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Chapter 1

"Ugh... where am I?" I said slowly as I got up from the ground and raised a hand to my head. I looked over myself and saw my shoulder length dark blue hair, and my shabby cloak over a dark blue top and a dark blue pair of pants. I lowered my hand to my side and notice something odd. Please don't tell me those are vines... I thought to myself as I looked around. I notice a giant yellow plant in front of me, and that I am sitting on a load of vines. I looks to my right and I saw a young girl lying there, she has long black hair, and is wearing a skin-tight orange jumpsuit with large buckles on the thighs and a white bell-sleeved blouse underneath. Vines... large yellow plant... young girl with orange clothing... OH SHIT! This is Evil Forest! I thought to myself, Ok think, think, remember the storyline... I thought to myself to try and calm myself down, Right the fact that the princess is here means that Zidane and the others have not arrived yet, meaning I could still be saved! I suddenly hear voices although I cant make anything out, That would be Zidane, Vivi and Steiner, I decided to shout to see if they could hear me, "Hey! Anyone there!"

"Who's that!" A loud voice sounded out, Steiner I guess

"Easy Rusty, he probably got captured by one of those plants as well," A suave and almost youthful voice said, And that would be Zidane, I then heard murmuring, the voice being so quiet I cant make out any words, That would probably be Vivi

"I cant actually remember anything," I shouted, "But would you mind helping me out?" I asked.

"Sure just keep out of the way and keep the girl safe." the suave voice I recognised as Zidane replied.

I tried to stand but a sudden pain in my stomach forced me to the ground. Damn I must have been seeded... I thought as I crawled over to the girl. Once by the girls side I sat up, one knee bended and on arm leaning on it, the other limp by my side. I was panting heavily. "I wish I could help..." I muttered under my breath.

Suddenly a voice echoed in my head, Do you truly wish to help?

Who's there! Who are you! I mentally shouted

The voice simply repeated its question, Do you truly wish to help?

Yes I do! I want to help them!

Even if it might cost you your life?

I have nothing left to live for, if I fight alongside them I have a purpose in life again!

I could sense the voices approval. Then take the sword, and fulfil your potential!

As soon as it finished its sentence a black blade appeared out of nowhere. It was a simple weapon made of a black coloured steel and a gold gem in the pommel. I took the blade. Suddenly, a small spider like plant burrowed its way out of the ground, heading for the unconscious girl, "Your not going to hurt anyone plant!" I shouted, I then got into a battle stance, my sword held above my head, pointing towards the monster. The monster charged at me. It reached back with its talons and tried to hit me with them, I brought my blade in front of them to parry the talons. The plant recoiled from the parry so I took advantage and slashed it in half. A small pouch dropped from its corpse. I picked it up and found a coin and a potion inside.

I sighed and looked up towards where Zidane and the group were fighting. I saw the young thief with shoulder-length blond hair, blue eyes and a prehensile monkey-like tail, and is wearing turquoise clothing. jump towards the plant, daggers raised high to deal an overhead strike. The plant brain reacted to this by smacking him back down to the ground with one of its tentacles. He landed directly on top of a Knight in rusted armour covering everywhere except his harsh face. Near him was a small boy wearing light blue clothing, and a large hat, I could see that his face was completely black so I couldn't make out any features apart from his his large yellow eyes. I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my stomach as I remembered I had seeds from these plants trying to rip me apart from the inside. "Ugh, damn it," I said as I leaned on my sword for support, while clutching my stomach with my other hand. I decided to drink the potion I found on that plant earlier. As soon as the first drop passed my lips I felt revitalised. Wow that does work, I thought to myself as I rushed forward to join the battle.

I stopped near Vivi, still breathing heavier than I should be. They all notice me once I said, "Wouldn't it make more sense for the black mage to focus his magic before attacking with it?"

Steiner thought for a moment, "That would make sense, young man,"

"Alright then, Vivi focus your magic until your at maximum strength," Zidane said loud enough for us all to hear. "Rusty you focus on throwing potions to those who need them,"

"Grr..." the big knight growled but didn't argue,

"And you," Zidane said looking directly at me, "You ok to fight?"

