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"Cruz, get your butt up!" My brother A.J. yelled at me from his side of the room.

I groaned and pulled my pillow over my head, just not caring about school.

"Don't make me get Papá or Paco in here," A.J. said as he lightly slapped my back.

See the thing with A.J. was he was more than my annoying little brother. He was my annoying gay little brother. Not that I had anything against A being gay, it's just that he didn't know how to fight for himself or stand up for himself, which launched me into a load of trouble trying to stand up for him.

"Fuck off, A!" I screamed at him pulling my pillow over my head.

The door rattled open and I knew too well that I had managed to piss off some other person in the Fuentes family.

"Cruz Parker Fuentes," my mom shrieked at me, "don't you dare talk like that!"

A.J. ripped the pillow off my head and tugged on my arm," Cruz, you're gonna make us late again!"

I groaned and slowly got to my feet. My side of the room that A.J. and I shared was a total mess, while A's side was perfectly in place. A silently started putting some of my things away for me, but stopped as soon as he saw my glare.

A was a year younger than me, but both of our birthdays landed in the summer. So A was still in eighth grade while I was sophomore. My parents learned from me that they shouldn't pull their kids up a grade.

I stripped of my shorts and pulled on a dirty pair of jeans lying on the floor. A made a face, but didn't say anything. The jeans weren't skinny jeans, but they weren't baggy either. They were saggy on the ass and clung to my legs perfectly, just like I liked them to while skateboarding.

"Orange D.C. shirt," A.J. said with a nod going to our closet and tossing me my neon orange D.C. tee shirt.

I shrugged and pulled it on over my bare chest. I looked in the mirror that hung on the back of the door to our room. I was amazed at how much the colors complemented my coloring. My hair was raven black, just like my dad's, but I had my mom's eyes. My brother Paco and I inherited my mom's baby blue eyes, they clashed with our black hair that would never lie neatly. Out of all my siblings my skin was the tannest the most mexicano.

A.J. and my older sister, Elissa, had dad's brown eyes. A.J. had a mixture of both my parents' hair it laid a mossy brown, silky and thin like my mom's, his skin also a mix of both parents. Alicia had dishwater blonde hair and Mom's pale skin.

It was tradition in the Fuentes household to eat breakfast every single morning together. Of course Papá cooked since Ma could burn water. Papá was the best cook that you could ask for, he never complained about doing it either.

I patted down the grand stair case taking in the smell of bacon and pancakes. I pushed the door open to the kitchen and groaned, my brothers were both cramming food in their mouth, leaving me with the cold leftovers, and possible not a lot.

Our house was bigger than the average house. My parents were both fancy scientists that happened to find a cure for Alzheimer's which put a lot of money in the bank. Our house only had four bedrooms though, causing me and A.J. to cram into the smallest one. Our small mansion was contemporary and had a pool. The kitchen was built to mi Papá 's standards and had plenty of room to jam a six person table.

I took my spot at my chair in middle of Paco and Alicia.

Paco took one look at me and laughed," Hermano, deer hunting season is over."

I glared at him," Fuck you, Paco."

"Cruz!" This time it was Dad scolding me while he flipped more pancakes over the hot stove.

I shrugged and stabbed a pancake violently with my fork.

My mom came running in frantically scrubbing at her shirt right where a girl doesn't want to spill anything.

My dad laughed and gave her a kiss on the cheek while she furiously scrubbed.

"Alex, don't you dare laugh at me, this isn't funny. I'm supposed to be in a meeting in ten minutes and it's a fifteen minute drive!" She shrieked.

Licia spoke up," Here's a crazy idea, Mamá , why don't you change your shirt."

Mamá looked at her," Cuz I don't have time!"

I laughed," Maybe this will teach you to brush your teeth before you get dressed."

A.J. eyed me," Cruz you haven't brushed your teeth yet."

I glared at him," A you saw me put on dirty jeans, what is it gonna hurt if I drip toothpaste on my shirt."

"Yeah, at least people will see that he actually brushes his teeth," Paco said biting into a piece of bacon.

I glared him down once again," So Paco when are you moving out again," I said with my best devilish grin.

"Fuck off, Cruz," Paco said slapping a pancake on his plate.

"Paco!" Both my parents exclaimed my dad now trying to rub the toothpaste off my mom's boob with a boyish smile.

