Chapter 6:

I'm just kid...Trouble in Paris!

Steven was less the happy, in fact he was actually furious! All month he had been bending over backwards and still hadn't gotten any tail! He couldn't figure out what was going on! Sure Matthew wasn't bothering him, and neither was Gilbert those two were actually being good and staying out of his way! The problem was America! How hard was it to get a moron like that in bed! Apparently very hard, the nation was suffering the worst case of blue balls he ever had in his whole life! He tried everything, literally everything! Alfred didn't respond to any come on he threw at him! The Australian nation huffed angrily and thought about his current situation, he was right now on his own watching Mattie...or he was supposed to. Right now he was watching stuff on his lap top with the headphones over his ears and bitting his bottom lip.

Uncle Steve wasn't watching him, and had yelled at him to leave him alone too...Matthew was currently sitting on the sofa feeling lonely and a mite bit scared, he was supposed to be with Uncle Steve alone till Monday when Big Brother America got back from a meeting and Uncle Gilbert was spending time with his brother... Monday seemed so far away as did his brother and his good uncle...he missed them both dearly

A sound caught his attention, "huh?" He shivered and moved away from where the sound came from, he was so frightened it might be England again trying to take him from big brother...little Mattie felt his heart beating wildly in his tiny chest, he was so frightened! He wanted his Papa! His brother! He tripped suddenly and fell on his face "Ah!" He teared a moment before he began to cry, he was so scared! He heard footsteps approaching him! Getting closer and closer! He covered his face as the tear fell down his face...

"Matthew!" The tiny nation knew that voice and looked up from his tears "Papa!" Canada stood and run to him, latched unto the French nation and cried into his cloths. Francis kneeled down and scooped the little nation up "What is the matter mon petite?" He asked cradling the child in his arms, "Uncle Steve yelled at me...t...told me to scram!" he said "I was lonely!" He said weeping into his Papa's arms. Francis cradled the baby in his arm gently, he was furious! He smiled at Canada and headed toward the living room, "Mon petite Papa will play with you but for now, I need you to go to your room for a moment while Papa and uncle Steve talk" He kissed Canada's forehead and set the boy down.

The little boy hurried to his room as he was told to, happy that his Papa was there and promised to play with him. Never in his whole life did he ever feel so scared! What if it had been England! Alfie wasn't there to save him!

"You ARE supposed to be watching him! What if I was England huh? Did you event think of that? Australia your relieved of duty, I'm going to take him with me to my home for the weekend and I'm telling Alfred how...I don't even know how to put into words without it sounding bad! You neglected him!" France shouted with a glare in his pale blue eyes. He was seething beyond rage at the moment! He wasn't about to let some horny backwater monkey risk losing his son again! He wasn't going to allow Matthew to even remotely feel anything that wasn't pure love and devotion towards him! France turned from the laid back Aussie and headed to Canada's little bed room.

Francis entered Canada's room "Mon petite, Papa has decided to take you to his house in Paris" He said smiling, he had wanted to ask Alfred first but...circumstances made the choice for him this time. The elder nation grabbed his son's suit case and began packing the bag, he'd tell Alfred later when they reached his home. Francis would admit to anyone who asked him, he was elated to have his son come home with him for a while! Of course he knew it would be a short visit, but it would oh so worth it! He hadn't spent any time with his darling boy! It was a crime! An utter crime to not spend time with his son! The Frenchman let out a giggle, oh the wonderful things he planed out! Shopping, touring around the city, more shopping, eating out at the finest restaurants, playing games in the park! He felt so happy, light as feather!

Matthew watched as his papa as his bag was packed with care, he couldn't help but smile! His Papa seemed so happy! He was going to spend time with Papa! He loved Alfred very much, but he also loved Papa too! He did wish Alfred was coming too, he always made such fun games to play. After Papa packed his bag, he was picked up, carried off, pasted Uncle Steve, and out the door.

Eight hours later, a sleepy little Canadian was carried in a rather lovely home. The Frenchman smiled at his sleepy little kitten as he placed him on a near by chair and set the bags he brought down on the floor. Francis sent a text to Alfred before picking his son up once more and carrying him into the guest room he had set-up for his visit.

