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7 Days Earlier…

I'm a superstar and I got a cool car
and the girls like me better than whoever you are
Cuz I make your day
Lemme hear you say
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh

Sophie Maricruz was smiling, her head bopping with the music while she drew a sketch in her art room. Her mother, Jessica Maricruz, was already at work even though it was only 7 AM.

"Ha! Come on, let's bring it back to them
now listen in, uh!

Your busted up club, it was doomed from the start
don't even try it, we're state of the art
When we break the rules, they bend for us
When they need the job done, they send for us"

She sang along with the music, when she heard the phone ring. Still singing she picked up the ringing phone.

"Sophie here."

"Hey sweetie!"

"Mom! Why are you calling? Is something wrong?"

"No but… Apparently by boss is bringing a girl in your age and wants to see if you would come to help show her around.

"Sure ,but I have school…"

"I think it would be okay if you missed one day… I'll call and leave a message."

"Kay. I'll be there in 10."

"Thank you so much! Love you,"

"Love you too!"

Sophie hung up, relived she was going to miss her math test, grabbed her bag, stuffed her pencils and paper, grabbed some money, locked the door, and ran out to get a taxi and head to Noah's Ark.