Paco was supposed to move out a year ago and go to college in Colorado, where my Uncle Carlos, Aunt Kiara, and Aunt Shelly lived, but he decided not to at the last minute. Which I thought was pretty stupid, but then again we were talking about the dreamer Paco.

Paco was the artist of the family; I swear he could draw anything from memory. Licia was the cheerleader and pretty and popular one in the group. She also carried the brains. A.J. was the one who could dance, sing, and act. A snagged the lead in many musicals down in the theaters in Chicago. That left me, Cruz, the dyslexic skater, the basically didn't care about anything.

After half a pancake I decided the food wasn't worth sitting here with my family, so I shuffled my chair back. I brushed my teeth not getting toothpaste on myself then I went on the lookout for a pair of matching socks. I couldn't find any so I had to go with a white one and a neon green one. I grabbed my backpack and headed down to the kitchen again.

Mom was gone, thank the lord, and Dad stood over the lunches that he made trying to see whose was whose.

"I'm pretty sure I got Cruz's yesterday," A.J. said trying to help him out.

"I had a peanut butter sandwich yesterday," I added.

"You're allergic to peanut butter," Papá said," You didn't eat it, did you?"

I rolled my eyes," I'm not that stupid."

Paco made a noise and A.J. snickered.

I shot them looks and muttered," Shut the hell up!"

Papá lightly slapped the backside of my head," I had it with you, Cruz."

I rolled my eyes and said," I'm out."

I shot through the door before Papá could call after me, I didn't even bother to grab a lunch. Instead I grabbed my skateboard and my raggedy pair of Nikes.

Skating was the ultimate get away. I skated all the time. I got my first skate board when I was three from my Uncle Luis. Luis calls me Cruz Control and the skateboard had Cruz Control painted on it in graffiti so he said it just seemed right. My parents weren't so happy with their three year old shuffling on a skateboard, but I picked it up quickly.

I had three months until my sixteenth birthday in July, but to be honest I didn't care if I got my license I was content with my skateboard. Sure if was three miles to Fairfield high school and I would probably be about ten minutes late, but my teachers knew what they expect from me.

My parents noticed something was wrong with me before I was in preschool. They told me that I always used to mix up Spanish and English and would say sentences using both languages and not even realizing. The doctors told them not to worry that it was normal, but once I got into first grade I still hadn't chosen a dominant hand. Again the doctors told my parents to not worry. By the time I was in middle school I realized that I didn't learn at the same pace as the other kids. I hated reading and my teachers always thought I was trying to be funny by writing left to right on my paper.

One day I came home crying, because I'd failed my fifth spelling test in a row and the teacher said that she was going to have to talk to my parents about better study habits. The thing was my dad or mom and I went over spelling words for three hours the night before the test, me crying because I just didn't get it.

My dad finally got mad at the doctor one day, and my dad is a scary man when he isn't mad, but he told the doctor to test me for everything. So about twenty tests later it turned out I had ADHD and was dyslexic. My parents were glad to finally find a reason on why I was doing so poor in school, but for me it basically just gave me a label, stupid. So basically I've been living since I was twelve with the label as the stupid kid.

I still really didn't know how to deal with my dyslexia. I take medicine for the ADHD, but I hate it. I never want to eat while I'm on it, I don't sleep either. My parents don't know about the effects on the medicine, they just assume that everything is alright. The doctor told them that these things could happen to me, but I'd always lied to them about. I hated being the center of attention.

Half way to school I heard my name being called over the roll of the wheels," Cruz!"

I stopped knowing that voice too well," Hey Rio, what's up?"

My best friend Rio was on his skateboard too, coming my way. He stopped when he got me and pounded my fist.

"Nada," He said in his Latino accent.

Rio grew up in the same neighborhood as mi papá He lived with his Dad and little sister who were three. His dad was a drunk and I knew that he beat Rio regularly, and sometimes Rio crashed at my place without my parents knowing when he'd gotten really hurt. The hardest thing to do was to keep A.J. quiet.

I knew that I should have probably told mi Papá about Rio's dad, knowing that he wouldn't put up with it, but Rio told me to keep my mouth quiet.

"Have another fight with the family?" He asked knowing that I could've easily gotten a ride with my sister to school.

I shrugged and pushed off on my board again as he followed," Just one of those days."

