills Arashi with the method Kabuto had intended for her.

Face to face against each other breathing heavily from over-exertion, Hana smirked as she delivered a quick kiss to Arashi's lips which confused him as it was such an odd thing to do in a life or death struggle. But before he could react, he realized something was wrong as dark purplish black lines was beginning to spread from his lips to the rest of his face as he instantly realized what she had done. ". . . . Poison" as blood seeped from his mouth and eyes.

Anbu then entered detaining Hana as Arashi was quickly rushed to the hospital to be treated. However the deed was sealed. If they had time Hinata, Sakura, Ino, and Tsunade would have been able to find a cure. But they didn't have the time as Arashi was dying a very painful and excruciating death as the poison was breaking him apart from the inside out.

Though Hana was to be imprisoned for her assassination of the hokage's child, she was able to escape. But before leaving, she bids her farewell to her parents and siblings as she wanders to find something new to do. Sasuke and Sakura are unable to do anything due to conflict between their emotions and their duty.

But understanding the plight of the Uchiha family, Arashi faces Hana one last time in an attempt to convince her to stay and make amends with her family to the very least. However she has very little care for this as Kabuto had convinced her she was thrown away by them.

So to decide this, Arashi activates his secret weapon revealing an evolved state of the byakugan eyes which can battle against Hana's perfect foresight. Haven't decided how exactly. But after a climatic battle, Arashi could not continue any longer from the poison killing him. Just as Hana was about to leave, Arashi connects his chakra to her to show her the truth behind her past.

"Is this some sort of petty trick? Or is this some sort of pathetic attempt to plead for your life?"

Arashi was now on the edge of death as his eyes felt so heavy now while just breathing began to hurt like crazy. But if this was going to be his last moments, there was just one last thing he wanted to say. "No" shaking his head slightly. "Your parents love you very much and they never stopped looking for you. I know . . . . I know you've been suffering your entire life. But you can be at peace now. Go back to them. They can give you . . . . What you've been missing all your life . . . ."

". . . ." as Hana still tried to leave.

"I'll never let go" as Arashi's hand gripped tighter around Hana's. "Even if I have to die . . . . Trying . . . ." It was then he had lost consciousness. But as his hand began to slip, Hana gripped him back as she knelt before his body.

Staring quietly as she thought about everything that had happened, she sighed as a small smile formed. ". . . . You really are stupid". Soon she went down slowly kissing him as a tear had escaped her eye.

In doing so, Hana's lips were both the poison and the antidote. Curing him, she dragged Arashi to the hospital where he was taken care of while she was sent to the prison till further notice. But after a few weeks of recovering, Hana's rehabilitation began as Arashi visited the prison every night to break her out.

"You know you'll get in trouble for doing this" as Hana rubbed her wrist as her shackles were released.

"Well it's not a big deal. Although you'll be here during the day, the nights, well we can go anywhere in all of space and time" as he took out his father's watch. "Don't worry" Arashi smiled, "I'll have you back by morning".

Hana chuckled. "Alright sweety, where do you have in mind?"

For the next two years, Arashi will break Hana out every night to go on there little trips to wherever in the universe. Each night, the guards will report this fact only for the next morning that Hana will just walk right back into her cell.

In these two years, Arashi will try to repair the broken relationship between Hana now Yume and Toph. Although hard, progress was made as Yume would spend the rest of her life making it up to her.

Though Toph's eyes can never be fixed, there was another way she could see again. As Naruto passed along to Arashi the teachings of senjutsu, Arashi taught it to Toph. Being blind and having the same earth affinity of her mother, Toph is able to see again through seismic detection. Taking it to the next level, she masters earth element so well she created an earth style senjutsu no longer needing to weave seals to use earth techniques.

For the years to come, Arashi goes on trips all over the universe with his siblings as well as Yume and her siblings getting into all kinds of trouble. At times Arashi takes his friends who are the children of the rookie nine and Gai's team on trips if they're available.

This is as far as I thought everything out.

I really do try to make a story that's interesting and bullet proof as possible. But hindsight always does have it's plot holes. So I really hope that one day I can write a story that everyone likes.

So thank you for reading and sorry for wasting your time.