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I just wanted to explain something real fast before you all read the next chapter. Midori is a character that I created because I realized that I had Gokudera out sick and Yamamoto wasn't the type of character to yell at others. Midori is considered one of Tsuna's friends but they don't hang out after school. Sorry for suddenly throwing her into the mix.

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Tsuna had a lot to think of as she started to walk over to Yamamoto's house, but all her mind wanted to wrap around was the fact that Hibari had loved her all along and how they were going out again. The kind of happiness she was feeling made all the sad times completely worth it, but she couldn't forget that by doing this a lot of people had their feelings hurt. It had never even occurred to her how many people liked her in that kind of way, and even though she felt bad for hurting them, part of her didn't care because she was finally happy again. She would no longer have to avoid Hibari and she would no longer have to put on a mask to show everyone that she was okay. The brunette continued to walk down the street and thought about the kiss they had shared not too long ago; it was so soft and sweet but filled with so much passion. She had never been kissed like that and it made her heart flutter. After a few minutes of walking, the girl finally made it to Yamamoto's house and made her way inside. Yamamoto's dad was behind the counter and tending to a few customers, but wasn't too busy to see Tsuna walk in.

"Oh hello Tsuna-chan. If you're looking for my son, he hasn't come home yet. He messaged me saying that he would be out for a few hours, but I assumed he'd be with you."

Tsuna was a little shocked at the news but smiled at the man before turning around and making her way back outside.

"Thank you."

She left the small shop a little confused and took out her phone but decided against texting Yamamoto, he obviously wanted to be alone for a little while and that's why he didn't go home. Sighing slightly, the girl decided to walk home and just rest for a while then possibly call her boyfriend.

With Yamamoto

Yamamoto was standing outside of an apartment trying to figure out if he should knock or simply just turn around and head for a park or something similar. Before he could turn around and leave, however, the door opened revealing a seemingly irritated silver headed male.

"Baseball idiot, you've been standing out here looking at my door for a good ten minutes now. Do you want to come in or not?"

Yamamoto blushed before rubbing the back of his head.


Gokudera stepped aside to let the other boy into his apartment before shutting his door and walking to the living room. He signaled for Yamamoto to take a seat while he went into the kitchen to go and get some drinks.

"So, what do you want? And this better be important."

Yamamoto knew why he had come to the male's house but he wasn't exactly sure how he was going to word everything he wanted to say without making Gokudera mad or upset. The silver haired boy came back with two waters in his hand and gave one to Yamamoto before sitting across from the boy and taking a drink.

"Tsuna and Hibari are going back out."

Suddenly, Yamamoto's face and shoulders were drenched in the water that Gokudera had just spit out at the news. His face turned red in anger and he stood up so that he could walk over to where Yamamoto was sitting before grabbing him and yanking the poor boy right out of his chair. They were very close and Yamamoto had a feeling that Gokudera didn't like the news that he had just heard.

"What did you just say?"

"That Tsuna and Hibari are going back out."


Yamamoto flinched as the boy shouted directly in his face, he had known that Gokudera never liked Hibari but this was a bit much. He tried thinking of a way to calm down the very upset male who was still holding him by the shirt.

"Well…I tried to get Tsuna to stay at my house today but she ended up coming to school and the teachers had a meeting. We were all told to stay in our rooms and it started out fine but then Mukuro came into our room and started talking to Tsuna, but he was creeping her out so Midori helped her out. Hibari must have heard the ruckus and came into the room causing Tsuna to tense up like she usually did when he was around. Mukuro thought it would be good fun to poke at Hibari for leaving Tsuna the way he did but Hibari all of a sudden told the whole classroom his feelings and then dragged Tsuna out of the room. By the time they got back, they were holding hands and I knew that they were back together."

Gokudera was silent throughout the whole recap of what had happened earlier that very day, but once Yamamoto was done it was clear that Gokudera was not happy in the slightest. It was perfectly understandable why the boy would be upset, he gets sick and misses school for one day to find out a few hours later that his best friend is back together with her good for nothing boyfriend. They both sat in silence for a while, Yamamoto had no idea what to say and Gokudera seemed to be deep in thought.

