Spoilers: Episode 2.12 "Overwatch"

Summary: Deeks takes matters into his own hands and learns a lesson about his partner.

Notes: I am Australian and I do try to use American terms but some of the Aussie terms may slip through. I apologise if this occurs.

I am working my way backwards through the evolving relationship between Kensi & Deeks. Logically, it should be forward but my brain only wants to go in reverse.

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters and NCIS: Los Angeles. I am only playing with Shane Brennan's toys and will put them back when I'm finished.


Kensi considered staying under the shower once the heat had dissipated after the allotted three minutes had been used. It wasn't often that she begrudged the timers but today was definitely not one of those ordinary days. But the idea of staying longer didn't last for long as the cold water, in her opinion, did nothing to reduce the pain emanating from the bruises that were quickly forming on her shoulder, torso and thighs and grazes that were making themselves known from their run-in with the sedan.

Her hands were smarting from the scrubbing she had just given them to remove the grit that had gotten ingrained in the superficial grazes when she hit the asphalt. She was also beginning to realise the despite wearing clothes, grazes could and did occur when the body collided with the ground at speed. They may not be filled with dirt but the skin had definitely been removed on her arms.

She squeezed the excess water from her hair, wrapping it on top of her head in a towel. Gingerly she patted dry her skin, not wishing to rub vigorously and exacerbate the soreness that was beginning to make itself known now that the adrenaline rush of the case was over. She wrapped the towel around her body and opened the door. She'd learned on her first day at NCIS not to put her clothes in the cubicle with her or they ended up wetter than she had been in the shower.

"I thought we had gotten past this?" Deeks was standing outside the cubicle, tapping his foot impatiently.

Kensi jumped in surprise, the movement jarring her bruised ribs and she let out a small gasp.

"Why the hell are you stalking me in the women's showers, Deeks?"

"It might be because my partner didn't tell me about being hit by a car today." Deeks pointed out, his anger at her obvious.

"I'm fine," Kensi assured him. She pushed past him and sat down carefully on the bench seat across from the shower cubicle beside her tote bag. "How did you find out?"

"CCTV footage. I asked Eric to look into what had happened to you."


"Because my partner has always had my back and there would have to be a valid reason why you weren't right behind me chasing that guy. And there was." Deeks looked at her, his blue eyes flashing with emotion.

"It was nothing." Kensi wasn't sure why Deeks was so bothered by the accident. She was angry with herself that she had allowed it to happen but had been quick enough to throw herself up at the vehicle rather than it hitting her legs and breaking them. In her mind, she had come away from the collision much better off than it could have been if she hadn't taken evasive action.

"You broke the windscreen, Kens. That ain't nothing."

"I'd agree, Miss Blye," Hetty told her solemnly, suddenly appearing in the doorway. Her eyes conveyed her concern and disapproval at not having been told of the incident.

"Thanks, Deeks." Kensi muttered under her breath.

"And when were you going to tell me about your injuries?" Hetty questioned seriously. "I cannot have you out in the field injured, you are not only a liability to yourself but to your partner and your colleagues. The risks and stakes are too high."

"I am fine. I have some bruises and I'll pull up a bit sore but there is nothing broken."

"I have seen the footage of the accident Miss Blye and I think I would prefer to have medical confirmation of your claim."


"Your other option is that I assess and treat your injuries." Hetty removed her dark-rimmed glasses and studied them for smears before placing them back on the bridge of her nose.

Hetty and her bag of medical supplies were almost as legendary as the woman herself. Kensi knew that she was safer in the hands of professionals.

"I'll see a doctor." Kensi conceded, dropping her head into her cupped hands, elbows resting on her knees.

"Wise choice, Miss Blye." Hetty told her. "Mr. Deeks will escort you."

Kensi's head shot up so fast that she was left gasping as she wrenched her shoulder.

"That is exactly why Mr. Deeks will be taking you," Hetty told her gravely. "Pacific Beach Medical - I have organised for Dr. Davis to see you in an hour. You had better hurry." Hetty left the room, leaving the two of them speechless.

