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-The Great Hall-

The teachers and students were completely awestruck when they saw a man, no a teenager, burst out of the pillar of flames that Fawkes created. The teenager was Naruto Uzumaki, the so-called special guest that everybody had been gossiping about. Most people thought it would be some important magical figure such as the Minister of Magic. But no, it turned out to be boy that looked no older than 18. His clothing wore also something that had many eyes locked on the ninja. He wore a black and orange outfit with a red trench coat with black flames decorated at the bottom. On his hands were silver gauntlets that covered from his fingers all the way to his elbows. At the lower half of his body was a pair of silver knee guards with oddly shaped knives attached to the sides. And finally, on his back was the most noticeable accessory, a beautiful sword that had a token attached to the sword by a string.

Naruto stood there, wondering why the hall was so silent. Feeling awkward, he assumed that introductions had to be made.

"Greetings, everyone, my name is Naruto Uzumaki. I'm from the magic academy in Japan. Professor Dumbledore gave me a recommendation to come study here for a year to learn different aspects of magic. I hope we can all get along." Naruto introduced with a bow.

Behind him, the teachers all began to clap, which the students quickly followed suit. Already, Naruto could hear the gossip beginning to spread. Thanks to the Kyuubi training him, his senses had increased tenfold, so he could literally listen into all the conversions about him spreading.

Headmistress McGonagall stood from her chair and raised her hand for the students to settle down to make another announcement.

"Students of Hogwarts, I hope all of you will treat Mr. Uzumaki here with respect and to be kind enough to help him if it is required. You may begin eating to your heart's content," she said. She signaled Naruto to come over which he did punctually.

"Mr. Uzumaki, because don't have a table specifically for Namikaze house, you may seat yourself at Gryffindor table. I suggest you socialize with some students so that there won't be any tension among the students." McGonagall instructed.

With a nod, Naruto headed towards the Gryffindor table despite the many odd stares he received from the other students. Quietly seating himself, he could see how the wizards and witches of Gryffindor had this suspicious look on their faces.

Honestly, I didn't think you had ability to speak in a formal tone Naruto.

'Well all of those boring war meetings and award ceremonies have taught me something haven't they?'

Well, now that introductions are done, I suggest you enjoy the food they're serving. All of it seems different. Who knows, you might actually like it, despite the way it looks.

Looking down on his plate, Naruto could see two spoons, two forks, and two knives on the sides. At this point, he had no idea how these wizards ate their food since he grew up learning to eat with chopsticks.

Kami, help me. Just copy what the other students are doing you dumbass!

-Further Down the Gryffindor Table-

Unlike the rest of the Gryffindors, Harry's focus was completely on the so-called transfer student. The blonde had a striking resemblance to the man he saw in his dream. Hell, even the sword was identical. He was uneasy to the core, and he didn't even know why.


Surprised from the sudden outburst, he turned to Ron who was currently stuffing his face. Hermione on the other hand looked genuinely worried about him.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Nothing," Harry responded.

"Harry, I know you too well to think nothing is wrong. It's about the new student isn't it?"

Harry was hesitant to talk about such information when there were so many people in one area. The war against Voldemort had just ended recently and he didn't want to cause panic from an assumption.

"What do you think McGonagall meant when she said that Dumbledore recommended him to come here?" Harry asked.

"Isn't that basically all it means?" Ron wondered.

"I'm confused as to how Dumbledore could've met him if he died last year," Harry stated. "Nothing makes sense, and it involves that dream I had earlier."

Both Hermione and Ron understood immediately what Harry was talking about. The dream itself was already too horrifying to describe to his friends and seeing an exact identical to the man in his dream just sent chills down his spine. They only got the gist when he told them about the destruction and mayhem he witnessed inside his dream. Explaining this predicament would have to come later.

"When this is over, I'll tell you in the common room," Harry finally said. "For now, just act normal and try not to draw attention."

"Aren't you over exaggerating a bit? I mean, what can be so bad about having new students. It wouldn't be the first time," Ron stated.

Harry just remained silent throughout the rest of the feast. He tried to calm his nerves endlessly but couldn't shake this feeling that was telling him to either run or just attack the new student right there. Even Voldemort didn't have such a dark aura. Rather than suffer the torment, he finished his plate quickly and almost jogged out of the Great Hall. Ron and Hermione could only watch as their best friend left without uttering a single word.

-The Next Morning-

Naruto had eaten foods that he had never even heard or seen before. Surprisingly, the food was delicious and filled his mouth with something other than ramen. Today was officially the first day for him to attend "school" in almost 6 years.

"Kami, I don't want to wake up for school. It reminds me of the days at the academy."

Why don't you just make a clone go while you enjoy sleeping smart one?

"I already thought of that a while ago. I must admit though, some of the subjects in magic are really weird. But there is one that caught my attention."