"Did she seem happy?"


Gokudera looked over at Yamamoto with a serious face, but anyone could tell that he was still upset about the news.

"I asked if she seemed happy baseball idiot!"

"Y-Yeah…she did."

Gokudera sighed and went back to his kitchen to only come back with a beer in his hand. He sat down on the couch once again and took a swig from the beer can. Yamamoto was pretty surprised that the silver haired teen was drinking beer when he was clearly underage, but he couldn't blame him in the current situation.

"Nothing we can do now except make sure that Hibari doesn't hurt Juudaime again. I wish this would have happened when I was at least at school."

They both sat in silence as Gokudera continued to drink his beer.

"Hey Gokudera?"

The boy looked over at the baseball player with his eyebrow raised.

"…Why do you call Tsuna 'Juudaime'?"

Gokudera blushed a bright red and got up in an attempt to blow up the other teen.


With Tsuna

The girl had walked all the way back to her house from Yamamoto's and immediately went up to her room in order to think about the events of the day. Her house was as noisy as ever with all the children running around, but luckily for her there was no one in her room to bug her. At least that's what she thought until she opened the door to reveal her favorite Skylark, though his appearance did give her a bit of a scare. He motioned for her to be quiet and to quickly close the door. Tsuna made her way over to her bed and motioned for the boy to sit down wherever he wanted to; it was a bit awkward having a boy in her room without knowing he was coming. If Tsuna would've known he was coming she would have attempted to clean up her room a little, but then again she didn't even expect him to be talking to her at this point.

"What are you doing here Hibari-san?"

"I don't need an invitation to see my girlfriend, herbivore."

Tsuna blushed at the comment and looked down at her hands suddenly unsure of what they should do. In all honesty, she had regretted breaking up with Hibari-san now because the reason seemed so fickle now that she knew the truth behind everything that happened. Knowing the truth, however, made her wonder how far they should go in the relationship. It was obvious that Hibari was doing what he was in order to show that he had feelings for her, so shouldn't she want to do things like that to show him how much she loves him? He girl sat quietly on the end of her bed thinking over what they should be doing while Hibari looked at the girl confused. Why had she grown quiet all of a sudden? There shouldn't be a problem with him coming into her room, even if it was unannounced. They were going back out and he wasn't going to let her slip through his hands again. The skylark sat down next to the girl and took her hand while looking off into the others part of her room. She seemed to not like cleaning her room considering there were clothes thrown all over the place and nothing had a place of its own. Her bed was even messy which was unusual considering every person usually makes their bed before they even start their day.

But she wasn't here last night; she was at Yamamoto's remember?

Hibari gripped her hand a little tighter knowing that she had slept over the baseball player's house the night before but was sure that they hadn't done anything together. Even though Hibari had tried to stay away from her at school he would never admit to the fact that he monitored what she was going and who she was with just to make sure that she was okay. It had been evident to the boy that the girl had not been okay after their break up but his pride never allowed him to go and talk to her in order to work things out. Even though it took them a long time, he was satisfied that they were back together again. Tsuna looked over at Hibari to notice that he was most likely in a deep thought and wondered if it was alright to disturb him. She seemed to be a lot more careful of what she would do around Hibari because she didn't want a repeat of last time. She laced her fingers with the hand that was holding hers and leaned against his shoulder while releasing a content sigh. It felt good to be able to be back with him even though she was a bit nervous to have him in her room with all of her belongings thrown around the floor. She begged that none of her under clothes were on the floor at the moment because the brunette was positive that she would die of embarrassment.


The skylark turned towards the girl to notice that she seemed a bit unsure of what should be said at the moment.

"Can I kiss you?"

Tsuna's face immediately turned pink at the sudden question.

"W-Why do you have to ask…we're going out aren't we?"

