A/N: In this fic, Woody and Jessie have never met Bo or Buzz, but they do meet them eventually. This chapter starts off more-or-less where the first chapter left off, and then it carries on into Woody meeting Bo. I've made Bo a protester for Animal Rights in this, because I thought it was befitting to her since she was a shepherdess in the nursery rhyme and the Toy Story movies. This chapter may contain further explanation of Woody's traumatic upbringing – don't like, don't read.

I think I should give this fic a setting, don't you? So it's set a little close to home – more specifically Oldham in Manchester. It's where one of my brothers lives, and I've been there recently. Very fun, I got pick-'n'-mix. Of course, it all fossilized eventually…

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Chapter Two – Hello, Dolly.

It was nighttime, and Buzz was driving Jessie to his place – something which he had insisted upon.

"So, Jess, you got any family?"

"Well, my parents are long since passed, but I share an apartment with my brother – we're both cops in the same area, so it saves on money and fuel to live in the same place and use the same car to get to work. His name's Woody."

"How were you brought up if you had no parents? – sorry, if you don't mind me asking."

"They died when I was a baby and Woody was just a kid, so we were raised by our Uncle Pete. He wasn't like a nice uncle – he abused Woody allot. Sometimes I think that's why he chose to be a policeman – so what happened to him doesn't happen to any other children."

"Did he…?"

"Abuse me? No, thankfully. I was like a daughter to him, and he always put on a 'caring uncle act' while I was around. It was only a couple of years ago when he died that Woody finally told me all that he'd done, and when I look back on it… I can't believe I ever trusted that man. I think the only reason he looked after either of us was because he couldn't stand the thought of being alone – that's why he died. We both grew up and left, and he couldn't take it. He was a picnic short of a picnic, and I'm glad he's gone – but Woody's still on edge from the years of repressed suffering and I try to help him as best I can."

Buzz was now seeing this new side to Jessie – a caring side, that often only her brother got to see. The trauma inflicted on her brother and the resulting trauma of finding out had hardened her, he was sure.

"You don't have to do this if you don't want to, you know."

"I know. But you're the first truthfully caring guy I've met, and I'm not going to pass up this opportunity."

Buzz chuckled; she certainly knew a good choice when she saw one.

Never in a million years would he have thought such a woman as her could have stolen his heart, but it happened. Her skin, near-white like pure porcelain and unmarked in its' perfection. Her blonde hair, obviously natural in colour and framing her face stunningly, falling at her shoulders in delightful bangs.

Surrounded by a squad of men in riot gear, he felt he had no other option but to tell them to let him pass – it was like his mind was on autopilot after seeing the heavenly vision before him. He walked up to the woman, smiling at seeing her so taken off guard. "And what would your name be, little lady?" the words had tumbled out of his mouth before he could stop them, "don't seem right that a beauty like you is in amongst all this trouble."

She seemed defiant for a moment, but eventually conceded, "I'm Bo Peep, Environmental Conservationslist and Head of Animal Rights Troupe #54."

"Bo Peep – like the nursery rhyme? You wouldn't happen to be here to protest the unlawful treatment of sheep, would you?"

She giggled, "No, the unlawful treatment of horses."

Woody had always admired horses – at one point he had even considered a career involving them, a side affect of watching old westerns as a kid. He also admired anyone who stood up for horses' rights. He hadn't believe in love at first sight at any point in his life until now, and he chose to act upon it.

He got down on one knee and took her hand, "Miss Peep, I know this must seem awfully forward and we've only just met but – will you marry me?"

She put a hand to her chest as a blush rose to her cheeks, "What?"

"I've never been one to partake in all that 'love at first sight' nonsense, but now I know it's real and I'm not going to give it up. I've only just met you and already I feel I couldn't be without you – and I must have you as my wife."

She smiled, "You haven't even told me your name, stranger."

"Woody Pride, ma'am."

She was beaming now, "I guess I'm going to be Mrs Pride then, aren't I?"

He grinned, "You won't regret it."

"I'm sure I won't, sheriff." And she bent down to kiss him as he was standing back up, smiling as their lips made contact. The policeman and the protester – they did say opposites attract.

(It's the next morning)

He awoke the next morning to find no alarm blaring unceremoniously in his ears, but to find a pair of lips softly brushing against his. Right, it was the weekend – he was off duty. And he was engaged now.

She laughed as he deepened the oral contact, and he decided her laugh was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. "Mornin', soon-to-be Mrs Pride." he said, facing her as they broke the kiss. He was mesmerized – even in waking, she looked beautiful.

Woody was broken out of his happy daze by an unwelcome sound.

"Woody, I'm home!"

"Crap, my sister!"

"What?" Bo said, looking puzzled.

"We share living space, seeing as we're both cops. I completely forgot about her!" he was getting out of bed and dressing hurriedly, "Don't worry, just gotta go talk to her – you stay here." He kissed her quickly on the cheek, ran out the bedroom and closed the door.

