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Hibari: No one cares Herbivore.

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Hibari: -glares-

Tsuna: W-Why am I a girl!

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All the students at Namimori Middle school were in classes listening to their teachers drag on and on about school matters that they all could care less about, except for two students in the Reception room.

"Hi-Hibari-san…I have class…"

No response was giving to the girl and she began to get frustrated.
"Hibari-san, stop."


The two students were Sawada Tsunayoshi, one of the quietest girls in her grade, and Hibari Kyouya, the head of Namimori Middle's Disciplinary Committee.

"Please Hibari-san…stop this."

Hibari ignored his girlfriend's pleas and continued to let his hands roam over her body as he sucked on her neck leaving multiple marks trailing down to the collarbone. Tsuna began to get upset with the treatment and was struggling but Hibari was just too strong.

It's always like this; he never listens to me and seems to only care about me body…

Hibari's hands started going under her skirt and Tsuna decided that that was enough. She pushed Hibari off with all of her strength which caused the boy to fall backwards and glare up at his girlfriend. Tsuna looked down at her boyfriend with some tears in her eyes then looked away from him.

"I have class…"

The brunette started walking out of the room but as she expected, her boyfriend didn't like that idea and blocked the door before she could escape.

"You're not going anywhere Herbivore."

Normally, the younger girl would be afraid of the skylark, but she has long since realized that he won't hurt her unless she really makes him mad. This was nothing compared to how Hibari could get when he is really angry.

"Move Hibari-san…"

"And if I don't?"

Tsuna, who had been looking down at her shoes the whole time, finally looked up into the boy's eyes. A few stray tears ran down her face as she began to speak.

"Move. Please."

Hibari froze, he hated it when Tsuna would cry because he never knew exactly what to do. He glared at a random picture on the wall, moved out of his girlfriend's way and didn't look back as she ran down the hallway.

Stupid Hibari-san!

Tsuna heard the bell chime signaling it was lunch but she continued to run until she reached the roof, the only place that she really felt safe and content at. She allowed the tears she was holding back to flow freely and she sat down to look up at the sky.

It wasn't always like this…what happened to the old Hibari-san?


"I-I like you…Hibari-san."

All of the students in the hallways stopped what they were doing and openly gawked at the girl and boy standing not too far away from an open classroom. Tsuna looked down at her fingers while she anticipated the rejection that was sure to come. She dared to look up when she noticed all the students that had stopped what they were doing in order to look at the odd scene that was unfolding in front of them. Hibari looked down at the girl that had just confessed to him and turned to walk away, he hated crowds, but before he started walking he took a hold of Tsuna's hand and dragged her along with him.

"E-eh…Hibari-san…where are we going?"

There was no response from the prefect as he continued to drag her along with him until they reached the privacy of the Reception Room. He pushed her down onto the couch and walked over to his desk before sitting down in his chair.

H-Hibari-san's going to kill me! HIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEE

"U-Um Hibari-san I'm sorry….I shouldn't have said that in front of everyone….just forget wh-"

"Say it again."

Tsuna looked up at the prefect confused and slightly tilted her head.


"Say it again…what you said before…"

Hibari turned towards the frail girl sitting on his couch but refused to look at her. Tsuna noticed the slight blush that was painted on his face and realized what he meant. She blushed a bit and looked down at her finger before speaking.

"I-I like you…Hibari-san…"

The next thing she knew, Hibari was hugging her and her face turned a deep shade of scarlet.

Does this mean…he likes me back?


"I like you too."

Tsuna froze in his arms and tried to register what she had just heard, it was barely audible but she was certain that she had heard him right. He liked her back! She felt tears come to her eyes and began to cry lightly which caused Hibari to let go of her and look down slightly worried.

"W-Why are you crying?"

Tsuna smiled slightly and began to wipe her eyes but more and more tears kept falling down her cheeks leaving wet trails.

"I-I'm sorry Hibari-san, I'm just r-r-really happy…I never thought you would like me back…"

Hibari blushed again and looked over at the wall which seemed to hold his attention for a while and Tsuna worked on drying her eyes. After a few minutes in awkward silence, Tsuna decided that she better go before people started getting suspicious.

"Well…I better g-"

"Go out with me."

Tsuna looked up at Hibari shocked only to see him looking back at her with a look that said she really had no right to deny the offer, though she would never dream of turning him down. Even though it had only be a few seconds since he asked, Hibari decided to break the small silence.

"You have no right to refuse."

Tsuna smiled at Hibari and giggled slightly.
"Hai Hibari-san."

A soft and sweet kiss was exchanged between the two and when they pulled away both of them had a light blush on their faces. The next few days were like a dream come true for Tsuna, she had the boyfriend she always wanted and whenever she was around him, he seemed to be a bit gentler and nicer than when he was around the other students. She had loved it and every time they saw each other they would either hold hands, kiss, or simply hold each other.

Could this get any better?