It wasn't so much of a question as it was a statement.

"I just didn't want you to get mad at me again for doing something to you."

Tsuna's smiled at the statement and leaned over to kiss the boy on the lips, but what started as a simple kiss turned into a passionate make-out. Hibari brought one of his hands up to cup her face while leaning more into her. Tsuna was trying to at least fight back against the dominant kiss but eventually just gave up on trying and let her mouth be invaded by Hibari's tongue. After a few minutes of kissing both of them pulled back for air, but they kept their faces close as they looked into each other's eyes. Hibari moved his mouth down to the girl's neck and gently kissed and sucked on random spots causing the brunette to gasp and sigh softly as the pleasure started to rake through her body. Then the boy pulled away while getting off the bed and heading over to the window. Tsuna looked over at him confused, but before she could ask what he was doing his sentence broke the silence.

"I might not be able to stop myself if we keep going and a herbivore such as you wouldn't be able to handle it yet. Therefore, I'll take my leave for today."

"O-Oh…okay…if you insist Hibari-san."

His eyes held hers for a short while before turning to the window and opening it up.

"Clean your room herbivore."

Tsuna giggled at the order but none the less agreed to the statement.

"And call me Kyoya herbivore."

Before Tsuna could reply to the order the prefect had jumped out of the window and was already gone by the time she got up to look outside. Her face was a bright red at the request and never in her wildest dreams had she thought of calling him by his first name.


Saying the name out loud made her blush even harder and wondered how she would talk to him without blushing from simply saying his first name. Before Tsuna had the chance to think about the skylark her mother called for her to come downstairs for dinner. After moving a few clothes out of her way the brunette made her way downstairs to be greeted by her loud family, if you could even call them that.

"Lambo-san wants to eat lots Mama!"

"Okay Lambo, there is plenty for you to eat, but don't forget to share with everyone else."

"Lambo, you have to share with everyone!"

"Lambo-san doesn't have to share with anyone!"

Tsuna just sighed as Lambo and Ipin continued to argue about sharing and being able to eat as much as they want. The girl took her normal seat and was greeted by a smack to the back of the head by none other than Reborn.

"Reborn! What was that for?"

Reborn gave the girl a knowing look before sipping at his tea and whispering so only the girl would hear.

"I know there was someone in your room just now."

Tsuna blushed bright red and wondered how much Reborn knew. How she ever thought he wouldn't find out was besides her, he was one of the few men who knew everything that went on with everyone.

"How long do you intend to stay here anyway? Don't you have to go work for my dad or something?"

Reborn had started living with them not too long ago and was a fully grown man which didn't exactly sit well with Tsuna. She knew that he worked with her father, but knew nothing about the man other than that. Most of the neighbors thought it was strange that the Sawada household just seemed to let this man in without so much a protest. He had been there for a while now but Tsuna still couldn't get used to him being there. Before, it was just her and her mother living in the house so for a grown man to suddenly appear and live there was a big adjustment.

"Until your father comes back, then I'll be out of your hair Dame-Tsuna."

"Will you stop with that nickname!"

Reborn smirked over at the girl and chuckled slightly as he took another sip of his tea.

"I will once you show me that you are good for something."

Tsuna pouted at the words and decided to ignore the man for the rest of the day, nothing good ever came out of getting into an argument with the man. Nana served dinner and they all ate in silence, if you could count Lambo and Ipin arguing over everything silence.

"So Tsu-chan how was school today? Did anything exciting happen?"

The brunette was silent as she debated on telling her mother that she and Hibari-san had gotten back together, but before she could finish her in head debate someone in the room beat her to it.

"Apparently Dame-Tsuna got her boyfriend back."

Tsuna spit out her drink and looked over at Reborn wondering how in the world he knew what was going on with her love life.

"Really? Oh I'm so happy for you Tsu-chan. So when is Mama going to meet him?"

