Gunfire rang through the air. The sound of infected screaming as the bullets tore through them echoed in the man's ear. He and his team were surrounded. There was no way out. They were going to die here today and Heller couldn't have cared less. His family were gone and his will to live with it.

He drove his combat knife into the nearest one's head while simultaneously shooting another in the head with his pistol. He knew his family wouldn't have wanted this for him. His wife would have wanted him to move on, to try and find some peace and his daughter? He held back the tears as her face appeared in his mind followed by that small voice.

Anger took over, anger at the injustice that had been done and took out another pair of infected tears beginning to fall from his eyes as he did. Heller knew who was responsible and yet he could not get revenge for what had been done as the man in question had completely disappeared since the end of the last outbreak. Some said he was dead, others that he was out there somewhere waiting for next opportunity to strike.

James had seen the footage taken the day of is familiy's death. Watched in horror as the building had collapsed leaving only Alex Mercer standing amongst its ruins. He'd broken down then and there. James Heller had been only a few months away from being transferred back home from the war in Iraq. He hadn't been there to save them and that hurt even more than being unable to find Mercer. Pain shot through his left leg and he looked down to see one of the infected sinking its teeth into his flesh. He turned to shoot the creature and felt another grab him as he did. As more of them began to pour over him, he closed his eyes ready for it all to end. That was why he had volunteered for this mission. He wanted to die and Heller knew that death wasn't far away as the pain of dozens of bites tore at him.

Suddenly they stopped and light returned as the infected were tossed off him by a great force. Then he was in the air, the wind whipped his face, he felt arms cradling him and the telltale sound of footsteps running. James was in pain, a lot of pain. He knew it was over for him no matter if this person gave him the cure or not. His body was broken and his mind was worse. It was then he realized that they were moving vertically. As he processed this he was thrown to the floor. Heller strained his neck to look up at his savior his own blood clouding his vision and his heart skipped a beat. Alex Mercer stared back at him.

"You son of a b***!" James managed to gurgle as blood filled his mouth.

Mercer just stared back at him, his yellow eyes burning. Suddenly and without warning Mercer drove his left hand into Heller's stomach lifting him off his feet. If the bites had been painful then this was excruciating. James could feel Alex snaking his way inside him. When Mercer pulled his arm away Heller sank to his knee's clutching his stomach. James gave Mercer one final look of utter hatred before passing out.

Note: I won't be starting the next part of The Infection until i've actually got to play and finish Prototype 2. As I only buy games on PC I have to wait longer due to the release dates. I only wrote this to show I haven't forgotten about it and do plan to continue. I already have a scenario set up in my head I just need to play the game to see how I can integrate it with the Marvel Universe.

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