"You could have left it alone," Kensi told Deeks angrily. She removed the towel from her head and began to dry the long dark strands.

"Kensi, you don't know when to allow someone to help or seek help. This is one of those occasions. Hetty would have found out anyway, I just changed the timing of the discovery." He reached out and touched her shoulder tentatively. "That's gotta hurt."

"I've had worse," Kensi deflected, pushing his hand away.

Deeks looked down at his feet, his scruffy hair protecting his eyes from revealing the sadness at her words. He had been shocked when he had witnessed Kensi's body collide with the car, the collision hard enough to crack the windscreen. Yet she had shaken herself off as if she had walked into a door. He knew that adrenaline pushed you past the boundaries of the limits that you would normally endure but this was crazy. He gave a small smile and a single shake of his head, that description did describe his partner quite aptly at times.

"Let me get dressed, Deeks."

"I'll wait for you outside."

"You can wait downstairs. I won't disappear without you."

Deeks debated challenging her on the truth of that statement but he supposed that trust had to start somewhere. If worse came to worse, he would have Eric run a trace on her cell phone GPS.


"I'm surprised that you are still walking," Callen commented with a smile on his face as Deeks entered the bullpen. They had heard from Eric about the footage and had viewed it for themselves. While horrified by the impact, they knew Kensi well enough to leave her alone to tend to her injuries – whatever they may be.

"And he doesn't have a couple of black eyes. At least not one caused by his partner," Sam added in wonder, looking up from his laptop. "Maybe there is more to this partnership than we know. Or Hetty ran interference." His dark eyes glimmered with mirth and he gave a small chuckle.

"I don't need protection from my partner," Deeks told them defensively, dropping into his chair.

"Famous last words, if you ask me." Callen leaned back in his chair and eyed the younger detective. "You do remember where she first takes aim…"

"How long has he been working with her? You'd think he'd have learned that one by now."

"Just so that you know, she's agreed to go to the hospital to get checked out without argument."

"G, do you think Deeks has the ability to convince Kens to go to the hospital? Have we ever succeeded?"

"Nope." Callen shook his head. "Although, there has been just one person who has had that ability and she's a lot shorter than you or I and wields a lot more power than all of us combined."

Sam gave Deeks a big smirk. They had been dealing with Kensi a lot longer than Deeks had and knew she either had to be unconscious or be threatened by Hetty to get her to go to hospital.

"Whatever. At least she'll be checked out." Deeks wasn't sure why the two agents were so unperturbed by the whole event.

"Kensi does know her limits. It would be wise for you to learn that," Sam stated matter-of-factly. "While she may avoid going to the hospital whenever she can, she will admit to a serious injury."

"You consider being hit by a car and hitting the ground at around twenty-five or thirty miles per hour within her limits."

"No. But I watched it and Kensi controlled the impact. She'll be a bit bruised, battered and sore but she'll be okay." Sam knew it was hard not to be more protective of Kensi, simply because she was female. He had learned very quickly when he first began working with her that it was best to treat her as an equal and forget about her gender.

"You'll learn not to play with fire because it will burn you," Callen told him cryptically.

"What?" Deeks wondered what Callen could possibly be referencing with his cryptic statement. He didn't get an answer to his question as Kensi chose that moment to enter the bullpen.

"Come on Dr. Deeks. Time for you to do your escorting. Hope it is better than your liaising." Kensi picked up her bag from beside her desk and farewelled Sam and Callen.

Deeks grabbed his own small backpack and keys to his car, following his dark-haired partner as she left the building.

Sam and Callen exchanged a knowing look. Sam gave a low chuckle. "Do you think we should have told him?"

"Nah. Deeks needs to learn the hard way. It'll strengthen their partnership."

"Or break it."

"Fifty on three hours," Callen offered to his partner, as he gathered up his own bag.

"Fifty on an all nighter. She's good."

"Tomorrow is not going to come soon enough."

End Part 1 / 2