Tsuna looked over at her mother in pure horror. She could just see how introducing Hibari to the family would go. He would get aggravated by the young ones complaining about everything, most likely try to fight Reborn because he looked strong, and just generally not want to be in a room full of people that would be classified as herbivores.

"U-Um…well you see-"

"She's bringing him over for dinner tomorrow. Aren't you Tsuna?"

Reborn simply smiled over at the girl who currently had her mouth wide open in shock, never had she promised to bring Hibari over to dinner and on such short notice too!

"Wait I never-"

"Oh how wonderful! I'll be sure to prepare something fancy tomorrow then. You should have told me sooner Tsu-chan."

Nana got up out of her chair in order to think of what to make tomorrow for dinner while Tsuna sat there completely dumbstruck with what had just happened. She glared over at Reborn who paid no attention to her and just continued to sip his tea.

"I'm going to bed. Goodnight."

Without waiting to hear what the others were going to say Tsuna made her way up to her room in order to call Hibari and apologize for what she was about to ask him. Upon reaching her room, Tsuna noticed that her cell phone light was blinking with a missed call. Without bothering to look who it was the girl called back and stiffened slightly when she heard the voice on the other end of the phone.

"I called you three times herbivore. Why didn't you answer the phone?"

"I'm sorry Hibari-san! I was eating dinner and got caught up in one of Reborn's schemes."

There was a slight growl on the other end of the line. Tsuna already knew that even though Reborn and Hibari hadn't met before, the prefect didn't like the man what-so-ever.

"What did he do this time?"

"Umm…well…you see…"

"Spit it out herbivore."

"He um…he told my mother that I had invited you over for dinner tomorrow night even though I didn't. I'm sorry Hibari-san! I know you probably wouldn't want to come over to my house for dinner tomorrow since there are so many people here but could you? My mom seemed really happy at the idea and I don't want to disappoint her."

When there was nothing but silence from the other end of the phone, Tsuna began to panic slightly thinking that she had made him mad by suggesting something like this.

"I'm sorry! You don't have to come if you don't want to Hibari-san. I'll just-"

"What time?"


There was a sigh from the boy as he asked the question again.

"What time should I be over?"

"…for what?"

"Dinner herbivore."

"U-Uh like s-six…"

"Okay…I'll be there."

Tsuna looked at her phone in disbelief. He had agreed to come over and eat without as much as a word against it. A small smile crept onto her face, but it quickly disappeared at the thought of Hibari-san getting angry at the fact that the kids won't shut up or getting frustrated with Reborn.

"A-Are you sure you're okay with this Hibari-san?"

"What you don't want me there herbivore?"

"No! That's not it at all. I just feel like you'll get really mad at the little ones for being so loud and you don't Reborn and he'll be there…"

"You underestimate me herbivore."

"A-Alright…if you're sure…"

There was silence for a few minutes, but it was comfortable. Tsuna learned to love the silence because even though they weren't talking she felt like they were closer than before. She did feel kind of strange though, she's been thinking about doing those things with Hibari-san and it made her so excited but scared at the same time. Since it was clear that he didn't just want her for her body, it made her crave him more than she had before.

"If that's all, then I'm going to hang up herbivore."

"E-Eh? Oh. Okay Hibari-san."

"I told you to call me Kyoya."

"O-Oh…sorry K-Kyoya…I just have to get used to it."


"Good night Kyoya."

"Yeah. Night."

The line went dead and even though it didn't seem like much of a conversation, it was enough for Tsuna. After picking up a few things around the room, she got dressed for bed and fell into a peaceful sleep.

The next morning was like any other morning except Tsuna was quietly panicking on her bed. She had no idea what to wear tonight and clothes that she had put away were now, once again, scattered all over the floor. Should she wear something that conceals a lot? Or perhaps an outfit that made her seem busty? Maybe a sexier outfit? No it had to be a normal outfit…but would Kyoya want her to be in her uniform? He does like Namimori a lot so maybe he'd like that. The girl quickly grabbed her head and pulled at her hair lightly. Having her boyfriend over for dinner was either going to go okay or horribly wrong, there was no other way to imagine the day. A sigh escaped her lips as she went back to her closet and found an outfit that wasn't revealing but didn't make her look like a boy. After getting dressed, Tsuna cleaned up the clothes on the floor and went downstairs in order to clean the house before dinner later that evening. She had slept in which wasn't part of her plan but she had managed to cut down her time in the shower so that made up for it.