"Jess!" he exclaimed. She seemed more sprightly than usual, but he put it down to his own drowsiness.

"Woody, you'll never guess what happened last night!"

"Uh huh…" he said, a growing unease in the pit of his stomach. Has she learnt of his proposal?

"Yeah, I'm dating an astronaut!"

Relieved that he hadn't been caught out, he replied, "What?"

"This guy at that NASA research station I had to go to yesterday – we really hit it off, and he asked me out on a date! It went splendidly. But enough about me, what happened at the protest march?"

"Uh, called off…"

"Oh, great!"

"…on account of me getting engaged to one of the head protesters."

He was expecting the one-woman mob any moment now, "I'm sorry, what?"

"She's beautiful, Jess! And so articulate, and she loves animals! I… I really couldn't stop myself, and she said yes!"

Fortunately for him, she seemed to take it well, "She makes you happy, that much I can see. When am I gonna meet this new woman a' yours then, partner?"

Woody called her out, "Bo Peep, and you are?"

"Jessie Pride. So you're gonna be my sister-in-law? I imagine you get asked allot where your sheep are."

"You don't know the half of it."

Woody clapped his hands together, "Well, it's nice that you ladies are getting along, but I really should be gettin' some breakfast." as if his stomach had heard him, it rumbled on cue.

"Oh, and you haven't even got an engagement ring!" Jessie yelped when she held Bo's hand and noticed the non-existence of any ring.

"Well, it was all quite sudden – we only just met when he proposed."

Woody was stolen from his Cheerios by the sudden force of Jessie's hands pulling him around, "Well, you gotta go ring shopping, partner! I won't have my brother's fiancée going 'bout with no ring on her finger!"

"But – can I finish my cereal first?"

"No! And I'll keep an eye on your lady for you. When you're done you can even meet my new boyfriend."

"Jessie, I can't do anything on an empty stomach. Now can you please let me finish my cereal?"

"Eh, that's white cubic zirconium you got there. It's fine if you're giving it as a birthday present."

"Yeah, Hamm, you got anything like an engagement ring?"

"Why didn't you just ask – who's the lucky lady?"

"An animal rights protester – and don't scoff like that! There's much more to her, and animal loving is a good thing."

"Whatever you say, sheriff."

Harold Lammley, long-time friend of Woody's (who everyone just called Hamm), ran a high-end jeweller's, so it was naturally his first stop on the ring hunt.

"Ah – here we are. And a real diamond too, can't find much of them these days. You want something that's not too flashy, I assume?"

"Yeah, this'll do just perfectly, thanks Hamm."

He stared at the screen in apprehension.

TheSherrif has logged on.

DollytheWitch has logged on.

DollytheWitch: Hey, Sherrif, haven't chatted with you in a while.

He hesitated, and started typing.

TheSherrif: Yeah, been busy… getting engaged. How's Bonnie?

DollytheWitch: Wait, back up; getting engaged? How long ago?

TheSherrif: …nearly a week ago.

DollytheWitch: Are you kidding? Did you even know her before you proposed to her?

TheSherrif: No, actually. But I love her, and you didn't answer my question.

DollytheWitch: She's fine, and you can't marry a girl you've only just met, cowboy! What's her name, what does she do?

TheSherrif: Bo Peep; she's an animal rights protester.

DollytheWitch: How ironic. Does she get allot of people asking about her sheep?

TheSherrif: Yeah, but she's used to it. T'was love at first sight, something I've never believed in until I met her.

DollytheWitch: Always knew you were an old romantic. Are you going to have an engagement party? You're the best DCI this city has ever had – you can't not have one.

TheSherrif: I'll have to see what she thinks about it.

DollytheWitch: C'mon, I haven't been to a party in ages! And Jessie will love it. She'll get to show off her new boyfriend. Astronaut, I'm told.

TheSherrif: Yeah, I haven't met the guy either.

DollytheWitch: A party is the perfect opportunity, don't you think?

TheSherrif: Okay, but I'm keeping it small. You can only invite our mutual friends.

DollytheWitch: Aww, you ruin all my fun.

TheSherrif: All your fun'll be the death of me, bye.

TheSherrif has logged out.

A/N: Eh… In this, Bonnie is Dolly's daughter. And I didn't know how to end this chapter, so what happens? I throw one of Bonnie's toys into the mix in an e-mail conversation. I just hope I haven't made Hamm or Dolly OOC, but still made them human. I'm thinking of drawing the humanizations now XD

I find the title of this chapter brilliant and hilarious because 1. It hints at the ending of the chapter and 2. It doesn't give you an idea of what happens in the chapter unless you've seen TS3, and I can't help but find that shit funny. Oh, and you know WALL-E, the main character of the PIXAR movie named after him? His favourite movie was Hello, Dolly. And I only know that because I fangirled over WALL-E for two years. Could I be moving on with the Toy Story trilogy? I'm still a big fan of WALL-E, I just don't write or draw him as much anymore.

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