Summary: Underwear, the IRS, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dating, and Local Police. Standard rules apply to this challenge. The words/phrases must be utilized in some fashion in your story. The universe and character set are entirely dependent on the author/authoress. Your ficlet can be no longer than three front to back hand written pages. We encourage finding friends to proof read (beta) your story before submission. We aren't talking a professional critique. Just a grammar and coherency check. Joint stories are also accepted under the same guidelines.


After her ten-mile morning run Ensign Kenwyn jogged spritely into the Providence commissary for a bottle of water. Her eyes glanced routinely over the message board and stopped on a new piece of paper taped below White Knight's official memo.

As she scanned the contents she had to laugh. Ever since Agent Six had lost the last six years of his life here at Providence he was almost as much of a nuisance as Rex.

4) All receipts must be turned into accounting for approval before filing.

a) Personal items should be bought with staff salary not Providence grant money

b) Even though we save the world we still have to get auditted people

Accounting didn't think it was funny when Six turned in a receipt for condoms and lubricant from the local drug store. When White Knight called them into a conference to talk about 'in-house fraternization' a resounding slap was heard throughout the base. The good doctor and the amnesiac agent left a moment later with a very pissed look on her face and a bright red handprint on his while he tried to redeem himself to her.

5) Google is not the cure for amnesia

Curious to find out about the last six years suddenly missing from his life Agent Six constantly questioned Rex and Bobo. Not really knowing much the monkey and EVO decided to Google the ex-mercenary. A few hours later all three sat in awe in the Command Center. Articles about Michelle Pfeiffer, Sandra Bullock, Scarlett Johannsen, and Shania Twain dating a mysterious man in green filled the screens.

Doctor Holiday walked in on Rex crawling on his knees behind the befuddled agent pleading with him to teach him how to 'bag all the babes.'

6) Local police request that hence forth Agent Six and Captain Callan are not allowed off-base after hours.

a) Especially at the same time.

Callan found he liked the new cocky Six. One boring Friday night found them at a seedy strip club with the weeks wages in singles. Too many drinks in and they thought it would be a great idea for Six to use his Magna Blades to slice the exotic dancers underwear off and Callan would steal them.

The boys in blue chased them around town for three hours – their pockets filled with g-strings – until Rex dropped from the sky and slammed their heads together. Dr. Holiday had to do some fast talking to keep them out of jail even though Knight was more than happy to hand the deliquent drunks over.