Her mother and Reborn were out shopping for the ingredients for tonight's dinner, once Nana had heard it was Tsuna's boyfriend she wanted to make sure that she cooked the very best she could. Lambo and I-Pin were down for a nap and Fuuta was playing in the backyard giving Tsuna the perfect time to get things done. She pulled out the cleaning supplies and started going to town on the whole house. Hibari hadn't liked that her room was messy so she wanted her house to sparkle now. All the while she was cleaning her mind was having a meltdown. She knew what she wanted to do tonight but wasn't sure if it was possible considering how many people were going to be in the house. A small blush spread across her face as she imagined Hibari hovering over her without a shirt on an-STOP! Tsuna quickly shook her head to get rid of the fantasy. She had to concentrate on the house and hopefully that would keep her mind on the right things to think about.

After about two hours of cleaning, an exhausted Tsuna sat on the couch and looked around the room. It seemed like everything was sparkling and shining perfectly. A small smile came to her face making her feel accomplished. After a few minutes of sitting back on the couch the door opened, Reborn and Nana came in with grocery bags in their hands.

"Wow! Tsu-chan you did an amazing job cleaning the house. I've never seen it this clean!"

Tsuna got up and helped put the groceries away while Reborn simply smirked in the background.

"W-Well, I guess I went a little overboard."

"So Dame-Tsuna is capable of cleaning? That's a shock."

A weak glare was sent in Reborn's direction.

"I'm good at some things Reborn, I'm not a complete loser you know…"

A small chuckle escaped Reborn's lips.

"You don't seem very sure of your own statement Dame-Tsuna."

"S-Shut up."

Another chuckle escaped the man's mouth and he turned to head to his room for who knows what purpose. Nana and Tsuna started cooking the dinner, well it was mostly Nana and Tsuna attempting to help but not really being able to keep up.

"It's alright Tsu-chan, just go upstairs and wash up. Your boyfriend is going to be here soon~."

The brunette looked over at the clock and noticed how late it was so she excused herself from the kitchen and headed to the bathroom to clean up a bit. After a long time of staring into the mirror, Tsuna was at least a little bit confident with how she looked for today. She was about to head out of the room but Reborn walked in and closed the door behind him, giving Tsuna that look.

"Sit down."

Though she just wanted to walk past the male and go downstairs to wait for Hibari, she sat down on the toilet like a good girl and decided to listen to what Reborn had to say.

"I know everything that has happened with this boy and if he doesn't pass the little test I set for him then you're going to have to break up with him."

Tsuna was about to cut in but he put his hand up and silenced her.

"Don't underestimate me Tsuna. I know what's best for you even if you don't realize it. If Hibari doesn't pass as someone who won't hurt you again, then he's gone alright?"

There was a moment of silence but Tsuna slowly nodded her head. She had no idea what kind of test was going to be set up but she had confidence that Hibari would be able to pass it to meet Reborn's standards. The male smiled and opened the door before walking out leaving a slightly confused Tsuna behind, but at once she heard the doorbell ring and ran downstairs to answer it before anyone else could.

Tsuna opened the door and smiled before blushing red at Hibari's outfit. She had honestly believed that Hibari would show up in his usual Namimori uniform but he was in dark jeans with a deep purple top and a hat. It suited him really well and Tsuna was only able to stare in disbelief causing the skylark to smirk.

"Like what you see herbivore?"

The brunette simply nodded and then shook her head in order to gain her thought process back.

"S-Sorry, that was rude. U-Um come in Hibari…I mean K-Kyoya."

