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Prologue – Alice's Vision


Bella is dead. Edward killed her. How can this be? What decision was made to cause this nightmare? My best friend, my sister drained dry by my favorite brother. Damnit Alice, search. Someone must have decided something that changed the future of my family. Bella was always meant to become one of us. She was supposed to graduate from high school and spend her last precious days with her family; have a chance to say goodbye to those that loved her and those she loved. But in my vision all of these moments have been stripped away. She'll never see her 18th birthday. Never get to know Rosalie and have the chance to become sisters with her. Never get to know my my Jasper and realize how much they have in common thus forging the relationship necessary to bind my family together for eternity. Instead she is killed by the man she loves at the tender age of 17.

Go back to the vision Alice. See what decision put all of this in motion.

I see James in Phoenix. He figured out where we were going and followed us. He calls Bella while we're in the hotel suite. Jasper and I are in the living room on the phone with the family so we're paying little attention to what Bella is doing in the bedroom. We can hear her heartbeat so we know she is safe and at this point that's all that matters. James tells Bella that he has taken Renee. He asks if she remembers the ballet studio of her childhood and when she replies yes, he tells her to escape from Jasper and me and meet him at the studio. He says if she does what he asks Renee will not be harmed.

Bella starts thinking of different escape plans but never decides on a specific course of action. She knows exactly how my visions work and she doesn't want to give me any indication of what she is planning. I can't see how she escapes, but I see her running to James. I go into the bedroom and confront her. I will not let her leave. Between Jasper and I we are more than capable of keeping both Bella and her mother safe. We tell her that the family is on their way and we will save Renee together. She agrees and decides to stay at the hotel with us. I send Jasper out to hunt, assuring him that I will be fine looking after Bella by myself for a few hours. He returns without incident and tells me I should go hunt for myself. I do a quick scan of the future and see no problem with leaving for an hour or two.

Edward is in the Volvo and he's only an hour away. Carlisle, Emmett and Rose are following in the Jeep while Esme stayed in Forks to protect Charlie. I feel confident leaving Bella in Jaspers care so I run to a wildlife preserve near Flagstaff and hunt quickly. While on the return run home I see a vision of Bella convincing Jasper to run out and get her some ice cream. Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey. He agrees immediately. As soon as Bella is sure Jasper has left the hotel she jumps in a cab and heads to the ballet studio. I immediately begin running at full speed after seeing this mini-vision. I cannot allow Bella to meet James unprotected. And although I realize how Bella was able to talk Jasper into leaving, I'm angry at him for agreeing to go.

I see Bella arrive at the ballet studio where James is waiting for her. She pleads with him asking him where her mother is. He tells her that
Renee is at her house with Victoria watching over her. Bella begs him to take her to her mother. In a venomous voice he agrees and they exit through the back door of the studio. James throws Bella roughly onto his back and begins running towards Renee's house.

I immediately call Edward and tell him to go to Renee's house and help Bella. He tells me that he just left her house and no one has been there in weeks. He says he's driving to the ballet studio. As soon as he arrives he picks up Bella's scent. Strawberries and Freesia. Edward takes in a deep breath and picks up the trail that leads out the back door.

Fuck…Edward was driving. He passed right by them, the car masking their scents.

Edward runs to Renee's house and crashes through the front door into the living room. He follows the delicious scent of Bella's blood and finds James hunched over her. He rushes towards them and sends James flying through the French doors onto the covered patio. Edward pounces on top of James and snaps at his neck. James immediately flips Edward over and bites a chunk out of his shoulder. Edward keels out in pain and in one swift movement he pushes James against the wall, bites down on his neck and decapitates him. He kicks the head away so it cannot reattach itself.

For the first time he hears Bella screams of pain. He runs to her and the aroma of her blood once more calls to him. He manages to block the bloodlust and assesses her for injuries. He touches her all over looking for bruises and broken bones. He finds none and doesn't understand why she is crying out. Bella is cradling her right hand to her chest. He grabs her hand and immediately sees the crescent shaped bite mark on her wrist. He stares at it for a split second, a pained look on his face. He closes his eyes and emits a deep sigh at the realization of what he has to do. He slowly brings Bella's wrist to his mouth and carefully begins to suck out the venom. As soon as the venom is completely out of her system he gets his first taste of her untainted blood. It is like nothing he has ever experienced. Nothing has ever been, nor will ever be, as sweet as this warm, red nectar that calls so strongly to him.

