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Words for Kells

Because everything else is refusing to be written.


The Secret of Kells © Cartoon Saloon

Love: Too late Cellach realized that Aidan's meddling was not from an obsessive desire to finish the Book, but to give guidance and love to a boy that hadn't been given enough from the one he should have.

Hate: Aidan suppressed a surge of icy fury at what the Northmen had done, gently wrapping his arms around Brendan's shivering, sobbing form.

Pain: Migraines were not a great help when he was working on the wall, but he forced himself to go on until the hammer slipped from his hands.

Joy: "This is no dream." Fearful anger washed away, replacing itself with incredulous, nearly unbearable joy.

Fear: Beat, beat, beat against the doors against their chests against their minds, (tick, tick, tick time running out) and the Brothers stand together one last time as the crash splinters everything else.

Trust: "Come on, you won't fall here!" she laughed, running through the dark branches; Brendan took a deep breath and followed.

Betray: It hurt on a level that he refused to acknowledge when Brendan spoke of the Wall with the same distain he heard from the other Brothers' muttering.

Promise: "I won't leave until you finish the Book—but you mustn't delay me for too long, lad," Aidan chuckled softly, gently touching his hand.

Appreciate: Brendan knew that the forest was beautiful, but he was very glad that Aisling was there to show him the smaller, subtler miracles as well.

Annoy: "Never touch my chalk again."

Death: Nobody even knew which piles of ashes were huts or had been people who had been cornered together.

Blood: After lying in the freezing snow for so long, the blood running down his chest seemed to burn.

Grave: There was something incredibly surreal about confronting a grave with your own name on it.

Life: The forest and Kells and the animals and the Brothers and Uncle and Aisling and so much more; life in a single page.

Breath: "Uncle! Please, calm down, just breathe," (though his own breath was shaking horribly—please don't die) "just breathe, I'm here, I'm here."

Mind: Aidan felt a chill run up his spine at the writing on the walls; they were Cellach's thoughts and mind, but he couldn't understand it—and he knew that it wasn't merely because he was no architect.

Honey: When Brendan tended to the hives after meeting Aisling, he found himself whispering his thanks to the bees as well as to God.

Worthy: "I don't get it, Pangur," he said sleepily. "Why did he pick me instead of Brother Leonardo or Square?"

Toy: "I think you need some toys," Aidan laughed as Pangur batted at his hair.

Guard: Though neither of them knew it, Aisling watched over the two monks each night until they crossed the boundaries of her forest.

Moonlight: "I spin voice-magic out of mist and moonlight…

Sunshine: "…while you, Brendan, make picture-magic from ink and sunlight."

Wish: Brendan wished that Aidan could have came to Kells for more joyous reasons.

Reliability: After Aidan found himself leading them to yet another dead-end, he sighed and asked Brendan to lead.

Heaven: Tiny Brendan whispered a question as he sketched out the first plans; "It looks really tall…is the Wall going to reach Heaven?"

Tailor: There were no tailors left after the attack, but Tang managed to repair the Abbot's robe; it was duller and more prone to tearing, though Cellach was too faded himself to care.

Illusive:Brendan felt a flicker of guilt when he spoke to Aisling again, after he spent so long wondering if she'd been a dream.

Scenery: "I missed seeing more than walls when I looked out," Aidan quietly admitted as they wandered through the trees.

Description: Though the Brothers never thought the Vikings would go so far out of their ways to attack Kells, the refugees' descriptions of the attacks kept quite a few of them from sleeping.

Sleep: Pangur sometimes coaxed her kittens to sleep in the old Abbot's sleeves; they were quite roomy and it kept them (and him) comfortably warm.

Taste: The crops grown after the attack surpassed what had came before in size and flavor; nobody wanted to think about why.

Decade: Nearly two decades of hopelessness took heavy tolls.

Potential: Brendan only unlocked his true potential after defeating Crom; sometimes he wondered if the dark god had been the one who locked it away.

Confide: Aidan and Brendan filled the colder nights with tales of their lost Brothers, tales that they would never have dared trust with anyone else.

Follow: Though Cellach flinched every time a twig snapped underfoot, he determinedly followed Brendan through the winding path.

Threat: It was easy to forget that Aisling was the ruler of the forest, able (and willing) to tell the creatures that resided within to tear any intruders apart.

Together: "…I wish Aidan could have met you," Brendan whispered to the girl perched in the Abbot's window.

Remember: It was weeks before Cellach wouldn't flinch when Brendan came up the stairs.

Song: "Howling isn't anger," she explained, "but words, for telling the others feelings or messages or songs."

Electricity: Cellach watched in disbelief as his tiny nephew, instead of crying and hiding at the roaring storm, tried to climb onto the ledge to see it better and giggled at the lighting, trying to grab it in his hands.

Fall: With every leaf that fell, another memory of times past awoke, often melancholy—until Brendan decided to chase and catch them all before they hit the ground; Cellach laughed himself sick.

Trap: After seeing what they did with her own eyes, Aisling found herself killing every Viking that went within miles of her forest.

Experiment: Switching ingredients to the ink is never a good idea—especially when you're wearing your favorite robes at the time.

Balance: Brendan finally climbed down the oak tree without falling, only to slip on a leaf and land on his face.

Missing: "I promise to tell you next time I go into the forest," Brendan said apologetically, bowing to his uncle for the first time in years.

Broken: Brendan had a natural talent at healing people's spirits, though he knew that Cellach's would always have scars.

Sympathy: The survivors gave Cellach less hate than he deserved, or so he believed.

Bone: "Eat some more, your hands are positively skeletal," Aisling insisted.

Fragment: Only a few would be able to tell what everything in the Chi-Rho page meant, being taken from Brendan's life, but that was alright—what fragments of his tale that could be discerned just made it that much more beautiful.