A small smile, barely noticeable, made its way onto Hibari's face and he stepped inside taking a look around.

"Wow, is your house always this clean?"

"W-Well I cleaned it up a bit this morning…"

Hibari looked over at his nervous girlfriend and leaned forward in order to capture her lips in a small kiss. As soon as their lips touched Lambo came running down the hallway followed by I-Pin, Fuuta, Nana and Reborn. Both teens pulled away with blushes on their faces while Nana just giggled at them.

"You must be Hibari-kun. I'm Tsu-chan mother, but you can just call me Nana. Thank you for coming to dinner."

Hibari looked over at the female before smiling slightly.

"Thank you for having me."

To say that Tsuna was shocked at how polite Hibari was being would be far from the truth. A look of amazement even crossed Reborn's face before his usual smirk covered it up. Nana went on and introduced the kids to Hibari and Lambo had taken an interest in the prefect much to Tsuna's dismay.

"You're my lackey now! Gyahahaha! Lambo-san is the strongest in the world!"

Tsuna face palmed at the child, she couldn't blame him for acting the way he did because it was hinted that he was dropped on his head when he was younger. Hibari merely looked down at the cow child before smirking slightly which looked like a normal smirk to anyone else but to Lambo it was the scariest thing in the world causing him to go silent and quietly go to his seat at the dinner table.

Dinner went a lot better than Tsuna even imagined possible, Lambo was terrified of making Hibari angry so he sat in his chair and ate his own food the whole time. I-Pin was always a good mannered kid as long as Lambo didn't have her doing some crazy antic and Fuuta enjoyed talking with Hibari, even going as far as calling him big brother. Nana seemed to like Hibari just as much, offering him more food once his plate was empty and filling it again even with the skylark's protest. Reborn, however, was the only one who seemed unimpressed with Hibari but the skylark seemed really interested in the man. He seemed rater strong and the prefect was always ready for a fight, but he knew that it would worry Tsuna so he restrained himself.

After dinner Reborn pulled Hibari into the backyard and put their backs to the window so no matter how hard Tsuna tried she was unable to figure out what they were discussing. Nana noticed her daughter's curious gaze and laughed slightly.

"Don't worry so much Tsu-chan. It's just a man to man conversation, I remember my father having the same kind of talk with your father."

At the mention of her husband, Nana's eyes got sparkly and she began to daydream about Iemitsu. Tsuna rolled her eyes at her mother and went back to looking out of the window.

"I'm not oblivious to everything that has happened Hibari Kyoya, I have sources in high places and I know what you did to Tsuna and everything that you've put her through. She was really upset when she got home that day so of course I was going to check out what was wrong."

Hibari remained silent because he felt as if he had no reason to explain himself to a man who probably already knew it if he was as good as he said.

"You're not going to hurt her again you got it?" a small smirk appeared on Reborn's face. "You may think that you're the toughest kid in the school but you wouldn't last one minute in my line of work. I could easily dispose of you and no one would be the wiser. Now I'm going to say it again, you're not going to hurt her again you got that?"

Kyoya smirked, he knew that whatever this man did was interesting and part of him wanted in but that was for another day.

"I don't intend on hurting her."

"Good, my go inside and have fun~"

Hibari was about to question what the man meant but turned to find him already in the house talking to Tsuna's mother.

"So he wanted to surprise you so Iemitsu is waiting for you and the kids at the beach house. Here are the plant tickets, but Dame-Tsuna can't go because she still has school to attend to and education is very important."

Nana's face lit up once again at the mention of her husband and didn't take more than a second to run upstairs and come back down with everyone's things packed. She rounded up the children and left the house without as much as a goodbye to her daughter. Tsuna, however, wasn't very happy with this.

"What the hell Reborn? Why can't I go and see Dad too? I haven't seen him in a year."

Reborn simply chuckled and went to get his coat.

