A/N: This is my 1st lemon, so be a little easy. All reviews accepted.

May's PoV

It's night and I'm waiting for Ash. He said he'll be by 8:30 pm! Just thinking about tonight, and it just makes me hornier! Knock Knock! Outside my window, there's Ash! "Where were you! You kept me waiting!" I playfully said as I led he in. "Sorry babe but it's hard to get past Norman." Ash said. We start french kissing. And Ash's hand lift my shirt up. We part for air and I'm topless, as I don't wear bras at night. Ash's erection starts getting bigger and bigger and he goes toward my breasts. "Unun. Not until I give you a present." I say sexy. I strip him, leaving him completely nude. I start sucking on his dick. He starts moaning. He then cums in my mouth. Oh Mew, his cum tastes so good! "Now I strip you," and does so. He goes down on me and licks my pussy. "Oh god!" I start moaning. I'm just about to cum and he stops. "I'm not leading you cum just yet. Now his dick is fully erected again and the real fun starts here. "No condom?" Ash asked. "No, and all the way tonight." I replied. He obeyed and entered me. He starts off slow, just to torture me, and starts going faster. I moan, loving the way he does this act with me. I don't care if I get pregnant with his child! I fucking LOVE HIM! I feel myself getting closer to my climax. "May, cumming." He says while thrusting into me very fast. "Me too." I reply. Seconds later, I cum. My climax caused his, and I felt like I was flying when I got filled up with his seed. We then passed out.

The next morning...

I wake up, but there's no Ash, but a note.


I love you, but I have to go before Norman wakes up. That's why I have to leave early. But just know I love you.


P.S. Your panties smell great!

My Ash.