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Prologue: A New Beginning

-Hidden Leaf Village-

It was a peaceful day in the village for the first time in months. All the villagers were beginning to regain their previous lives before all the chaos of the 4th Ninja War. The village itself was safe from harm's way since all the battles were held near the Hidden Cloud Village. And with all the turmoil past, missions have been stacking up on the 5th Hokage's desk. Most of them were delivering aid to citizens or communicating with the other villages. But there is one mission in particular that everyone was buzzing about. And it involved none other than the number one most unpredictable ninja, Naruto Uzumaki.

The 5th Hokage, Tsunade, was currently in her office filling out that giant stack of papers on her desk much to her dismay. She glanced over to the clock and saw it read 12:54 P.M. She sighed as she couldn't believe that there most powerful ninja is going on a long-term S-rank mission in another world. But she had no choice but to accept since the reward was enough to actually stabilize the village's economy completely.

'Guess it's finally time to see him off.' she thought. She went to the door and began to walk out towards the main gate.

-Naruto's Apartment-

The room was cleaned and most of the drawers were emptied. Sitting on the bed was Naruto looking one last time at the picture of Team 7. Everything had changed now that Kakashi and Sasuke were dead. Sakura was continuing her job as head of the medical team at the hospital. Sasuke was killed when Naruto fought him at the Valley of the End a second time while Kakashi died protecting his army as they retreated. He smiled at it and placed it back on top of the shelf. With one last look at the room and with a red flash, he was gone.

-Village Front Gate-

Many villagers gathered here as they were about to say their goodbyes to their hero. A red flash appeared and Naruto had arrived. He was wearing a black and orange outfit, a red trench coat with black flames at the bottom, a black and red sword strapped to his back, and his cherished headband on his forehead. Cheers and good luck chants were heard all over and some people were actually beginning to tear up. No longer did the people see him as the Kyuubi no Yoko. Naruto was walking down the center street only to be greeted by more and more people with each step. As he was nearing the gate, he saw Sakura and the rest of his friends standing there with Tsunade and Shizune.

"Well look who it is. The so called hero of Konoha," Tsunade said.

"Very funny baa-chan."

"So are you ready Naruto?" Neji asks.

"Yeah. But I'm gonna miss the village and everyone."

"Um, N-Naruto-kun?" Hinata said shyly.

"What's up Hinata?"

"I-I hope you have a s-safe journey," she said. Even though Hinata tried to hide it, tears were beginning to form in her eyes. Naruto stepped up to her and hugged her and said "It's not like I'm gonna be gone forever. I'll be back before you know it." He let go of her and saw her with a smile and a small blush.

Everyone else gave their best wishes and the only one remaining was none other than Sakura. Naruto had been anticipating this moment. He knew that out of all people, she would be the one most affected since they were the best of friends. He began with "Finally found you Sakura-chan. I was wondering if you were here at all."

Instead of replying, she rushed and had him in a bone crushing hug. Then she loosened her grip and looked into his azure blue eyes and said "When you come back, promise me that nothing has changed between us."

"I promise. It's a promise of a lifetime," he answered with a smile

"Hey Naruto! Good luck on the mission," Tsunade interrupted. "You can't fail since the client already paid."

"Hahaha. After all this time, you still only care about money baa-chan."

"Shut it, and how do you intend to get to this place the client mentioned might I ask?"

"Don't worry about that. The Kyuubi will take me there personally."

With those words, a giant ball of red chakra emitted from Naruto's body and floated outside of the village. And then suddenly, it expanded and cracked, revealing the Kyuubi no Yoko in flesh before all of the villagers. It was huge and its nine magnificent tails were lashing about but didn't crush mountains and tsunamis like before. Its fur was a light orange and its eyes were crimson red with slit pupils. Some were backing away while others were too shocked to move. They had not forgotten the destruction that it caused to the village 18 years ago.

Are you ready to leave yet? After 18 years of the same scenery, I'm getting bored of it.

"Yeah. Well I guess be going everyone," he as he went out of the gates and jumped onto the head of the Kyuubi. All the people were surprised that the demon even let him on without retaliating. "Kyuubi will open a portal and we'll enter into some place called Japan. From there he'll take me to wherever that old man said to go."

"Alright then Naruto, have a safe trip," Tsunade finished. Naruto waved one last time to the people below him.

You might want to hold on.

A giant blue sphere appeared and the Kyuubi began to enter it. Once the giant demon was taken whole by the sphere, it shrunk and vanished into thin air. All was silent as the villagers watched their hero disappear, as if he never existed. Sorrow was now in the air and all was silent.


The Hogwarts Express slowed to a stop at the station in Hogsmeade. The students began to pour out of the cars one by one. Out of all the students, a certain trio was easily recognizable. It was none other than Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger. Despite all of them being 18, they were forced to return to Hogwarts for one last year of education if they wanted a career. Newly appointed Headmistress McGonagall, allowed them to finish their 7th year since they spent all last year roaming around to find the Horcruxes. They all felt awkward for being a year behind everyone else at first but they'll just have to endure the embarrassment if there was any.

"Once again, we're home," Hermione said as they saw the castle on the hill from the carriage they were riding.

"I can't believe they actually fixed everything so fast," Ron said.

"Magic can do impossible things remember?" Hermione glanced over to Harry who seemed to spacing out, as if he was seeing visions from Voldemort again.

"Harry, are you alright?" Hermione asks.

He didn't answer and continued staring into space. "HARRY!" When he heard her shout, he looked at her confused and said "What's up?"

"'What's up?' That's all you can say after spacing out of nowhere?"

"She's right mate. You look like saw a ghost, or worse," Ron added.