End Flashback:

Tsuna continued to cry as she remembered how sweet Hibari had been when they first started dating. He would hold open doors, blush slightly at some moments, hold her hand in public, steal kisses when she least expected it and was a gentleman to her, but now he has changed completely. While Tsuna was busy looking up at the sky and thinking of all the good memories the door to the roof opened revealing two boys that walked over to her and sat down quietly. The brunette didn't even have to look over to know who they were.

"Hi Yamamoto, Gokudera-kun…sorry I missed class…"

Now the two boys next to her were not stupid and they knew something had happened because even though Tsuna was quiet, she never openly cried unless she was really upset.

"Tsuna, are you okay? What happened?"

Tsuna looked over at Yamamoto and couldn't restrain herself anymore; she flung herself into his arms and started crying harder than she was before. Yamamoto was a little shocked at Tsuna's behavior but put his arms around her, pulled the girl closer to him and let her cry all she wanted without asking questions. After a few minutes of crying, Tsuna looked up at Yamamoto and then to Gokudera before looking down at the ground knowing that she had no way of avoiding their questions now.

"Juudaime…what happened?"

I knew it was coming.

"Gokudera-kun, how many times have I told you not to call me that."

"But Juudaime will always be Juudaime."

Tsuna sighed slightly knowing that arguing with the silver haired boy would be a waste of her time. Though she silently hoped that the two boys would realize that she didn't want to talk and just let her go on with her day, but Tsuna never was blessed with luck of any kind.

"So Tsuna…like Gokudera asked…what happened?"

The brunette stayed silent and just looked down at the ground determined not to let more tears come to her eyes when she thought about what had happened earlier. Yamamoto tightened his hold on her and kissed her forehead softly before burying his head in her neck much to Tsuna and Gokudera's surprise.

"Tsuna, when are you going to realize that you aren't alone anymore? You have me and Gokudera, and we'll listen to anything you have to say. Just, tell us."

A few more tears ran down Tsuna's face when she realized how thankful she was to have such good friends like Yamamoto and Gokudera. Just as she was about to explain to them everything that had been going on with Hibari, the door to the roof opened revealing the person she did not want to see at the moment. The head of the disciplinary committee noticed Yamamoto on his girlfriend and lost it. He roughly grabbed Yamamoto and pushed him away from Tsuna then took the girl's hand trying to drag her away from her friends.

"Don't think I'll let you get away with this herbivore."


"Hey Hibari, don't be so rough with Tsuna!"

"Shut up you worthless herbivores."

Tsuna had had enough, not only was Hibari being unnecessarily forceful with her today, but he was also being rude to her two best friends and that was the last straw. A loud crack was heard and three sets of eyes widen in surprise at the fact that Tsuna had just smacked Hibari across the face. The girl glared at Hibari and had a few stray tears left in her eyes.

"W-Why are you acting like this Hibari-san?"

Hibari gazed at his girlfriend with wide eyes, but they soon went back to normal and his expression went back to unreadable, though Tsuna was able to read him like a book, and boy was he furious at the moment. The brunette backed away from Hibari in order to get some distance between them and started shaking slightly, but she didn't know if it was out of rage or fear.

"Acting like what Tsunayoshi?"

Tsuna flinched at the use of her full first name but didn't falter in her stance, even though she loved Hibari so much, she didn't love the way he was acting today.

"You've been forceful with me all day. I don't like it."

"It's because you've forgotten who you belong to."

"Who I belong to? I don't belong to anyone Hibari-san! I'm your girlfriend not your possession."

"Aren't they the same thing?"

Tsuna gasped slightly at the question and grew quiet. Yamamoto and Gokudera ran up to Tsuna's side and decided to give Hibari a piece of their mind.

"How dare you call the Tenth your possession!"

"Hibari-san that was cruel, apologize to Tsuna."

Hibari looked at both of the boys with bored expressions and proceeded to say whatever came to mind, no matter how rude it actually was.

"I'm not going to apologize for stating what's true you herbivores."

The arguing went on for a few minutes but Tsuna wasn't paying attention at all, too many thoughts were running through her head at the moment to focus on the boys yelling in front of her.

'Aren't they the same thing?' 'I'm not going to apologize for stating what's true…' 'Aren't they the same thing?' 'Same thing.' 'Same thing.'

So to Hibari-san…I'm just a possession? Do-Does he even really love me? Has all of the affection up until now him just playing around with me? Like a toy?

"So it all meant nothing to you?"

All three boys froze at the sudden question from Tsuna that was almost too quiet to hear. Yamamoto looked over at the girl worried, she was looking down at the ground and her bangs were covering her eyes. Hibari looked towards his girlfriend and noticed she was trembling slightly, he knew that she was talking to him, yet he couldn't bring himself to answer her question. Every moment they've spent together had been bliss for Hibari, but thanks to his pride he would never say that out loud especially in front of the two friends of Tsuna. Every second that passed after the question was asked made Tsuna's heart break a little more and more until she couldn't take it anymore. She looked up at Hibari which revealed her newly tear stained face and sad eyes.