One of those days meant that my mind was racing a mile of minute and it made me feel like I had to puke, but nobody knew that except me. The fresh air helped me calm down though, but I knew that school was going to pretty much be torture.

"What're you doing on this side of town anyway, hombre?" I asked him knowing that it was far away for him.

He sighed," You know it's just one of those days."

I smiled. One of those days for Rio meant that his dad was drunk last night and most likely gave him one or two good punches to the gut.

"Rio, why don't you go and live somewhere else, it would be a lot safer."

He shook his head," The only reason why he doesn't hit Zita is because I'm there."

"He wouldn't dare hit your sister would he?" I asked.

He shrugged," Maybe he would if I wasn't there to be the bigger target."

We were silent for the rest of the way to school flipping ollies and kick flips and grinding rails that we found along the way.

Just like I thought I was ten minutes late for school. We had missed all of homeroom so we grabbed our stuff and ran to first hour.

Mr. Kits, my first hour algebra teacher, glared at me but didn't say anything. I sighed and slid into my open desk. Yup, it was definitely one of those days.

Algebra was one of the worst classes of the day. Letters and numbers did not go together and were not friendly to the dyslexic when they were together. Being officially labeled stupid didn't lower my teacher's standards of me, they expected me to excel like everybody else, they just didn't get that I saw ever word background and some letters upside down. Let alone being bilingual it was much harder trying to keep which language I was supposed to be speaking. My parents knew how frustrated I got when the languages got mixed up in my head, so they tried to keep it strictly English at home, but that never worked.

"Cruz!" Mr. Kits yelled at me, "Pay attention!"

He got back to the lesson and I zoned out again. He kicked my desk this time, I grunted.

"See me after class, Mr. Fuentes!" He said and the rest of the class ooed.

I groaned and tried to get back into the lesson.

The bell rang and I remained in my seat, knowing the drill way too much.

Mr. Kits wasn't an old guy, probably in his twenties, and he really wasn't that unfair or uncool, he just expected a lot from me.

He sat down in the desk in front of me facing me he took a deep breath and said," Cruz, I know this probably isn't your thing, math, but I think I have a solution."

I laughed," No offense señor , but nothing will make me like school at all."

He rolled his eyes," Well I have a solution for you to get better grades."

I laughed," I've been trying that forever."

"Ever try a tutor?"

I laughed again," My parents put you up to this, correct?"

He gave me a smirk and a nod," They came to me and I told you maybe this could help you."

"Fine, but that's only because I have no choice, so who is this kid?" I groaned.

He smiled and turned to the door," Cecilia, were ready for you."

From the hallway a girl walked in. She looked to me about my age and Mexicana no doubt. She had dark hair that hung pass her shoulders and big deep brown eyes that looked like sadness touched them. She was kind of short and real skinny, she was what my mom would call petite, but my dad would just say she needs to eat more.

She gave me a shy smile," Call me Lia."

"Cruz," I replied.

She nodded," I know, you sit next to me in biology."

I racked my brain and couldn't think of her face," I think your mistaken me for somebody else," I told her with the cocky smile I inherited from mi padre.

"You're in dreamland most of the time so…," She shot back.

Mr. Kits laughed at that one," Lia's in pre-calc right now, she's amazing."

Lia's tan skinned turned a shade redder and I smirked at her," Miss Perfecta."

"Cállate idiota," She told me.

Mr. Kits looked at us like we were crazy," Um, English please."

"She basically called me an idiot," I told him.

She turned red and nodded honestly.

"Lo siento," She said with a smile.

"Nah, that's okay I'm used to the stupid jokes," I reassured her.

She turned even redder when I told her that, but Mr. Kits stepped up," Okay so I expect you two to get together before every test and probably at least twice a week, to make sure Cruz is grasping everything."

Lia nodded and I rolled my eyes," Can I get to class now, I'm going to be late for history, were learning about the Mexican- American war, I kind of want to learn about my ancestors," I told them.

Kits rolled his eyes," Fine go, but like exchange phone numbers or something, so maybe you can get a hold of each other."

I rolled my eyes yet again and shook my head, "Give me your hand, Lia."

"What?" She asked, but before I answered her question I took a sharpie and scribbled my cell phone number on her left hand.

Before she could say anything I smiled at her and Kits and left the room, rushing to history before the music that acted like a bell sounded. All I could think about how I was going to get back at my parents for this one.