"They'll return in about three days and they will have your father so be patient until then and behave yourself~"

Without so much as another word Reborn walked out of the house leaving Tsuna and Hibari alone in the house. Tsuna was still in shock from everything that just happened and didn't notice that she was left alone with her boyfriend. Hibari, however, did notice and took Tsuna's hand gently leading her up to her bedroom. Tsuna sat down on the bed while Hibari sat down next to her, his hand resting on her knee and the other stroking her cheek lovingly.

"I want to kiss you."

Tsuna blushed a bright red when she noticed the situation and smiled at her boyfriend.

"I told you that you didn't need to ask and to just do it."

She leaned forward and captured his lips in a soft kiss that soon turned into a passionate kiss. Hibari swiped his tongue against her bottom lip asking her for entrance which she happily granted him. They both enjoyed the kiss and Tsuna decided that this was the perfect chance to get closer to her boyfriend, maybe Reborn wasn't always evil. The brunette brought her arms up and wrapped them around Hibari's neck and pulled the boy closer to her. A few small moans escaped past her lips as he slid his tongue against hers. After a few minutes of kissing they both pulled back and looked each other in the eyes, Tsuna was ready to speak up but Hibari cut her off and unwrapped her arms from around his neck.

"I should go. Thanks for dinner."

The prefect went to get off the bed but Tsuna grabbed his hand and looked away to the side, her face painted a lovely shade of pink.

"Y-You don't have to…I-I mean um I want to…do /that/ with you…"

She bit her lip and dared to look over at Hibari who had a small smile on his face. He leaned down and kissed her gently but withdrew before she was able to deepen it.

"You don't have to push yourself for me Tsuna."

A darker blush spread across her face at the sound of her name coming from those sinful lips but quickly shook her head and looked up at him.

"I'm not pushing myself. It's true that I was really scared when you almost did that to me the first few time but it was because we never talked about it before and I thought you only wanted me for my body. You've told me your reasoning for why you did what you did and I accept it, but I'm ready now. I've had so much time to think about it and the more I think about it the more I want you. I couldn't even clean downstairs without thinking about you without your shirt on and on top of me while we-mmph!"

Tsuna was silenced as a pair of lips fiercely claimed her own and a body pushed her back onto the bed. Hibari moved back from the kiss and crawled on top of the stunned girl, whispering in her ear.

"Don't turn me on like that herbivore, or I'll bite you to death."

The skylark smirked as the girl under him moaned out quietly before moving his lips down to her neck and biting softly. Tsuna gasped at the feeling and turned her head to the side giving her skylark more room to do what he pleased. Hands started roaming down the brunette's body causing her to arch slightly, having never done this before she was very sensitive to pretty much everything that was being done to her.

Her head was spinning at all the different sensations, a warm tongue licking up her neck then sucking on spots, hands roaming and groping her breasts, and one hand making its way under her shirt. Hibari pulled away from her neck in order to look at her face.

"Are you sure about this Tsuna?"

The brunette nodded her head and blushed slightly before lifting her arms in order to remove the prefect's shirt. Once off, she looked up at the body and gently raked her hands down the smooth skin, moaning out slightly at the image of her boyfriend above her. He just simply smirked.

"You have been staring at me a lot today Tsunayoshi."

She simply nodded and sat up slightly in order to let him remove her shirt, her bra following right after. Tsuna put her arms over her naked breasts not at all used to being exposed, let alone in front of Hibari, but he simply moved her arms out of the way. Seconds passed where they just stared at the other's body but Hibari wasn't exactly known for being patient so he leaned down took a nipple into his mouth and used his other hand to grope the neglected breast. Her back arched off of the bed at the sensation and a low moan was heard throughout the room causing Hibari to smirk and continue his ministrations.


Tsuna covered her mouth with her hand, embarrassed with the sound she had just made but Hibari just chuckled at his shy girlfriend.

"Don't hide your noises, they're sexy."


