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Summary: Gang Members, Penguins, Watermelons, Gall Bladder, Beer.

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Providence Rules

Like most things it had started when Rex got bored…which happened a lot.

One day while refilling his coffee supply from the commissary's store room Callan noticed a crisp white sheet of paper stuck to the communal message board. Usually the grunts and scientists used it to pass notes like they were in high school and didn't know how to use their Providence e-mail accounts. But this was an official in-house memo. That was strange.

To All Providence Personnel:

To save both you and myself a lot of trouble and headache I have compiled a list of simple rules to help make life easier for all involved. These addenda haven't officially been added to the Providence handbook, but it should be known that violation of any of the below rules will result in severe punishment.

White Knight

Callan whistle low. To make it on to the message board in an official memo from White, someone must have gotten in serious trouble. He read on.

1) Alcohol is no longer allowed within 100 yards of Providence premises.

It had started with bored, armed Providence grunts out in the desert with a case of beer launching watermelons with a Punkin' Chunker and trying to shoot them down like a redneck version of trap shooting. Add Rex and Noah to the mix and a Slam Cannon sized hole in the side of Providence was the result.

2) on't lie to Dr. Holiday.

a) She has access to big, pointy needles.

During a routine patch job after a fight with BioWolf Six had barfed on the good Doctor. When she asked what was wrong he denied everything and made a beeline for the door. The last thing he remembered was a sharp pinch in his neck.

The next time he opened his eyes he was on his back in the infirmary wearing a drafty hospital gown with a few new scars. Dr. Holiday handed him a specimen jar full of nickel-sized stones and then promptly told him she'd had to remove his gallbladder and that if she had to remove anymore organs because he wouldn't admit he was in pain she would make sure he was in SERIOUS pain.

3) Don't laugh at EVO's.

a) It only pisses them off.

b) Goofy and stupid looking doesn't mean they're not dangerous.

Gang members had cornered Rex in a dead-end alley. When he pulled out his Smack Hands they went EVO. He laughed so hard he was crying. The cute fluffy penguins didn't take to kindly to this. Rex was then crying in pain as the jumped on him and beat him mercilessly with their cute little flippers.