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Penny leaned over her dresser, staring into the mirror as she fastened her earrings. Last time she had been wearing clubbing clothes, this time she would be dressed properly. A long purple gown clung to her hips sensuously, a hidden slit down the slid allowing her free movement. The gown was made out of kind of soft silky material, it made her feel like a Princess, or at least a formal dancer. Her heels were simple and light, she was ready for a night of serious dancing. It might be the last night she ever got to go, after all. Sheldon might make her sign some kind of agreement banning future attempts to get him on the dance floor.

A gust of wind blew in through the open bedroom window, lifting her skirt and sending it swirling back at her heels. She smiled. A storm was coming in, and the air had that wonderfully crisp, electric feeling to it, the scent of the lilac laundry softener wafting through the room with it from the basket of clean laundry that was near the window. Penn loved storms.

Growing up in Omaha, she'd been able to watch the clouds roll in, ominous and black, gradually filling up the wide sky until they blotted out the sun completely and a roll of thunder brought down the rain. Cold, and wet, but fresh. Renewing. Storms made her feel alternately small, and bigger than life. When the lightening crossed the sky and the hairs on her arms stood up, she felt involved, and had often pretended to be the sorcerer's apprentice as a child, waving her arms at the clouds, commanding them to boom...

The feel of the wind throwing her hair back from her face, tangling it, her mother chiding her for staying out in the storm; the memories. Happy memories.

Tonight would be a happy memory.

As he knocked on the door, she took one last look and walked out of her bedroom, head held high. Tonight she was going to prove that he wasn't the only one who could move across the dance floor with grace.


He was quiet on the way there, his blue shirt crisply ironed and tucked into his tan pants, his fingers tapping on his seat belt anxiously. He had not yet learned how to be a relaxed passenger. It seemed a bit odd to be driving herself on what could be considered a date, but as the lightening flashed across the sy, she had to admit she didn't mind. She liked being in charge.

There wasn't much of a crowd this early, as they entered the building the lights flickered gently and a roll of thunder could be heard over the soft strains of the music.

"I certainly hope this building has been inspected recently." Sheldon muttered, "I think that thunder shook the floor."

"Shh." Penny rolled her eyes. "Are you afraid of thunder and lightening?"

Sheldon looked affronted. "Don't be ridiculous, I was merely implying that,"

She interrupted him by pulling him out onto the dance floor. "Then let's dance, it's what we are for."

Obligingly he wrapped an arm around her waist and took her hand in his own, his feet easily finding the rhythm and following the set pattern of the waltz he had learned so long ago. "I thought we were here to avoid a double date with Leonard and Priya?"

"That too." Penny sighed, focused on counting her steps. One, two, three and back, one, two...

For a while they danced in silence, listening to the music and the sound of the storm outside. Someone opened a window and every now and then a gust would blow across the dance floor, swirling skirts and sending chills up the backs of those who were in direct line of it. Every now and then, the lights would flicker, but the music played on, and around and around the floor went Sheldon and Penny.

"I feel like I'm in a movie." Penny whispered at one point. "This is the scene right before the lights go out."

"And the killer comes in waving a knife?" Sheldon guessed, distracted by a particularly loud clap of thunder.

"Not that kind of movie." Penny laughed. This was Sheldon she was talking to, he'd probably never seen the type of movies she was talking about, like The Sound Of Music, or any number of musical romances. Hell, even Mary Poppins had a dancing scene in it.

"While, what comes next then?" He frowned down at her.

"Oh," She paused to think. "Either a kiss or someone runs away, or both. I guess it's not the best metaphor is it?"

His eyebrows were up, but he made no comment, and continued to dance.

The lights didn't end up going out, and no one ran the other way or declared their undying love, but when they left the dance studio the storm had blown over and the world smelled like rain and renewal, prompting Penny to smile up at Sheldon and squeeze his arm.

"What?" He immediately asked.

"Nothing." She shook her head. "I'm just happy."

He looked at her curiously. "Oh." Suddenly he stopped.

"What?" It was her turn to ask. "Did you forget something?"

Without saying a word, he leaned over quickly and pressed a kiss to her lips, then proceeded to walk to her car and wait for the door to be unlocked.

"What was that for?" She asked finally.

"Just like the movies." He replied. "Wasn't it?"

Her smile was huge as she nodded. "Yeah." She agreed. "Tonight was just like the movies."

Or maybe even better.

The End.