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Chapter 16: Conundrums

A yawn suddenly broke across Yusei's face, teasing the ebony-haired male with thoughts of returning to bed. Instead of listening, however, Yusei blearily made his way down the hall and joined the spattering of people who were also up at the ridiculously early time of 5 a.m. and were heading for the dining hall in search of food.

Pulling his jacket on Yusei fell into step with the sleepy-eye Jim, exchanging nods of greeting. The two slowly made their way into the dining hall, joining their fellow early-morning risers in breakfast. Yep, just another morning.

Plate filled with food that was allowed by Ryou Yusei was just about to take his normal seat when suddenly an ice cold and way to awake voice ordered, "Yusei, come here."

Rolling his eyes Yusei met the sleepily sympathetic gaze of Yugi before he made his way to sit on the tall CEO's other side. Gazing questioningly at the wide-eyed man Yusei was met with a raised eyebrow before a pointed look was directed at his food. Sighing the teen made a point to move deliberately as he speared a fork full of fruit and begin nibbling on it. Apparently content now that he'd gotten his way in the silent battle of wills Kaiba leaned back in his chair, ruffling through a hefty stack of papers in front of him.

Looking across the table a pair of laughing amethysts met the younger duelist's exasperated gaze, before both broke into a fit of giggles. Their giggles increased when an indifferent Seto looked up, took in the two, and looked back down with nary a word to either. Shaking his head Yusei slowly calmed down, marveling at how free he was becoming with his emotions. He blamed the mood swings. Yusei thanked his lucky stars he was almost done with his first Trimester, because he didn't know how much more he could stand of these affects.

The turbo duelist was suddenly broken out of his thoughts when the icy-eyed man began talking, explaining why he had called the younger man over. "I've been reviewing the data you've sent me concerning the Duel Runners and the system mechanics…"

"Obsessing over it, actually," Yugi broke in, shooting a smirk at Yusei when Seto shot his mate a glare.

Clearing his throat Kaiba continued, after mentally telling off his lover, "As I was saying, I've been reviewing the data and I think that the project we've been discussing is actually rather probable. If we call Yumiko and Scarlet in then between the four of us we should be able to complete the project in little to no time at all. First we will need to set up…"


Leaving the dining hall Yusei felt his head once more swimming with the comforting equations and data sheets that accompanied any dealings with the mechanics that made up D-Wheels. As busy as his mind was, however, one part still had room to return to pondering just what had happened the other day. What was Yugi hiding? It annoyed the turbo duelist to no end that someone who he, dare he say it, considered a friend was troubled and he didn't know how to help.

Almost as if summoned by the mere thought of his master the Dark Magician suddenly rounded the corner, an intent look on his face. Stepping to the side so as not to run over by the oblivious man Yusei asked dryly, "I do hope that your expression doesn't mean that Yugi's up and gotten kidnapped again in the few minutes since he left the hall?"

Violet locks swirled as the duel monster spun around, glimmering lilac orbs widening in surprise before returning to normal as a small smile quirked the corner of the Spellcaster's lips. "I do not believe that the young Master has, though I would not put it past him to do so."

Smiling lightly the duelist fell into step with the magician, the two of them both heading in the same general direction. One eyebrow raised as Yusei questioned, "I hope I'm not prying if I ask what then has such a look on your face."

Suddenly a dark cloud covered the tall man's face, worrying the Halfling beside him. Pausing mid-step Yusei placed a gentle hand on the elder's lightly muscled arm and stated softly, "If it's so troubling you don't need to tell me, but I'm always here if you are in need of an ear.

Eyebrows creased in some unknown emotion Mahado stated, "A…situation…has arisen, and one that I am not that comfortable dealing with. It is very confusing to me how such a thing happened, and yet the basic mechanisms are not unfamiliar."

Mind running at a fast speed in an attempt to translate the Magician's old formal speech patterns it took several seconds for understanding, or as much as can be gleamed from such a vague sentence, registered. Now more confused than ever yet still worried for the silent guardian who never hesitated to lend a hand Yusei tentatively wrapped a lose arm around the magician, trying to offer support without words yet still awkward with such intimate actions.

Apparently it was the right thing to do as Mahado visibly relaxed, tension releasing as muscles unclenched themselves from previous tense positions. A small, nearly non-existent smile crossed the lilac-haired man before a sigh escaped him and, on a seemingly silent signal, he collapsed on to a nearby bench, pulling Yusei along with him.

More curious then annoyed by the man's odd actions Yusei waited in silence, allowing the man to order his thoughts so that he could explain what was troubling him so. As Mahado thought he slowly began to remove his heavy armor, finally getting his thoughts straight by the time he was down to his robes; heavy chest plate, shoulder pads, hat, and staff resting on the floor in a heap.

Now obviously more at ease with both his thoughts straight and out of his ridiculously heavy armor Mahado turned to the silent Yusei and asked, "Do you remember one of the basic rules of the game of Duel Monsters dealing with copies?"

Eyebrow raised in question Yusei replied curiously, "The one where you are only allowed three copies of one card unless otherwise stated?"