Oh really? Now what could that be?

"Defense against the Dark Arts."

Ohoho. Now that is something I don't want to miss.

Unfortunately, that class was the last one of the day and that was during the afternoon. Rather than sitting in the House of Namikaze all day doing nothing, Naruto decided to leave the clone to study while he explored the grounds.

-Edge of the Forbidden Forest-

After a little sneaking around, Naruto finally made it to the so-called Forbidden Forest. Truthfully, he didn't really take heed to all the warnings that the Headmistress imposed on him. He stood there wondering what was so dangerous about this place. It didn't even feel remotely harmful at all.

"You feel anything wrong?"

Not really, but I suggest you go in and check it out a bit more. It wouldn't hurt to find any clues about that Voldemort guy's wand.

Naruto nodded his head and proceeded towards the forest interior. The scenery remained the same for the next 15 minutes, dark and filled with trees. The walk itself became boring and uneventful. Rather than spend any more time in here, Naruto turned around and proceeded back since nothing was here to begin with. No clues, no bodies, nothing. Even the animals that give the forest its "Forbidden" status are nowhere to be seen.

Naruto, hold on a sec.

"Huh? What's up?"

I feel something. It's giving off this odd energy that I've never felt before. It's faint but I think you should check it out.

"Alright then, if this energy is the wand, then this mission will be done and we can go home."

Don't forget that the Hokage hag is forcing you to stay here for a year. I can recall all of the times she has beaten you up for not obeying her.

"Dammit." Naruto cursed. "Why does being Hokage have to mean I have to learn to 'not use my fists'?"

It's because of your impulsive nature tends to start disputes.

"Oh never mind. Where is this energy you were talking about?"

Let me take over because you won't see it.

Without saying a word, Naruto felt the Kyuubi's chakra and influence begin to seep into his consciousness. He closed his eyelids as more demonic chakra overflowed his chakra system. After a few moments, he opened his eyes, no longer were the calm blue eyes. Now they were replaced with irises of crimson. If looks could kill, this was it.

How long has it been since I last merged with you?

I don't know, half a year maybe?

I can't believe I've forgotten how it feels to rampage in a human body. Would you mind if this forest burns down?

Kyuubi, stay focused; and yes I would mind. I don't want to deal with another lecture for killing magical creatures.

Fine, from what I'm sensing, this object we're looking for is a bit deep underground.

Well start digging.

Shut the hell up! What am I, your dog?!

Technically speaking, yes you are.

That's it, once I find this thing; I will go in there and kick your ass.

Soon afterwards, Kyuubi managed to find the exact spot of this "thing" and looked at the ground with a mood of indifference. He thought about this decision for a moment and knew exactly what to do.

I don't care about what you say but I'm getting this thing MY way.

Wait, what the hell are doing?!

Naruto smacked himself mentally for even thinking of letting Kyuubi use his body. The only thing that disturbed him more was a raging Rasengan in both of his hands. Unfortunately for him, he had no control of his own motor functions since the Kyuubi's mental state was stronger than his at the moment. While Naruto was currently in state of worry, Kyuubi was laughing to himself for his method of digging.

Please don't tell me that you're using the Rasengan for digging.


Without any hesitation, Kyuubi slammed both of Naruto's hands onto the ground. Dirt and dead leaves began to fly all over the place. Once both Rasengans dissipated, there remained a giant crater.

Are you freaking insane?! Why would you want to attract attention to us, especially for what happened yesterday!

Calm your balls. The Rasengan isn't going to attract any attention. Not to mention that it doesn't even explode.

With your chakra it does.

Well you can deal with those problems later. I'm sure they won't suspect you since your clone is taking all the classes.

Fine, just find the damned thing already.

With five more Rasengans, Kyuubi managed to sense the object clear as day. Reaching down, he picked up a small gem. He could sense great power from this little rock and became more confused as to how it ended up here in the first place. But answers would have to wait since the multiple explosions from the Rasengan barrage are sure to attract attention from the forest animals and teachers.

So let me get this straight. We spent almost 2 hours searching in a dark as hell forest for some stupid rock that emits energy?

Pretty much.

Surprisingly, Naruto wasn't as mad as he thought he would be. Instead of raging like he used to, he took a deep breath and just accepted the result. With this mundane task now complete, Naruto could feel himself regaining control of his body. His aqua eyes finally returning with the rest of his consciousness. Slowly, he started walking to shake the numbness from his legs. For some odd reason, every time he and Kyuubi merged, numbness awaited him when he took back control. The rest of the way back to Hogwarts was uneventful and the Defense against the Dark Arts class wouldn't start until a few more hours. It turns out that lunch should be starting soon, and his stomach grumbled like a monster.

