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Summary: A little fic following a nameless man's visits to the witch's barrier worlds.

Being someone who exists outside the rules of time and space has it's advantages and disadvantages ever lasting youth is a big plus but having to see different empires rise and fall time and time again can be taxing on the mind more so if your someone who no matter how much you want, can never forget them. These musing were coming from the mind of single man who was wearing a long white trench coat with a white wide brimmed fedora, his face was smooth and featureless with strange purple shoulder length hair, under his coat he wore a simple light orange blue buttoned shirt and brown jeans. He was just floating in the river of time and space passing his time outside of time.

His mind once again began musing of what it was like being someone who could very well last forever. You look for anything to escape the monotonous of it all and sometimes you find it and what he found were "witches". These were not normal witches but 'magical girls' that had fallen during their duties to defeat early witches, to him seeing their transformations were like watching a train wreck you want to look away but can't and the results were what was once a young girl was now a monstrous shell of their former selves, and for that he felt sorry for them and wished to let them know that someone can still see what they really are young girls who had lost their bodies, most of their minds and more importantly their dreams.

He had decided to make friends with them and the first few tries normally result with him suffering death after death and each encounter tested how long he was willing to wait, but for someone who is eternal he had all the time of the universe. Thankfully over time they grow use to him and eventually started to warm up to his presence, a nice change from being attacked the first few seconds of being sighted. With them being comfortable around him allowed the chance to speak with them, evening if they couldn't outright talk they could still express them in a wide verity of ways and if that didn't work there's always telepathy. Visiting them had become something of a joy for him since they had opened up to him since he treated them as if they were still young girls and not brings of doom that they looked like then.

His mind was flowing back to past memories of his last visits to each of them "I remember them as if I had spoken with them just seconds ago, oh such fun times we had." For this man they weren't just his friends they were the closest he had in a very long time to a family.