Woke up in the couch, overslept again

I played the whole night but finally ended this game

(Now I'm bored, anybody home?

Now I'm bored, anybody home?)

I walked to my room, slumped in the bed

I think I'm gonna sleep all day; don't wanna go to train

(Have to clean the room, have to feed my cat

Have to go to take a shower; I guess I'll take a nap

I really don't wanna do anything

I only wanna sleep, sleep and sleep

And suddenly my shell phone rings, someone's calling

Did I have a reunion? Can't remember now)


M: "Hello"

An: "Hello? Where the heck are you? I almost arrived to the Comic- Con!"

M: "Eh? Uh! Oh… sorry. I'm gonna be there a little late"

An: "Huh? Why? You overslept again, didn't you?"

M: "Eh… yeah, I did"

An: "You kidding, right? Now you're gonna pay everything I buy today! HURRY UP!"


M: "Shell"

I get dressed as fast as I can

(Gotta wash my face and brush my teeth)

Water pipes are broken once again

(Don said he repaired them yesterday)

Run to the garage, I'm searching for the keys

Finally I found them; when I tried to start the engines

Stupid battery is dead. The hauler is useless


Angel calls me once again, she sounds upset


She yelled at me and told me to hurry up


I turn off my phone and go to charge the hauler


Have to wait 10 minutes till it's fully charged

(Waiting 10 minutes) Meanwhile, Angel is waiting really upset!

Anyway, I have to find a way to pass the time while I'm waiting for my friend. Can't believe he's really late!

Barely could I found a public library in this area, but when I went there: the place was closed for inventory.

Then I found a small store near that place and tried to read a magazine. Anything was better than be there and bored!

But the magazine was packed. What a waste of time! I couldn't read the content. I'm so angry! I think I'm gonna scream!



Fell asleep while I was charging the hauler


Woke up again. Now I am incredibly late!


Waiting in the car. I'm stuck for all the traffic


I think I am gonna fall asleep again

Finally I'm here, at the agreed place

I can finally turn up my cell-shell again

(Got 3 messages from Angel. What a mess!

And also lots of spam mails. Can't believe it What the shell!)

Finally found my friend, she looks really upset!

Waiting in a cafeteria, eating some pancakes

(Had to pay her bill like I promised I would

Compensation for arriving is late is priceless)

M: "Sorry. How long have you been here?"

An: "Oh! I just arrived here! YOU SHELL-FOR-BRAINS!"

Running desperately to the place

(What an incredible waste of time!)

When we arrived nobody was there

(We can't see anybody around)

M: "What's going on here?"

An: "What's going on here?"

When we checked the date of the meeting in my phone

We realized that the meeting was the next week


An: "Why did we have come here all this long way?"


An: "There is no relief for this anger of hell!"


M: "Why did I have come here all this long way?"


M: "Now my friend is gonna scream. I better run!"


There is one thing we learned from this…

(la la la la laaaa~)


Check up regularly your calendar!

(la la la la laaaa~)


Laaaa laaa laaa

La la)


M: "*sigh*… In the mood for a pizza?"

An: "Yeah… ok"

M: "But now is your time to pay!"

An: "Aww, darn it!"

www. youtube .com/watch?v=Acw64paKlUg Check this link and then read the fic ^^