Edward's eyes darken and the monster he's kept hidden so tightly inside of himself is released. A feral growl erupts from his lips and he begins to drink in earnest. Bella is looking up at him, her eyes full of love. He grips her wrist tighter and takes no notice when her bones break beneath his fingers. She cries out in pain, fear replacing all traces of love. She yells at him to stop, that he's stronger than this. He pays no attention as he keeps drinking her life force. She cries out again but in her weakened state it comes out barely a whisper. Her heartbeat slows until it is barely a flutter as he finally drains her dry. His blackened eyes, crazed with lust, narrow in anger as he realizes his meal is finished.

As Edward lets Bella's lifeless form fall to the ground, Carlisle and Rosalie rush into the house followed by Emmett, Jasper and me. We take in the scene before us and three things happen. Rose jumps over Bella's body, crashing into Edward and pinning him to the ground. Carlisle searches in vain for a heartbeat while assessing her injuries. And Jasper, realizing Bella is already dead, rips her from Carlisle's arms and cradles her lifeless body in his lap. He begins shaking uncontrollably and lets out the most animalistic, primal roar I have ever heard. The entire family stops and stares at him.

The sound seems to snap Edward out of his frenzy. His blackened eyes turn a shocking crimson as he sees the events play out in front of him. He fights against the hold Emmett and Rose have on him as he sees Carlisle hold me close. He follows my gaze to where Jasper holds Bella's body. Assuming that Jasper has finally slipped and drained his Bella, Edward snarls at him and attempts to lunge. Rose and Emmett each grab one of his arms trying to hold him back. He pushes forward again and both of his arms are ripped off. Edward cries out in pain and looks back at them in confusion.

He catches his reflection in a mirror that's hanging above the fireplace and stops in his tracks. He steps closer to the monster in the mirror, taking in his disheveled appearance. Clothes in tatters, blood running down his chin and neck and finally his eyes. Deep crimson eyes. Edward whips his head around to look at Jasper. He sees Jaspers golden eyes trained on Bella and immediately falls to the ground, a look of shock on his face. The shock soon turns to realization and finally pain. Unbearable, all-consuming pain. Jasper looks at Edwards's armless form, feeling the deep sense of pain and loss emitting from him. He lays Bella to the ground and Carlisle and I immediately take her into our shaking arms. Rose is consoling a trembling Emmett. She looks Jasper in the eye and realizes that he is about to attack Edward. Emmett, sensing the change in Rose, turns them both around and they pin a snarling Jasper to the wall.

Carlisle finally peers up at Edward and his face is warped with disappointment and shame as he looks at his eldest son. He leaves Bella in my lap, retrieves Edward's arms, and moves slowly towards him. Edward looks up at his father, a questioning look in his eye. Carlisle sighs, shakes his head and begins to reattach Edward's arms. Rose manages to calm down her favorite brother, her twin, well enough to let him go. Jasper walks over to where I am cradling Bella. He picks her up and lays her on the sofa, covering her with the quilt her Grandma Swan made her when she was a child. I look at Edward with a pained expression on my face and see that his arms have fused back on. He falls to his knees, his eyes never leaving Bella's corpse.

He killed her.

His life.

His Love.

His Singer.

His Bella.

Carlisle holds him in a vain attempt to soothe the guilt.

Jasper looks at me with a questioning gaze. This man has been by my side for 60 years. I know him almost as well as he knows himself. I can tell he is confused as to why he is taking Bella's death so hard. Before this week he had no direct contact with Bella and now he feels like his world has been turned upside down and inside out. He walks over to me and pulls me into his strong arms. Emmett rips himself from Rose's embrace and lumbers over to the body that was once his baby sister. He growls at Edward then falls to his knees in front of Bella and grabs her still warm hand. He begins whispering apologies. He couldn't protect her. The one person who needed it most and he couldn't protect her. He feels as if his dead heart is being ripped from his body. Rose seems to be grieving as much or more than her husband. She kneels beside Emmett and rests her head on Bella's stomach. She mumbles how sorry she is that she wasn't a better sister and how she should have accepted her the moment Bella walked into her life.

I feel Jasper shake as he takes in everyone's emotions. Pain, loss, guilt, shame, disappointment, anger. It all becomes too much and he collapses in my arms. His beautiful golden eyes have turned a murky black. He looks at me and silently asks why. Why did he try to kill Edward? Why did he rip Bella from Carlisle's arms when he was just trying to help? Why did he feel like his dead heart had been ripped out? Why did he feel so incomplete and alone? I take his hand and lead him back to Bella. Rose looks me in the eye and nods in understanding at my silent plea. She takes Emmett's hand and leads him over to Carlisle and Edward.

The four of them stare at us, confusion clouding their eyes. I look at Jasper and decide to answer all of the unspoken questions. I take one of his hands and put it in Bella's. I take his other hand and hold it in my own and take an unneeded breath before I speak aloud for the first time since entering this infernal house.

"Jasper, she was your mate."

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