"Yeah I should be fine..." I said quietly,

"Alright then, you and me will keep it busy while Vivi focuses and Steiner protects him wile throwing potions to anyone who gets hurt. I nod at this and get into my battle position.

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I charged forward with Zidane, leaving the mage and the knight behind. I reached the giant plant and slashed its central body, leaving a massive gash where I slashed, I then jumped back, dodging a huge tentacle crushing where I was just standing. I look behind me and see Zidane kneeling on the floor, I turn around and run back to help him. As I got close the seeds acted up again and forced me to the floor. "Damn it!" I muttered.

"Sorry I'm late!" A voice shouted from the entranceway, I look up and see a young man with belts all over his body,

That would be Blank, I thought to myself, The new person ran up to Zidane and handed him a potion, then asked him, "Who's the guy with the black sword?"

"Dunno, we just found him here," Zidane replied after gulping down the potion,

"Then he might have been seeded," Blank replied before jogging over to me and handing me a different type of potion, looking almost like brown water in a green bottle, "Drink it, Otherwise you could be ripped apart from the inside,"

I nod and take it from his hand. I remove the cork and down it all in one gulp. I would prefer not to describe the taste. "God damn it, that's bloody awful!" I exclaim, however it removed the intense pain in my stomach and allowed me to stand. "Well at least I can fight properly now."

I turn around and face the giant plant, and get into my battle position. I slowly breath out. I charged towards the Plant. As I jumped to strike its head a tentacle came out of nowhere and slammed me into the ground. As the tentacle retracted Zidane ran forward and pulled me back. "You ok?"

I replied with "Yeah, should be fine," Even though my ribs were excessively damaged and my arm was bleeding. Suddenly time seemed to slow as I heard the voice from earlier.

Its time for you to learn your first ability, it said, Take the blood from your arm and wipe it on the blade,

I decided to do as it said, Taking some blood with my thumb and wiped it on the base of the blade, I could see the effect, a dark aura encompassed the blade.

Now swing the blade directly at the monster, the voice echoed in my head.

I decided to do it dramatically but the method I had in mind would require a name for the technique, so I asked, What is the name of this technique?


I smiled slightly at that and held my blade in front of my face, flat side towards me. I twisted the blade so the edge faced me and the giant plant, "Its time to end this!" I roared, I jumped up and brought the sword behind me, "Darkness!" I shouted at the top of my voice. I swung my blade in the direction of my enemy, Causing a huge black shock-wave to echo out from the blade. It cleaved the giant plant in two. I landed in front of the plant. And my vision blacked out.

The next day:

I slowly started to awaken as I was clutching my head, "Oh god, where am I?"

"You are in our camp-site just outside of Evil Forest," A small voice said to my left. I look and see the Black mage from before. I look around and see the Knight in the rusted armour, but I don't see the Thief or the young girl.

"Where is the girl who was unconscious and the guy in blue?" I asked him quietly

"They went to the entrance of Evil Forest," Vivi answered,

"I'm guessing I should wait for them to ask any questions?"

"That would be best," The young mage answered.

I looked around at the camp-site, I saw that I was lying by the burned down remains of a fire with a cliff hanging overhead, nearby was a tent. Vivi was sitting just to my left as Steiner was standing guard.

"Hey your awake!"

I heard a voice from behind. I turn around to see Zidane and the princess walking back to the camp. "Hey," I said while raising my hand in a two finger salute. "So what happened? I literally woke up in a battle and had no time to catch up on anything happening..."

"Oh right..." Zidane then proceeded to introduce the members of the group and fill me in on what happened. "So what's up with you?"

"I have no idea," Well, I do but telling them what I remember would make me seem insane. "I only remember two things in addition to that ability earlier,"

"And what's that?" The young thief asked me,

"My name and what I am," I replied, "My name is Akio Matsuki,"

"And?" He asked,

"Its obvious you ignorant monkey," Steiner shouted at him, he then walked up to me and bowed. "I knew what you were just from the skill, sir Akio,"

"Then you mind filling the rest of us in Rusty?" Zidane said belligerently,

"He is a Dark Knight," Steiner said quietly, "One of the last warriors of the Arcane arts,"

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