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Pairing: SS/HP; LM/RL; HG/RW; NL/BZ

Status: SLASH!

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Harry sat in Snape's class trying to ignore Ron's constant rattling about Hermione and how hot she was. He gave a grateful sigh when his magic instinctively put a Silencio on the babbling red head and went back to his potion. Neville shot him a thankful smile over his shoulder before quickly turning back to his cauldron in hopes that Snape wouldn't notice and leave them be for the class. It was obviously too late as Harry caught the swirling black cloak of the Head of Slytherin heading their way. He kept his eyes down and focused on his potion, maybe if he didn't meet the Professor's eyes he wouldn't need to put on the Gryffindor act.

"Mr. Potter," came Snape's silky drawl, Harry cursed as an excited shiver went down his spine, why him? He quickly recovered and masked his reaction quickly before looking up and meeting his Potion Professor's onyx eyes, "Yes, Professor?" he asked quietly, continuing to work on his potion, he was almost finished.

"Why does it seem Mr. Weasley is speaking with no voice?" his voice was not accusing for once and merely curious and Harry felt surprise, was the spell finally wearing off them? From the surprised looks from the other Gryffindor's his assumption was true and he had to fight down a grin.

Harry looked over snorting at the sight of his friend glaring at him and obviously cursing him with every word in the book before his eyes widened slightly, the Boy-Who-Lived turned back to his Professor to draw attention back to himself, "He got annoying," the emerald-eyed boy said with a shrug.

He quickly ducked a swipe from the red head behind him and stuck his tongue out teasingly before turning back to his potion and finishing it. He placed a protective, stasis charm over the cauldron and then began cleaning his area, returning the supplies to the storage closet. While he was gone the Potions Master decided to check the boy's work just in case and was surprised to see a perfect Dreamless Sleep potion before him.

When Harry returned Snape spoke up, "How is it, Mr. Potter, that you can create a perfect Dreamless Sleep potion but fail at creating a simple boiling reducing potion?" he asked incredulous, staring at the seventh year shocked.

Harry went to answer but both men's attention was drawn to the other side of the room where a horrified scream shattered the tense silence of the potion lab. Crabbe stood staring horrified at Draco Malfoy, who lay writhing in pain on the ground as a toxic looking green liquid sunk into his skin and clothing. Slowly the writhing stopped and the pale aristocratic boy lay shaking on the ground before he began glowing and suddenly a burst of white light blinded everyone in the room, causing them to turn away.

The moment the light disappeared everyone was peering back to the spot where Draco had lay, curious to see what had happened to their fellow seventh year. Where the blonde boy had once lay was a smaller version of him. Wide, fearful silver eyes scanned the crowed of students, his soft blonde locks fell down to frame his face. Even with the baby fat the young Malfoy looked like a prince. As people began to crowded around him harry saw what the others had not, the look of a frightened animal cornered. He had seen it enough in his own eyes when he had caught his own reflection when running from his cousin and his gang or trying to shield himself from his Uncle's beatings.

"Back off!" his voice was quite, only a bit above a whisper, but it carried a steel tone as it traveled over the chattering voices in the lab.

Everyone went silent instantly, his tone held no room for argument. Harry began making his way over to the small Slytherin and the small crowd of students parted to make a path form him as if afraid to get in his path. The few Gryffindor's he passed nodded in respect to his standing and he smiled at them briefly, but his mind was set on the fearful boy before him.

When he was within a few feet of the boy he stopped, knowing better than to get in striking distance. He removed his cloak slowly so the little blonde would see his every move and placed it in the small space between the two of them before sitting down where he had stood, crossing his legs. After a few moments the boy finally gave a movement, he kept a wary eye on Harry, but glanced about fearfully if anyone around them even shifted. He moved his hand hesitantly toward the Harry's robe before snatching it up and wrapping it around his trembling, naked body.

Harry gave him a warm and reassuring smile before he spoke up in a soothing whisper, making sure not to raise his voice in any way that may be taken as anger, "Are you hurt Hatchling?" he asked kindly.

Draco's eyes widened as if he had never been asked that question before, and in his mind he probably hadn't yet Harry thought angrily. Whoever had harmed this boy would pay dearly if he had any say in the matter, and he was determined to get one! The Boy-Who-Lived was drawn from his thoughts when the silver-eyed boy gave a hesitant shake of his head in negative, flinching into himself when one of the seventh years shuffled forward from being pushed from behind.

Harry drew the boy's attention back to himself by smiling at him warmly, "That's good to hear!" he said, letting some of the relief he felt leak into his voice.

The blonde tilted his head to the side, searching Harry's emerald eyes with his own silver, knowledge behind his years shining there. It seems he found what he was looking for because he gave Harry an angelic smile before walking the small distance between the two and cuddling into Golden Boy's lap. Harry slowly and deliberately wrapped his arms around the small boy, holding him to his chest to calm his shaking. A fond smile came to the seventeen-year-olds face as the small blonde snuggled in closely, giving a peaceful sigh.

"My name is Harry, what is yours little one?" he asked gently, knowing better than to act as if he knew him it would only make the blonde fear him.

"I'm Draco, Mr. Harry," he the blonde whispered, his voice hoarse. Harry ran his fingers soothingly through the boy's hair as he chuckled, "Just Harry, Hatchling, just Harry," he said warmly.

The blonde looked up into his face with veiled hope, "I can really call you Harry?" he asked, happiness filling him like a balloon.

"Of course, we're friends right?" Harry said ruffling the boy's hair fondly.

The blonde nodded enthusiastically before hugging Harry tightly around the neck and the Boy-Who-Lived felt his heart soar, he was happy to have been able to help at least one child like him. Harry squeezed Draco to his chest warmly, making the boy snuggle even closer into his chest. Suddenly Harry felt tears falling down his cheeks and jolted in shock, he hadn't cried since he had been forced beneath the spell McGonagall had placed on them all! Looking around he saw that the other Gryffindors were in the same situation and were staring at each other in shock. A gasp from Hermione caused them all to look over to her and she pointed to her wrist, that's when they all knew the spell was gone!

Cheers of pure joy filled the room as people embraced and high fived all around. The Slytherin's glanced around confused and Snape just watched all of this unfold in shock. Harry was drawn from his thoughts when a little hand placed itself on his cheek, wiping away his tears.

"Does Harry hurt?" the boy whispered, fear in his eyes.

Harry gave the boy a watery smile, "No little Hatchling, I'm just really happy," the Boy-Who-Lived whispered to him gently running his fingers through his hair.

Harry could tell the former Prince of Slytherin was confused but he only nodded his head and went back to snuggling into the Golden Boy's chest. Harry chuckled, looking up his eyes were caught by Snape's own onyx. A shock of awareness shot through him and his emerald eyes widened slightly, had the spell kept him from his bond mate?