"Well, now that we've found this rock, let's go eat. I should practice the Hiraishin and see if it'll be able to go through walls."

Um, are you an idiot? Teleportation doesn't work here because of that stupid barrier they keep praising.

"That is where you are wrong my friend. The Hiraishin isn't teleportation since it's even faster than that. It's more like a summoning jutsu. The seal formula is there for a reason."

Well sorry for napping and having a dream of world domination.

With a shrug, Naruto concentrated chakra all over his body to the seal in the House of Namikaze. With one final burst of chakra, he was no longer in the Forbidden Forest but in his dorm. Every time he used the Hiraishin, this weird feeling always came with it. It felt somewhat like a rush and adrenaline would just fill his body instantaneously. It makes a person wonder how much adrenaline the Yondaime had since he used the jutsu so many times within a single minute.

But he didn't mind the adrenaline since it would usually help in most battles. It kept him wanted to fight more. Sure he may have been a little sadistic, but after so much time with Kyuubi, things have changed.

Is that a compliment or insult?!

-About 15 Minutes Later-

It was finally the time for a class that Naruto actually looked forward to, Defense against the Dark Arts. Walking to Professor Adonis's classroom in wasn't that much of a hassle; just the continuous pushing and shoving of other students soon became tiresome. Several moments later, he found himself standing in front of the class. Looking to the left and right, he was the only one remaining in the hallway.

Well isn't this convenient.

'How is this convenient?'

You're the last one to enter the class and don't forget that you are a new "student". Make your House proud.

'I don't get what you're implying, but here goes.'

Taking the first step into the class, Naruto took a glance of the room. Its basic architecture was the same as the rest of the castle. Other than that, the class had been decorated with many different things such as insects to practice spells on and shelves filled with books with odd characters Naruto had never seen before. Taking one final look around, he noticed the eyes of all the spell casters glued onto him. Usually, people would look at him with contempt, but they were staring at him with looks of curiosity. Ignoring them, Naruto made his way to the front of the class, only to see professor Adonis with his one eye standing there.

"How good of you to join us here at Hogwarts Mr. Uzumaki," Adonis began. "Why don't you introduce yourself to everybody?"

"Greetings, my name is Uzumaki Naruto. I hope we all get along and that you guys can help me adapt to living here." Naruto introduced with a bow.

In all honesty, Naruto didn't think the introductions were really necessary since most of them probably already knew who he is. Finding a seat, he only saw one open and sitting next to it was a boy with large round glasses and a scar that resembled a lightning bolt. Some old memory came up as Naruto saw the scar. He couldn't remember it exactly but he knew Dumbledore had mentioned it to him when this mission was requested. The only real feature that didn't match with the boy was the menacing glare.

"Alright students, welcome back to Hogwarts. My name is Adonis. I have no last name and I think it's better if you don't know why. Most of you here are seventh years and I'm hoping you all know the basic spells of this class." Adonis began. "If you don't, then I suggest you leave this room and scamper to the library and start reading. Raise your hand if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about."

All of the students kept their hands down since they all did their summer assignments and memorized everything to heart; well, all but one. One hand slowly rose up and everybody turned their attention to you know who.

"Um, sorry Adonis-sensei, but I don't anything about these spells you speak of," Naruto said nervously. In truth, that was a half-lie. He did know of spells, but he didn't know any of it. He started hearing some laughs and minor teasing. Made sense since they didn't have any shinobi and every other person had some potential in magic.

"Actually, you are a very special case Mr. Uzumaki. I've heard of how Japanese wizardry is highly different to our type of magic." Adonis explained. "Why don't you give us some details as to how they're different?"

'Great, what the hell am I supposed to say now?!'

Just explain to them jutsu or something.

'Do you honestly think that they would believe any word I say?'

We are in a world dominated and governed by magic, anything is possible baka.

'Does every sentence that comes out of your mouth have to insult me?!'

That's a rhetorical question.

"Ok, where should I begin? I guess the main difference would be that our 'spells' only consist of attacking, defending, and mind tricks. And we don't have any of those skills that make life easier. Where I come from, we call our 'spells' jutsu. The last thing is that our jutsu is used from energy from within our bodies." Naruto explained. "When I first met the old man, I saw him use his spells and not get tired. I showed him some of my own jutsu and concluded that yours can be used endlessly while ours are stronger, but limited."

Some of the students were curious as to how Japanese wizardry seemed to be so unorthodox to their own teachings. Just hearing the words attack and defense sent chills and made them wonder what the shinobi was taught. Another topic would have to be this new student's skills.

"How about you demonstrate your so-called jutsu for us," Adonis suggested.

'Great, I can't perform my jutsu here. They'll think I'm some godlike monster and then pester me with pointless questions.'

Speaking in their terms, you are.

'Yeah, tell me something I don't know.'