"It's nothing. I was just thinking about how this is going to be officially our last here."

"Maybe the most normal one as well." Ron added.

All of them began to laugh, realizing how all the past years were anything but normal. The carriage soon approached its destination at the entrance to the castle. They got off and went to the Gryffindor common room to change into their robes in preparation for the feast. On the way there, Harry spotted Ginny walking with her friends. Their relationship didn't really end but didn't really start again either. They still communicated but more like friends rather than a couple. Unlike him, Ron and Hermione's relationship was in full bloom to the point where Harry would leave them alone and not talk to them for hours, days even. Sure he was happy for them, but he also felt more alone than he initially realized. Rather than become a lazy ass, he actually did some studying in order to catch up on the school work.

When they finally reached the Gryffindor common room, all three didn't see the faces of their 7th year friends since they graduated last year. Being one year behind never felt so embarrassing. After about half an hour, everyone converged to the Great Hall for the feast.

-Great Hall-

The hall was most the same save for the new drapes that had a silver and gold color which hung above the windows. The floating candles were all lit and the hall was being filled in by the students. Harry and Ron took a seat at the Gryffindor table, anxious for the food and Professor McGonagall's first ever speech as headmistress. Harry noticed how some students were missing, including Colin Creevey, who was killed during the battle for Hogwarts. He didn't realize until now how so many sacrificed themselves for his cause. Regret was welling up inside him until he saw Hermione sat down across from them on the other side of the table.

"Where were you Hermione?" he asks.

"I went to the library. I just needed to see all the books again before coming here," she replied.

"Of course you did," Ron said. "Choosing a library over me."

Harry couldn't help but to start laughing about how Ron is jealous of a library. Either he was actually jealous or just desperate to snog her in some random corner, something that has been happening a lot lately. In actuality, at the beginning of their relationship, things were slow at first until they began spend more time alone without Harry. Since Harry was busy with business from the Ministry, Ron and Hermione were left alone to their escapades which left Harry to live by himself at 12 Grimmauld Place all summer.

"What's so funny?" Ron asks.

"Oh, nothing," he said with a chuckle.

Hermione went back to reading the book in her hands while Ron was holding his spoon and fork in utter anticipation. Harry was looking around to see where the headmistress was so that the feast could start. As if on cue, Professor McGonagall appeared in the front of the hall. Everyone began to clap and cheer as the headmistress was standing with a very proud smile on her face.

"Welcome back to another wonderful year at Hogwarts!"

The cheers grew louder and like every other year before it, happiness was in the air. The headmistress went to announce the new additions to the school that were constructed after the battle such as the duel arena and the new dorms that allowed each student their own room. Another announcement was the new defense against the dark arts teacher, Robert Adonis. He had pure white hair, a face mask, and had only one eye visible while the other was covered by an eye patch. He had a very bored mood but still stood up when his name was mentioned. The last announcement was that the massive security around the school had been lifted by the new Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt.

After all the announcements were finished, McGonagall waved her wand and food began to fill the tables. All sorts were present, even the most weird looking types. Everyone began to dig in and massive chatter was the only noise in the Great Hall.

-One hour later-

It was now quiet and all of the students were full with the food that was just on the tables earlier. But before being dismissed, the headmistress had to make one last announcement.

"I see that all of you are filled to your heart's content. I have but one announcement, mostly applying to the first years. As always the Forbidden Forrest is now completely closed off to everyone. The only that should be going in there is gamekeeper Hagrid," she said. Some of the older kids were a bit confused since that rule was in effect either way. "With that, all of you are to report to your dormitories."

The students began to stand up and walked to doors but a giant bolt of black lightning zapped in front of them, stopping them in their tracks. They looked up towards the magical ceiling and all of the floating candles were blown out. Then something similar to fire began to spin in the center like a whirlpool. Harry was looking directly into it until it exploded, leaving a giant red eye with slit pupils, glaring at the witches and wizards. Some first years were starting to panic and were running under the tables while the others hid behind the seventh years. Even the teachers were scared, all except for Professor Adonis, who looked at it as if nothing was there. Suddenly, the eye began to zoom out it then revealed the head of a red fox.


The roar from the fox was so strong it forced some people onto the floor. A moment later, it disappeared and left all who witnessed this terrifying event with a memory that wasn't going to be forgotten easily. Like the others, Harry, Hermione, and Ron were just as freaked out as anyone else. But this was only a tiny fragment of what's to come in the near future.

-In the middle of the forest-

"How long have we been traveling now?"

Please don't start asking when we're gonna get there or I'll squash you. And I'VE been running for about two hours.

"Wow, in two hours we traveled across two whole continents. I didn't think you were that fast Kyuubi."

Being a demon that's awesome like me gives me perks you idiot. How much farther are we from this castle the old man talked about?

"At your current speed, I'm estimating about 3 minutes. But since its dark, we'll stop near the castle and camp out until morning."

Fine, but you're walking the rest of the way.

"That's a good idea. I don't want to give the old man a heart attack when he sees a giant demon fox carrying me."

Oh, there it is. Alright I'm leaving. Summon me if there's something I can destroy.

"Good night Kyuubi." With that, the demon disappeared in a puff of smoke leaving Naruto to free fall down to the ground. He did several flips and landed softly on the forest floor. He put his hands into a crossed formation and said Shadow Clone Jutsu. Five clones appeared and the real one said "I need you guys to scout the perimeter. I'm going to meditate for the next few hours."

"You got it boss." They all scattered in different directions while the real one prepared a fire and sat down in his sage formation.

'This better be worth the trip old man,' he thought and went into deep meditation.

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