"I'll take that as a yes…I-I'm breaking up with you Hibari-san…"

Gokudera looked over at the girl who looked broken and was actually shocked, he knew that Tsuna and Hibari had their ups and downs but she was crazy in love with this guy. Yamamoto was just as shocked as Gokudera and quickly tried to figure out what had happened between these two earlier.

"Tsuna maybe you should think this through an-"


Tsuna, Gokudera, and Yamamoto looked over at Hibari only to see him leaving the roof without so much as an argument. Tsuna felt like all of the strings that had been holding her up have all been cut and she dropped to the floor with tears flowing freely down her face. Gokudera and Yamamoto quickly ran to her side only to hear the heartbreaking cries coming from their best friend.

"H-He really *hic* didn't c-c-care about me."

Both boys looked up at each other before wrapping their arms around Tsuna and holding her while she cried her eyes out for the second time that day.

That insensitive bastard, me and Gokudera will get him for hurting her this badly.

After a few minutes of crying, Tsuna fell asleep in her best friend's arms. Gokudera and Yamamoto exchanged glances not really knowing what to do now.

"Well, since school is almost done, do you want to just take Tsuna back to my place? I'm pretty sure she doesn't want to go home…"

"Yeah…that would probably be the best thing to do, but you'll have to carry her there."

"I don't mind."

Yamamoto picked Tsuna up and started walking towards the door and both boys made their way down the hallways and through the school. A lot of students were looking at them in confusion but didn't seem to care all that much. The walk to Yamamoto's house was silent besides the sounds of Tsuna's steady breathing. Gokudera decided to break the uncomfortable silence by speaking up first.

"When I find out what Hibari did to the Tenth I'm going to get him back, she was so upset…I feel like we failed her in a way…"

Yamamoto remained silent for a little while thinking about what Tsuna was about to tell him earlier before Hibari showed up.

"Didn't Tsuna say something like he was being forceful with her today? You don't think he…."

Before either of the boys could take the conversation any further, Tsuna woke up in Yamamoto's arms and snuggled into his chest knowing that they both still had questions for her, but she was in no condition to talk about her now ex-boyfriend. Gokudera and Yamamoto knew that when she got like this, trying to talk to her would be useless so they continued walking to Yamamoto's house in silence. Once they arrived, all three friends went up to the baseball fan's room and sat in silence for a little bit, Tsuna was laying on Yamamoto's bed with her back facing both boys which was making them worry.

"T-Tenth, are you sure you don't want to talk about it?"

The only answer that Gokudera got to his question was silence from the brunette, Yamamoto decided to try next.

"T-Tsuna, you said Hibari was being 'forceful' what did you mean?"

Tsuna tensed at the mention of the conversation from no more than twenty minutes ago, slowly sat up on the bed and pulled her knees up to her chest hugging them tightly.

"Hi-Hibari-san wasn't acting like himself today…usually we just k-kiss or h-h-hold hands…but today he was…"

The girl grew quiet which only made her two friends fear the worse, it didn't help that she looked like she was about to cry again either.

"It's okay if you don't want to talk about it yet Tsuna…we'll wait."

"N-No, I want to talk to you about it, like you said earlier, I can always rely on you guys right?"

"Of course Juudaime!"

"Always Tsuna."

The girl uncurled herself from her current position and walked over to her friends and sat down in Yamamoto's lap and hugged him tightly. The baseball star was a little shocked but returned the hug and gently stroked her hair.

"It's okay Tsuna, you can tell us anything."

Tsuna nodded slightly before taking a deep breath and told them what had happened in the reception room.

"…and then he p-put his hand down my s-skirt and I pushed him a-away…then rest you guys know."

Both boys were quiet but the murderous intent coming from the room was unmistakable, they both wanted to kill Hibari for trying to force Tsuna to do something she didn't want to do. Tsuna noticed the aura that was coming off her friends and began to wonder if it was such a good idea to tell them in the first place.

"U-Uh guys….it's okay….I'm fine now..."

Gokudera grabbed Tsuna by her shoulders and turned her so that she could look him straight in the eyes and what he saw broke his heart.

"Juudaime…no...Tsuna…we are not stupid, we know that you are hurting inside, that bastard has no right to force you to do anything you don't want to do."

Tsuna looked up at Gokudera shocked, it was the first time that the silver haired boy had ever called her by her first name and for some reason it made her blush a deep crimson.

"I'm serious Gokudera-kun, just being with you two and talking about it has made me feel better, I know I'm not one hundred percent better but I'll get there. It's just sad because I don't know why Hibari-san changed all of a sudden."

The two boys looked at the girl for a moment before smiling slightly at her.

"You can always count on us Tsuna."

"We'll always be here Juudaime."

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