Another smirk came to Hibari's face as he moved his hands lower and dragged down Tsuna's skirt and panties leaving her completely bare underneath him. The brunette wanted her boyfriend but she was still embarrassed and a bit uncomfortable lying under him completely naked which caused a blush to go all the way up to her ears. Kyoya couldn't help but chuckle at the sight and bent down to whisper in her ear while one hand touched her delicately in her sensitive area causing her to gasp and arch her back high off of the bed.

"K-Kyoya…ah~ m-more…"

Hibari smirked and kissed her full and passionately on the lips and gently pushed one of his fingers inside of her, instantly receiving a moan in return. He pulled out his finger and started to unzip his pants before pushing them off along with his boxers, erection standing proud. A condom was taken out of his pants and he slipped it on. Tsuna broke the kiss and looked down at his naked body trying to suppress a moan.

"W-Will it fit?"

Hibari wasn't small in the least and Tsuna couldn't help but feel nervous thinking that something so big would be able to fit in her. The skylark noticed his girlfriend's uncertainty and leaned down to kiss her softly.

"It will hurt but it will feel better I promise."

A small smile graced his face that caused Tsuna to blush and slowly nod her head. She was ready for this and wanted to be one with him.

"D-Do it…"

Kyoya nodded his head and spread her legs apart before slowly pushing into her, carefully watching her face for intense pain. Tsuna's eyes went wide at the intrusion and gripped tightly onto the sheets, not used to such pain in her lower regions. After Hibari noticed, he stopped moving and kissed her over and over again, softly.

"We can stop if you can't."

Just by looking up at his face Tsuna knew that he did not want to stop and neither did she, she had come this far and she was going to go all the way no matter what the pain.

"K-Keep going."

The boy scanned her face before pushing in the rest of the way and letting out a shaky breath. She was so warm inside and it felt so good to be inside her after all those times of just imagining it. Tsuna, however, wasn't on cloud nine just yet. She was feeling pain because this was her first time having sex after all. Hibari studied her face carefully as he pulled out and thrust back in making sure that his rhythm was slow to start. He knew that the pain was inevitable but he wanted to minimize it as much as possible.

"Nnggh…hurts K-Kyoya…"

"I know it will be get better soon, just try to relax."

Tsuna nodded as Kyoya started to kiss her neck and play with her breasts in order to distract her from the pain. A few moans start to leave Tsuna's mouth as her body adjusted to Hibari's size and started to move her hips back against his.

"A-Ah~ K-Kyoya…more…"

She blushed at her words but couldn't help it, now that she was used to it the pleasure was almost unbearable. Never had she felt the type of heat that was coursing through her veins or the tingling she felt everywhere that Kyoya touched before. Her eyes rolled back and her back arched off of the bed as Kyoya picked up his pace thrusting into her harder and faster.

"Ah! Ahn~~ Kyoy-ahh~"

Hibari smirked at the moans and started slamming into her harder losing himself in the feelings. Soft, quiet moans and grunts left his mouth as he continued his thrusting, leaning down to bite her neck. His hands that were on her breasts moved down to her hips and he grabbed onto them while thrusting in harder. Tsuna's back arched high off the bed and she screamed at the amazing pleasure.

"I-I'm close Kyoya ahhhn!"

Kyoya brought himself up and kissed her passionately silently telling her that he was close as well and not long after he came with Tsuna following right after. He rode out his orgasm and broke the kiss to allow both of them to breathe again. Tsuna looked up at him with half-lidded eyes and smiled slightly as Kyoya pulled out and disposed of the condom.

"That felt…great."

The skylark leaned down and kissed her softly before laying down then pulled her body close to his. The covers were thrown over the pair and Tsuna rested her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat as it slowly went back to its normal pace.

"I'm glad Tsunayoshi…now go to sleep."

A small kiss was placed on her forehead and after a few seconds of looking into Kyoya's eyes, Tsuna fell into a deep sleep. Hibari watched her sleep for a while before quietly saying those words she loved to hear.

"I love you Tsunayoshi."

After making sure that Tsuna was safely wrapped in his arms, Hibari drifted off to sleep as well.

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