"Um, I can't say it's a good idea because my jutsu tend to be a bit destructive."

"Don't be silly. How strong could your jutsus possibly be?" Adonis asked with a doubtful chuckle.

'You'd be surprised.'

With a wave of his wand, Adonis managed to rearrange the desks inside to the side of the room. Waving his wand one more time, a 9-foot tall training mannequin appeared. Naruto just stood there, eyes wide and mouth open in amazement. After a few moments of regaining his composure, Naruto pulled out his twin wands.

"Hey, isn't it illegal to have two wands?!" a random student blurted out.

"Let's just say that I have special privileges and leave it at that."

The entire class went into confusion. Most people today don't know exactly why the use of twin wands were banned, but some speculate that it would be able to increase a wizard's power exponentially. If a dark wizard were able to acquire such power, then numerous calamities would've been occurring nonstop and eventually wands would be banned, marking the end of wizardry as we know it.

"Okay, I suggest that everyone back up because I don't want anyone hurting themselves out of curiosity." Naruto explained.

Everyone did as instructed and moved back near the entrance. The room turned silent and the anticipation grew as each second seemed like hours.

'What jutsu should I use? I don't want anyone to figure out my strength for this entire mission, but you know how I like to show off.'

I suggest you just do a basic fire and water jutsu. The Grand Fireball and Liquid Shotgun should suffice. But I want you to use both sticks.

'At the same time?'

No; use fire then water. It will have more awe for these pathetic humans.

Flicking both of his wrists, both wands of ruby and sapphire slid down his sleeve. Taking a deep breath, Naruto gather some chakra into his hands and felt the wands resonating with his power. Positioning himself about 6 feet away from the training mannequin and pointed the ruby wand.

"Katon: Grand Fireball!"

Immediately, a giant sphere of fire erupted from the tip of the ruby wand and shot towards the mannequin. Upon hitting it, the fireball exploded and the entire section of the room was engulfed in flames. Following almost instantaneously, Naruto raised the sapphire wand in preparation for his next jutsu.

"Suiton: Liquid Shotgun!"

Unlike pointing for the Grand Fireball, Naruto swung his arms upwards as water appeared from thin air. When there were numerous orbs present, he sliced the wand in a downward motion. The orbs flew at the flames and steam covered everyone's vision. A few moments later, the steam began to clear and all eyes were searching for the mannequin.

"W-where is it?" one student asked.

"Look down and you'll see it," Adonis replied.

Following their professor's advice, all the students looked down and found nothing but burning ash, yet even that was barely visible.

That went better than I anticipated.

'I don't know. Maybe I'll try it next we fight someone, but I doubt that'll be soon.'

"Well that was quite something Mr. Uzumaki. I see great potential within you." Adonis said. "Alright class, I believe it is time to start discussing about the fundamental basics of this class."

And so the class went like any other, long and boring. Well at least in Naruto's eyes. All the material Adonis taught was review from what the students were supposed to learn last year. Unfortunately for Naruto, all of it was completely confusing and almost seemed elementary compared to what he's already learned.

Holy Kami-sama that was the most boring thing I've ever experienced. Even your days at the academy were more enjoyable.

'How in any possible way is the academy do better than this?! I was picked on every day, ignored, and insulted!'

That's why it was enjoyable.

'You are a fucking asshole!'

Whoa! That language is unnecessary. Calm your balls.

'I swear to Kami that I will march in there and kick your ass if you insult me again. I'm not even joking.'

Oh, is that a challenge I hear from a brat in over his head? I think so.

'I've beaten you once, I can do it again!'

BWHAHAHHAHAHA! Your stupidity never ceases to amaze me. I remember your mother helping you with her chakra chains. If she wasn't there, we wouldn't be having this conversation.


Well it seems I've made my point. Even if our souls are connected, you'd still lose if you fought me.

From that point onwards, Naruto just kept to himself and blocked out Kyuubi's thoughts. He was able to tolerate the fox's cynical behavior, but being reminded of the pains of his past was a bit too much. After so many years with the Kyuubi, Naruto couldn't really blame him because he wasn't really at fault. It just happens that the villagers over exaggerated their fears and then took it out on a helpless child. But the real blame came from that bastard Tobi. If he hadn't caused the entire world panic when he tried to control the Kyuubi, Naruto could have been living a normal life with his parents.

During his deep thought session, he unknowingly walked to the Black Lake. Only silence filled the air. Looking toward the sky, he raised his hand in a fist.

"Mom, Dad, Ero-sennin, Old man Hokage, Kakashi-sensei, I promise to repay you all for everything you've given me. If you are watching me now, I would like to say, THANK YOU!

Yea, I just noticed the humor was kinda lacking but i don't care anymore. All i care about is if you guys enjoyed it. ^o^