"Do I have to?" Blaze said, while looking at a newspaper.

"Yes, you do." Amy said with a huge smile.

Blaze betted Amy Sonic can go one minute without eating chilidogs. Only Sonic dind't even last twenty seconds,so now Blaze had to get a job for losing the beth. It was all Sonic's fault, can he just last sixty seconds without eating chilidogs?

"Amy can we just change the beth?" Blaze said , still looking for a job.

"Nope, a beth is a beth you need to get a job , and work for it a least a month." Amy said with a even huger smile.

"Fine." Blaze said angrily.

This is my first story, and it's a short chapter, I know...but, hey, the story is BEARLY getting started! And since it's my first story and all... DON'T SAY ANYTHING MEAN!