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This story is a Severus/Harry FAMILY fiction. They are not paired together, nor will they ever be in this writing of mine. This will also be in first person, switching between Severus and Harry's point of views. Don't worry, it will be very clear that the view is changing; it's my pet peeve when people don't.

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WAIT! P.S- Bad Dumbledore. Well, not so much bad, but very manipulative. I know that having him like that makes some people cringe

Severus POV

Scowling, I pulled on my atrocious muggle attire that consisted of dark blue jeans and a black button up shirt that thankfully had sleeve. Over and over in my head I cursed myself, not understanding why I was even doing this.

Dumbledore, the old coot, had mentioned the night before that he had not checked up on the Potter brat once since he left the boy on the door step of the Dursley's home. But why did I even care? The 'Boy Who Lived' was probably getting pampering rival to my Godson, Draco Malfoy. He would come to Hogwarts thinking himself better than everyone else at the school, just like his father.

But unlike Dumbledore, I had in fact, met Petunia Dursley. I'm sure she is just as horrible as she was when she was Petunia Evans, if not worse. And anyone who would willing marry that stick of a horse faced woman couldn't be good either. Dumbledore hadn't seen the conceded child Lily's sister was, and he hadn't seen her disgust at her sister that had grown off her jealousy.

Just one look at the boy and I would be satisfied. Just to make sure he was in fact being treated like the little prince I couldn't wait to take down a peg or two in my potion lessons in five years when he turned eleven and came to Hogwarts.

My jaw clenched and my brow furrowed, I slipped my wand into my pants pocket and appaerated to Number 4 Privet Drive.

A sneer on my face, I walked up to the house, in disbelief at how muggles built their communities. Did they honestly enjoy not being able to tell which house was their own at first glance? My own home in Spinners End was no palace, but it was far better than anything in this clone filled neighborhood. Shaking my head, I knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer.

I knew that someone other than Petunia might answer the door; after all, the woman was married. I wasn't expecting, however, the door to be opened by a man that could be easily mistaken as a walrus.

"Hello?" he asked gruffly, taking in my professional appearance. "If you're selling something, we don't want any."

"Actually, Mr.…" I paused, my eyes narrowed at him in expectance.

"Vernon Dursley." The man answered, looking annoyed that I was still talking.

"Mr. Dursley, I am a sponsor." I lied smoothly. "I choose a child in kindergarten, based on their potential, and if they maintain good grades throughout their school I pay for all of their college. If their grades remain good enough, I pay for a private school through their high school years." The dollar signs were almost visible in the man's beady eyes, and I wanted nothing more than to hex him for being an abomination on this earth then leave to go back to my lab.

"Well you have come to the right place sir!" the man exclaimed, his fat face bunching up in odd places as he beamed at me. "My Dudley has more potential than any of the others his age. The boy is simply brilliant!"

I instantly picked up on the fact that he did not mention Harry Potter, and my stomach clenched. It wasn't possible that I had been right. No, Dursley was just talking about his son first because the Potter boy isn't very smart. Even as I repeated that in my head, my heart sank into my stomach.

Vernon, being oblivious to my clenched jaw and twitching left hand, invited me in, babbling about his son the entire way to the sitting room.

My eyes, trained from years of being a spy, flicked around as the man attempted to chat my ear off. The walls were covered in pictures of one of the ugliest children I have ever seen, a blob of fat mass with a tuff of blond hair on his head. I am positive my gag reflex actually went off. But there was not once picture of a boy with black hair and green eyes. Not one.

I almost snorted in amusement as he fell onto his couch and continued to talk, not once taking a step to be a good host. Had I actually been a sponsor, I would have laughed in this man's face and left after this kind of disrespect.

"Mr. Dursley-" I began to interrupt.

"Call me Vernon!" the man exclaimed, like this made us connect more.

"Vernon, is there not two children in this house?" I asked my voice cold. The smile vanished instantly.

"So you heard about him did you?" he snarled, face turning an interesting shade of air that made me almost worry for his health before I realized that if he suffocated I would be much happier with my situation. "Don't bother with him; he is a freak, always causing trouble, always trying to hurt my son."

Bloody hell.

Pulling out my wand in such a quick movement I doubted the obese man caught it I pointed it at his face, praying that he realized what it was. My satisfaction grew as the man paled, going almost cross eyed so that he could see my wand.

Of course, at that exact moment, Petunia walked in with their blob of a son.

"YOU!" she shrieked, pointing a finger at me and pushing her son behind her. Had the situation not been to serious, I would have laughed at the fact that her son, at six years old, could not actually be hidden by his mother's body he was so large.

"Yes Tuney, me." I sneered, glaring hatefully at the woman. "Where is Lily's son?"

"Potter is not here." She said stiffly, eyes glued on my wand as her husbands were. My eyes narrowed even further and my voice became dangerously low when she called six year old charge by his last name.

Smirking, I trained my wand on Petunia, enjoying her sharp intake of breath. Fear. I had forgotten how wonderful it was when the person deserved to live in fear for the crimes they had committed.

"Don't test me Tuney. Surely you remember Lily telling you about the horrible murders, the Death Eaters." Petunia refused to move, but I saw the recognition in her eyes. "Did she manage to tell her dear sister that her best childhood friend had joined the Death Eaters?" the woman's eyes widened in pure horror.


"We've been over this." I snapped, letting sparks fly out of my wand just to scare them. The boy actually began to cry. "I'm a Death Eater Petunia; you know what they are capable of. And if you tell me where Harry Potter is then I am going to use your family for practice. Maybe I will invite some friends over to join." She need not know that I was against the Dark Lord, or that he had fallen.

"The cupboard!" Petunia gasped out. "Just take the freak and leave, kill him elsewhere if that is what you want, just get him out of my house first and leave my family alone!"

Rage filled me as Petunia spoke of a child in such a manner. She seemed to realize that this was the wrong thing to say. I took a step closer to her, making her stumbled back away from me, her child falling to the floor as he had no warning of the movement.

"You really are the exact opposite of Lily, aren't you Tuney?" I hissed, disgust coloring my tone.

Swallowing a curse, I strode over to the locked cupboard under the stairs, flicking back the lock and flung it open.

Sitting on the floor was a boy barely big enough to be four years old, let alone six. His pale sickly skin was stretched over his bones, and glasses with broken lenses were perched on his face, held together at the bridge with tape. The rags that hung off his body where so much he seemed to drown in them, and they were covered in stains and dirt. Goosebumps covered his skin, along with bruises and numerous cuts. Huge green eyes peered up at me in fear and despair, his small body trembling. He had obviously heard our conversation.

Kneeling before the child, I was at a loss of what to do. There were many abused students in my house, but none of them had ever been this small, this innocent, this broken. Comforting wasn't a strong point of mine, but I had little choice.

"I won't hurt you Harry." I said softly, almost moving to hold out a hand to him before thinking better of it. He stared at me blankly.

"He doesn't know his name." snorted Vernon. I clenched my teeth and closed my eyes for a second so that I wouldn't turn around and send a crucio at the man.

"Little one, there is nothing to fear." I said softly. "I am going to take you away from here." As soon as those words came out of my mouth, the boy flew at me, his fragile arms around my neck, holding me as tightly as I could.

Shocked, I wrapped my arms around him and stood up, holding his far too small body against my side as he buried his face into my neck.

What was I suppose to do now?

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