Al and Winry had it rough on the way back to central. Ed was furious that Mustang didn't tell them

everything. He didn't need anybody to tell him that Mustang didn't tell him the entire truth he figured

it out on his own. Ed couldn't wait to yell at him, but he also couldn't wait to ask where he got the


"Mustang didn't tell you for a reason Ed, you know that."

Just then the heard the train stop and the conductor opened their compartment door,

"Sorry kids due to the rain we are stuck here."

"And where's here?" Ed asked.

"Here is in the western cities," the conductor replied.

"Ed look," Winery said pointing to the list, "The last person we didn't talk to is right around here. We

should go talk to them and maybe they have a warm place to sleep," she finished in a daydreamy


Ed sighed, "Fine, for you we will go."

As he was walking away Al quietly said, "We don't have much of a choice brother."

When they got to the house of the last person it was all dark, "Hello!" The three kids said. What they

saw next shocked them.