Nodding the magician replied, "That is correct. Many people have wondered why Master never used more than just me in a duel when the rules state that he would be allowed three copies. The reason is that there was only ever three original Dark Magician cards printed in the beginning, and the other two are very different," Here a deep, thoughtful look crossed the man's stern countenance before he suddenly blurted, "Is it wrong to love one who is actually yourself?"

Yusei felt stunned. Of all the things he had been expecting to trouble the noble man, love problems certainly was not it. Yet, at the completely lost look on the other's face, Yusei felt his heart grow warm with compassion for the man. Even duel monsters were allowed to love (as he himself was proof of) but he had never really thought about such matters with the famous spellcaster in front of him. Even then, Yusei would have thought it would have been with the buxom blonde that was his apprentice, yet it appeared this wasn't the case. Cerulean orbs staring deeply into Mahado's own lilac colored ones, so filled with heart-wrenching vulnerability, Yusei seriously considered the question before asking one of his own. "Before I answer that I need to know something-why is it you love this other Dark Magician?"

Almost as soon as the words had left Yusei's mouth a blissful, love-struck expression crossed the spellcaster's face as he suddenly turned into a love-sick, almost teenage-like, man. "There are two other Dark Magicians, both beautifully dressed in robes of a deep, resplendent red that set's off their beautiful, tanned skin to perfection and give their long, silky white locks a sheen to them. Yet, there is only one who I care for. We call him Kamenwati, because it translates to 'Dark Rebel' and, well, when Master had to face off with the one who was controlling the other two, Kamenwati was the first to realize that his master was a jerk and joined my Master. Oh, what a glorious battle it was, even if it was just our spirits aiding in Arcana's downfall." A dreamy expression had crossed the magician's face, clearly remembering the day he had first met his beloved. It brought a smile to Yusei's lips; seeing the way Mahado was so devoted to the man he very clearly loved. It was with great reluctance that the teen brought him back to reality by gently laying a, for once, non-gloved hand on the elder's shoulder. Flushing a light pink that surprisingly brought out the colors in his eyes Mahado cleared his throat and continued.

"Kamen is just, well, amazing. He's very loyal to Master and he's, obviously, on level with me. But, the real reason I love him is because he is so passionate. Everything he does he does it with his whole essence, throwing himself in. Yet, he is cautious before doing something big, probably because of his bad master in the past. I love how, when he laughs, it fills the air and makes my whole body tingle, especially when I was the one to make him laugh. And his smile, so rare yet breathtaking. He's kind, courageous, a bit of an idiot at times yet scarily intelligent at others, and always makes sure others are comfortable before seeing to his own needs. He's perfect," Mahado sighed, the love shining in his eyes so brightly it was almost painful to look at, before suddenly dimming. With another sigh, this time filled with pain, the magician met Yusei's gaze and stated, "But then again, many people have pointed out these qualities in myself, though I have never held much stock in them. He is supposed to me, yet how can I love myself?"

At this Yusei couldn't help it, he laughed. Pure bells pealed out before Yusei stifled them and, at the elder's incised expression, hastened to explain, "Mahado, from what you have just described to me, this man while bearing your title, is someone far different. After all, the title of Dark Magician is just that, a title. Think about it," Here Yusei had to raise his voice at the affronted look on the man's face. "Seriously, any DARK type spellcaster could be called the Dark Magician, yet none of them bear your name. To get to the root of it, you are Mahado, the Dark Magician, and he is Kamenwati, the Dark Magician who is dressed even in different armor and looks different. You may bear the same name, and even the same characteristics, but you are two, well, technically three people since he had a twin, different people with different names and different outlooks on things. I would say that makes him a whole different person all together, wouldn't you?" At this Yusei leaned back, gasping lightly as he tried to regain a bit of breath after his impassioned speech. The look of pure shock on Mahado's face, however, was well worth it. The smile, however, made it especially good as Mahado burst into laughter as well, his normal calm façade long forgotten as he shook his head.

"I have truly been a fool for worrying so much, when you put it that way. I thank you greatly, Star-Flower, for you truly have eased my mind greatly." Standing the magician suddenly began gathering his belongings so fast that, by the time Yusei even managed to get to his feet, the spellcaster was once more put together in a sense. Laughing at Yusei's bemused expression Mahado suddenly smiled and explained, even as a gateway to the Dominion of the Beast opened behind him, "Thank you again, for now I can give Kamen the news without fear." Understanding suddenly dawned on the turbo duelist, even as the man announced, "I can't wait to tell my lover that we shall be having a child soon!" And with that the Dark Magician hastened through the portal, leaving behind a silently stunned, yet immensely happy, Yusei to stare where not but a few moments before a near tears magician had been. Oh yeah, right, mood swings.

It took several seconds for Yusei to register his surroundings, though when he did laughter burst forth. It looked like someone else had heard the news, and was still trying to register it, if the fly-trap impersonation was anything to go by. Still chuckling Yusei walked up and slipped an arm around his friend, asking playfully, "So tell me Yugi, do you happen to have any more magicians that are doubled, just so I know ahead of time if I need to give them therapy?"

A solid thwap to the back of his head was Yusei's only answer.


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