How much I tried to beat them at running they were faster than me. Perhaps a dog thing, I tried to convince myself. They were first by the waterfall. It wasn't big, it had few rocks on the bottom and the stream wasn't big. "Hey are you coming?" Kiba shouted, while taking his clothes on. I stared him in disbelief, "Are you coming too?" Kiba looked at me funnily and said, "Of course, why not? It's not like we haven't swimmed when we were in team 8. Besides you haven't changed a bit. " I stared at him and felt a little hurt. He jumped to the water and I took my clothes off, Akamaru came to my side and pushed at my side a little; "Are you okay?" I smiled a little and nodded, "I'm fine, don't worry. Let's give him a payback." Akamaru barked and we to the water. We splashed water at him hard and he started to look like a wet dog. Suddenly they had an idea to jump from the top of the waterfall.

They looked like they had really fun. It was really nice of them to ask me to come with them. Somehow they know when I need somekind of cheer up. I always had liked them but somehow I fell in love with him... I don't even remember when it happened. He makes me so happy. Want to make, too... I hope I can. Suddenly I felt a big splash near me, Kiba had jumped. The wave buried me underwater. When I got back into the surface, I heard Kiba laughing "That was fun, right?" I swallowed a lot water and I started to cough. Kiba stilled and worriedly came front of me asking, "Are you alright? I'm sorry, please say you are okay?" When I could breath again I patted his shoulder by one hand and told that I was fine only startled. Then suddenly another wave came behind me, pushing me towards to Kiba. Akamaru had made a cannonball. I was in Kibas arms and my heart started to pump furiously and I could feel heat on my cheeks. Suddenly I was pushed away, "I think it's time to make camp and dinner." With that he left me there alone. I frowned and thought that was I the only one that felt something...

Little she knew, Kiba ran his face furiously red. He glanced back where he had left Hinata, longing in his eyes.

When I was dry again I went to our camp. I saw Kiba, he had his back on front of me and he was scratching Akamarus fur. I sat across to him, fire burned between us. He had put the tent and food was already cooking. We sat there silently and stared the fire. I tried to start conversation but in vain, "I.. I wanted to thank you by asking, or should I say demanding me to come with you here. I did need the week of from my father and everything." Kiba was silent for few minutes and then he said to me "Tomorrow we leave. We're going back to Konoha." I stared at him and asked what was wrong. He just prushed me of and said he had enough, he can't stand anymore. I felt a stab in my heart and rose. He can't stand anymore, what? Me? He didn't even look at me and I could feel my tears coming. I ran away.

I don't know how long I kept running but I couldn't run anymore. I was exhausted and leaned to a tree. My legs gave up and I fell on the ground. I cried hard. Why now? Did I do something wrong? Am I a pain to him? That must be it... I don't know how long I stayed there, it was night and the weather was colder. I felt that my body had become heavier and I felt sleepy. Before I noticed I was asleep.

I felt something colder on my forehead... I was barely awake, "Whe...where am I?" Someone came closer to me and took my hand, "Hey, welcome back. How are you?" I could hear despair and worry in Kibas voice. I tried to give a small smile and said "Feverish... sleepy... cold...sad" The last word I whispered. He kissed my hand and I told what I felt, "To be honest, I want to stay here for a while... But apparantly I have been pain in the ass, for that I apologize..." I saw his pained expression and suddenly he leaned toward to me, kissing me. I hastily put my hands on his chest and looked him suprised. I tried to say something but he cut me off, "That's... enough, Hinata. Lay still." He took his shirt off and came to lay next to me. He held me close to him, his arms around me. Even though I have a fever, I kept telling myself, "I don't want to go home, I want to stay like this forever..."

I slowly opened my eyes. I touched my forehead and trie to feel if I had any fever left. I slowly sat up and looked around. I was alone... Then the memories of last night came like a thunder... The camp, in the woods, inside the tent... The kiss. I blushed like a mad man. "I didn't do anything to you. I heard that you can reduce a fever quickly with more body heat, so..." Was the kiss a dream? It might, I had really high fever... I don't know should I be relieved or disappointed, "Oh... I see." That was all I could say. "I really wanted to do something to you, but..." He started, I looked at him in suprised. "You still don't get it?" He pulled me into his arms and hugged desperately, his face hidden on my neck. I could feel his warmth breath, "I don't have any strenght to resist you anymore... What I really want is you. You're the one I love. So... I though by going home I could keep my feelings at bay." I blushed ruriously and listened what he said, carefully. Then he let go of me and looked straight into my eyes, pain, despair and longing evidently there. The he left, leaving me again behind. I ran toward to him, nothing on my mind. I couldn't let him leave. I wrapped my arms on him by behind and hid my face on his back. "If you want me... I'm yours... I'll always be yous." I could feel his heart pump hard in his chest. Slowly he turned toward me and kissed me. First gently and then more needing, more passion. Kissing my lips, jaw and then my neck. Tenderly kissing, sucking my skin and savor my taste. "H... Hold on!" I begged him to slow down. He gave me a smirk and teasingly said, "Don't wanna."

This was a small clip of coming story that I am working on... I wanted to tell how Hinata and Kiba got together 'cause the are engaged in the story.

*Spoiler* It's Saku/Naru fanfic, all the chacters are in and there is a new enemy that haunts Sakura. And gave a scar on her face...*Spoiler*

Enough of that ... WAIT until it comes!