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Eventual Pairings will be:

Yusei X Jack X Crow X Kiryu (can someone tell me if this has a name?)

Rivalshipping: Yugi X Seto

Angstshipping: Ryou X Malik

Spiritshipping: Judai X Johan


Chapter One: The Pain of the Past

Shifting on his bed for what must have been the twentieth time, Yusei finally let out a gusty sigh and sat up, running a hand through his spiky, two toned hair. A glance at the clock reaffirmed what he already knew. It was too damn early to be up, especially since he didn't even fall into bed until about 1 o'clock that night/morning. The flashing red digits read that the time was 3:15 in the morning, meaning he had only gotten roughly two hours of sleep. Add in his restlessness and that meager amount was reduced even lower.

With another sigh Yusei slid out of his bed, clad only in a pair of crimson boxers that only came to mid-thigh when they were slung low on his hips, as they were now. (A/N: *drooling*) He padded quietly over to his window and stared out into the murky darkness before bracing his arms on the window ledge and pulling himself up to sit on the sill. Most people would be wary of sitting so high up and on such a narrow ledge, but not him. Having only a dragon made of pure energy being the only thing keeping you suspended the air several thousand feet above the city kinda does that to you. Well, that and he'd done this quite a lot, especially lately, ever since the 'incident.' With a snort, Yusei imagined the looks on his teammates' faces if they saw where he was sitting. Another sigh escaped as another thought crossed his mind. As if they would care. To them it wouldn't matter if I was alive or dead, as long as they had someone to work on their runners! Turning back to the window, Yusei's cerulean eyes darkened in unshed tears as he remembered the day that he had come to the realization that his friends were ignoring him.


Yusei was on his knees beside Jack's duel runner, trying to get a stubborn screw that he was sure he had just replaced back into the correct position before his and Jack's scheduled duel later that day. Every Saturday they had plans to duel against one another, and then with Crow right after. Sometimes Aki would join in, even the Twins occasionally. However, they had missed their scheduled duels the past couple of weeks since things seemed to keep on popping up, things like a stubborn screw or a loose bolt here and there. Yusei was determined that today they could all go out and have some fun. It seemed that lately only the others got to hang out while he was stuck here working on something, but with a shake of his head Yusei pushed that though to the back of his mind. His friends would never do something like that to him. They had had their chance to leave after they had defeated Z-One, but they had all decided to stay in Neo Domino with him and the rest of their friends.

Right at that moment he heard a loud commotion upstairs. As he looked up Jack and Crow raced down, Crow in the lead yelling, "Hurry up you slow poke! We're gonna be late!"

"Oh, for goodness sake, it's your fault if we are! You're the one who couldn't find his vest!" Jack yelled back angrily, right as Aki and the Twins rushed in.

"You guys ready?" Rua huffed out, sounding as rushed as he looked.

"Ready for what?" Yusei asked, standing up and wiping his hands on a nearby rag to remove some of the oil as he walked over to the gathered group of friends. Their eyes widened as if they had just realized that he was there, a fact that was proven by a, "Oh, hi Yusei," from Ruka as she tried to collect her breath.

"Hi. So what's going on?" Yusei asked again, trying to look one of them in their eyes, yet none of them met his.

"We're just going to go meet up with Kiryu. He's coming for a visit for a couple of months and promised to stay with us in the spare bedroom," Crow explained, still not meeting Yusei's eyes.

One of Yusei's tiny smiles crept up on his face as he heard the news, before vanishing as quickly as it had come as the rest of the word's full meaning sank in. "That's great news, but why didn't one of you tell me sooner?" A bunch of shrugs were his reply before Jack broke in and said, "Listen, we're going to be late if we don't go, so see you later Yusei," Jack told him before heading for the door.

Yusei was shocked before saying, "You'll be back in time for our duel though, right?" Still not meeting his eyes, Jack replied in a clipped tone, "No, we won't." With that, he swept out the door, the others following close behind, with nary a good bye said.

All Yusei could do was stare in shock at the now empty doorway before a single tear slid down his cheek as it finally sunk in that his friends had truly just abandoned him.

Flashback End

Yusei could only shake his head in sad remembrance as he recalled how he had hoped that with his arrival Kiryu might have brought some answers for his friends' behavior, but all it had brought was even more sadness as he too began to ignore Yusei, only really talking to him when he had a question on how the upgrades Yusei was preforming on his new d-wheel were coming along. As soon as Yusei answered he would turn away and begin talking to the others as if Yusei wasn't standing right behind him. Needless to say, these past few months had been hell on Yusei as his former friends grew even more distant, barely even looking at him, let alone speaking to him.

As Yusei looked up at the sky he remembered just how many times he had considered ending it, just getting it over with and freeing himself from all his suffering, both from the pain caused by his 'friends', and from the 'incident' that had occurred just three weeks ago. A glance down, however, reminded him of just why he hadn't killed himself. He didn't mind removing himself from the equation of life, but he would NOT take away the innocent life of a child!

Placing one hand over his stomach, Yusei gently closed his eyes. No, he would not take away this child's, his child's, chance in life, no matter how traumatically it had been conceived. With another sigh, Yusei swung himself off the window ledge and back into his room, in a vain attempt to gain a little rest before the day won out over the night.


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