The blond Frenchman smiled down at his sleeping kitten, brushing his hair from his cherub face and kissing his forehead before leaving the room to prepare dinner for when his son woke up...

Unaware to the sleeping babe, the window in his room was sliding open...a hand slid under the frame and pushed it upward. Spiky blond hair and bushy eyebrows poked his head through and grinned as he climbed into the room "Stupid Frog, he should know better then to have brought you right into my clutches, I've been watching and waiting just for this one moment" Arthur said smirking as he picked the baby up and climbed back out the window prize in his hands.

Alfred looked at his phone and smiled, he was glad Francis had taken Mattie with him, but damn was he furious! He should have known Steve wasn't the best babysitter! Francis had told him everything in his text. He wasn't all too thrilled about Mattie being in close to England...he shook the thought from his mind, he knew Francis wouldn't let anything happen to Mattie, but he couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. His phone rang, "Hello! America the awesome speaking!" He said forcing himself to sound energetic, "Alfred! It's horrible! I was making dinner and I had gone to wake mon petite Matthew and...and...THE WINDOW WAS OPEN! He was gone!" Francis said frantically, Alfred could hear the tear pouring down the elder's face "I'm on my way, meetings be damn!" He snarled much like a angry bear as he crushed the phone in his hand and stormed off.

Arthur cradled the boy in his arms, he had made it to his and sound, his brushed the boy's bangs from his face and rubbed his thumb over his tender cheek...their was a strange look in his eyes, not one found so often in the Englishman's eyes...he wasn't always good with his emotions, he wasn't all that found of being...opened with his emotions, "Matthew..." He whispered tenderly rocking gently back and forth in his old rocking chair...just like he used to...back when both of them were babies...there was a twisted knife in side of Arthur's heart as he watched the boy stir awake. Matthew for his part looked terribly frightened as he laid eyes upon England "Papa! Big Brother!" He cried trying to run from the arms holding him, "Hush lad! Their not here! Its just you and me" He said trying to keep his voice calm as he stood up, he kept his hold as he was set down in a play pen too high from him to climb out of.

Matthew looked around the playpen frightened and a tad bit hungry...there playpen was littered with toys! All shorts of toys! Big ones, colorful ones, small ones, red ones, blue ones, and electric ones! Matthew wasn't sure what to do! He glanced up at Arthur, who in turn was staring at him, as if he expected him to do something...what did he want him to do! What was he suppose to do! The small Canadian began tearing up, England blinked for a moment before he winced as the Canadian began crying loudly... England sighed "I'll be right back" He headed to the kitchen, figuring the lad maybe hungry...maybe he'd like the scone he made this morning...

Alfred stormed up to Francis door and knocked, the Frenchman through open the door "Alfred!" He shouted looking like a wreck, sweat trickling down his brow, and his hair matted "I called the police, the governments, and everyone else I could think of including Prussia and Spain!" he said as the American came in. "Alright...I haven't a clue what we're going to do...but first thing is first...we need evidance...if their is one suspect I have its England! That bastard! If he hurts a hair on Mattie's head I'll rip his off!" He threatened pounding a fist into his palm... Francis could only nod in agreement "It's all my fault...I only left him for a moment...but...but that was all he needed wasn't it...I was careless...I've lost him again!" He cried out, the tears falling from his eyes as he slid into a chair...

Arthur frowned as Matthew threw his scones around, "Matthew those aren't toys their food your suppose to eat them..." He pleaded as Matthew cried out throwing the scone once more "Yucky! No! NO!" He shouted throwing the last one before crawling into a corner of the playpen and hiding under the biggest stuff animal in the pen...Arthur scratched his head "Does...Matthew like pizza?" He winched knowing he's have to order in...he saw the little boy nod his head under the stuff animal...the Englishman sighed and left to phone for a pizza...

To be continued...

Notes: Well...I finally writers block is beginning to crumble! I hope this chapter was at least felt rushed but I just wanted to get something up!