Author's Note: First draft, unedited (as per usual). This one takes place sometime during the series, just after Akira moonlights Eden of the East – before he meets Pantsu.


A Word of the Day Ficlet

By Kysra

It's simple really. There is a phone and a concierge and a Mr. Outside playing God and all he has to do is spend money to make the world a better place.

So he searches the mall for clues as to what grand plan he may have had in mind before erasing his own memory and takes opportunities to help the people he runs across, the people he finds himself befriending with ease - Saki and the Edenites.

It is when he is alone in his home?, base of operations? that he allows himself the luxury of wondering at how the man who gave him this phone, this power, this responsibility deserves a left hook to the nose at least, but also admiring that man for having the balls to make things happen in such a random way. After all, were they not all culpable for the state of the country? Were they not all guilty of a certain degree of apathy? And were they not all responsible for the care and happiness of their fellow countrymen and women?

Of course, the promise of death if the rules were not followed was a wee extreme for his taste; however, he could not deny that - when given the resources - the people he had met so far (with the exception of Mr. Cop and whoever had caused Careless Monday) had made good on their own vision of what "saving Japan" could mean.

They - the twelve "Selected" - were essentially glorified garbage technicians, charged with the task of cleaning up the mess left behind decades of misuse and neglect; and while - at first - he found the task somewhat daunting, he finds that first impressions are falling away to a more deeper outlook. His own part in the operation alternately confuses and stuns him as he reflects that while the remnants of his prior actions may have seemed - on the surface - to be complex and dirty, as he moves through the city and meets the other Selecao, he can't help but be somewhat dazzled by the simple straight-forwardness of it all.

Because maybe the seemingly impossible is - in fact - possible when looked at from an upward angle. It's not enough to buy buildings and make politicians bow to your whims or invest in search engine software no matter how powerful, you have to change the mindset of the mass populace. To give them hope and the confidence to act upon that confidence.

He smiles at the thought, because he thinks being the Messiah and winning this death game will be simpler than he originally believed.

Word: Augean Stable