Hello people this is indeed an OC story for digimon, I will only be accepting eight digidestined OCs three villain OCs and two rouge OCs. This story at first will be shifting to and from the Digital world and the Human world. If I accept your OC before the first chapter your OCs digimon will be in the first chapter and the OC will be in the second. I do except DNA digivolutions. However there are a few rules.


1) No gary stus or Mary sues.

2) Dont hound me for updates I will take my time on each chapter so it does not suck.

3) You can only submit two OCs.

4) Any suggestions you might have will be taken into consideration but do not get mad if I dont do it.

OC Form:

Name: (First and last)


Age: (14-17)


Hair & Eyes: (Hair style,length,color)

Clothes: (This is important I dont want everyone wearing hoodies)

Accessories (Optional):

Personality: (I dont like it when you say a boys good at soocer or a girls a great cook,there will be a section for that)

History: (You can do this however you want you can put family separetly or include them here)

Hobbies: (Also put how good they are at it)

Location: (You only have two options if your a digidestined which is New York or some town in Japan. Villains and Rouges may be in the Digital world beforehand)

Role: (Villain,Digidestined,rouge)

Crest: (Whatever you want just include at least three just in case,villains also get crests)

Digimon: (Choose whatever you want as long as they arent extremly powerful)



How would you like your OC and digimon to meet? (Pretty self explanitory as long as there is no jumping out of the computer)

Relationship: (You dont have to have one so its okay to say no,you can tell me later on who you want them to be with)

Example OCs

Name: Jake Evens

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Built/Body: A bit pale and is a bit muscular due to all the exercize he does he is about 5'10.

Hair & Eyes: His hair is what some say a bit over gelled and his hair is a dark brown color. His eyes are a dark brown color.

Clothes: Wears an orange t-shirt thats a bit large on him,with some jeans and some orange sneakers.

Personality: While being a bit rude Jake is quite charming and although he has no respect for older people he is quite shy. He is seen as an angelic but sarcastic child. He is a bit cowardly and cant guarantee he will have your back despite this he has quite a few friends for being so shy and cowardly. He does sometimes gets a burst of courage though it never lasts long.

History: He lived on a farm for thirteen years until his family decided to move to the big city. He was at first depressed about leaving home but soon he became quite popular when he won a soccer competition by mistake.

Hobbies: Soccer he is quite bad at it,Swimming really good at it but he wont admit it.

Location: New York

Role: Digidestined

Crest: Undecided

Digimon: Muchomon

Stages: Chicchimon,Muchomon,Akatorimon,Sinduramon,Valdurmon.

Personality: Outgoing and very friendly though he is rash he is very loyal no matter what.

Relationship: Possibly.

So please submit your OCs!