A/N: I don't know what this is. It's just… every time I see Merlin and Arthur together, I think "They just complete each other so perfectly," and it made me wonder what others saw while looking at them.

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What Others See

Everyone can see it. Just looking at them, it is obvious. It does not matter that they are both men, and that this is a time where such practices are considered as foul as sorcery is in this land. Villagers see their prince, and they see his trusted manservant, always clumsy, always disobedient, but forever loyal, and they know. They accept.

Perhaps they would have chosen someone else for Prince Arthur, given the chance. There are a vast amount of beautiful people in the world, and Merlin, son of a man unknown, and of a woman who is nothing more than a poor villager, does not exactly fit into the category. He is nothing more than a servant, scrawny and gangly limbed and oddly eared, but even so, everyone in Camelot can tell that Merlin has a big heart, and it is his compassion that Prince Arthur needs above all else. Prince Arthur, with his shining gold hair and his eyes as blue as a cloudless sky, has enough good looks for the both of them, and being the prince of Camelot, will never be in need of anything aside from love and adoration and a bit of a challenge, which Merlin can gladly give him.

Perhaps they would have chosen someone else, be it man or women, or even beast, except they see the look in their Prince's eyes as he gazes upon his manservant, a warm, possessive joy and all but childish good humor. They see the love that is not so well hidden there, and the need, a kind of need that goes further than that of the flesh. They see their Prince's quick smiles, and the way that he stands, almost relaxed now, almost at ease, as Merlin stands beside him.

They see that with Merlin, Arthur is a new man, one that can live for more than just his kingdom, even if he cannot quite live for himself.

They see that their prince has found happiness, at last, and they cannot begrudge him that.

No… Merlin is perfect for their Prince. It's really quite obvious.

It's as if fate brought the two together merely to give Prince Arthur a chance to live and love and be a great man; a wondrous king when the time comes.

And no one can ask for more than that for their Prince.

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