I don't know how far I will get in this but I'm gonna try! Wish me lots of luck!

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She stood above them all, fear in her eyes.

Below her, 60 feet, there was a crowd. And a man with a gun. Behind her was where she came from and it.

It was 2 legged, purple skinned, fanged teeth, human-like creature. With big yellow eyes. The girl went weak thinking about it.

Ahead of her was 10 yards of half-a-foot wide beam. She's walked on thinner, yet this was 20 times worse.

Suddenly a gun shot rang out. She started to panic. The bullet went right through her hair. She swayed to the left, then the right but stayed up. Then the gun was fired again. It hit her shoulder and a fire of pain begun to form. Behind the girl was It, leaning to the side after being hit in the chest.

A piece of history they will never know about, the girl thought.

Then her vision blurred and the pain increased. She looked toward the crowd below her and put one foot in front of her. She repeated it, the pain continuing, blood dripping down her body. She was almst there.

Almost there.