Here's the next round of the PucKurt Shuffle. I have another 10 songs that have either been requested or that I just want to do a fic to. If I get enough, they will be in batches of 10 and updated daily.

The ratings on these vary from K-M but they will be under M just to be safe, and the genres are all over, but they will all be romance and something else.

The first time I heard this song, I had a vision of Puck coming home and Kurt taking off his sweater to reveal that he's pregnant. Maybe it's just me...


The Sweater Song - Hedley

'Why do you have to go?' Kurt pouted, as he leaned into Puck for a kiss.

'Because if I don't go, I won't graduate,' he replied, bestowing a deep kiss on Kurt.

'Who said you had to graduate?'

Puck chuckled, 'you did for starters. And your dad and my Nana and Carole.'

'I get it,' Kurt huffed.

'I'll only be gone for two months.'

'Doesn't mean I have to like it. Why did you have to pick the farthest one away?'

'Because it's the best.'

Kurt sighed, he knew that, didn't mean he had to like it, but he was going to miss Puck. He pulled away and went to get something.

'Here, take this,' he shoved the what might have been a shirt in to Puck's hands.

'It's your shirt,' Puck stated, holding up the t-shirt he'd bought for Kurt on their first date.

'Yes it is. To remind you that you have someone waiting for you,' he offered. His way of saying please don't forget about me.

'I love you, Kurt, nothing and no one will change that.' He stated as he pulled off his sweater to wrap around Kurt's shoulders. 'I'll call every night'

'You better,' Kurt mumbled from Puck's shoulder.

She said, "Baby, don't leave.
Be home, stay close, be close to me.
Boy, don't be gone. Boy, don't be gone."
He said, "Baby, you know,
I gotta run. I gotta go.
I won't be long. Girl, I won't be long."

She said, "Boy don't you flirt
and, baby, please just don't get hurt
and if you feel alone, then here, take my shirt."
He said, "Forever, girl. I know you hate the weather, girl.
So, maybe you should hold onto my sweater, girl."

Puck dropped his bag as he kicked the door shut.

'Kurt, babe?' he called, wondering where the other man was. It was still early and Kurt was a night owl, he didn't expect to find Kurt asleep on the couch, wrapped in Puck's sweater.

'Kurt,' he sang softly, as brushed some stray hair from Kurt's forehead.

Kurt mumbled something and shifted, but didn't wake.

Puck's hand snaked up Kurt's thigh and cupped his half hard cock, squeezing it gently.

Kurt moaned and spread his legs, giving Puck easier access. Puck grinned, massage Kurt to hardness.

'Noah,' Kurt moaned as he exploded into his pants, and woke.

'Hey, there,' Puck grinned, his hand still working Kurt.

'Noah!' Kurt blurted as he launched himself at the bigger man, latching onto his mouth.

Puck eased away from Kurt, 'let's get you out that sweater,' he offered, running his hands under the sweater.

Kurt stopped his hands, 'there's something you need to know, first,' he said softly, before he let Puck pull off the sweater.

He had a thin t-shirt on underneath but it had ridden up to reveal Kurt's not so flat stomach.

'Kurt?' he asked in confusion, his large hand splayed on the small bump.

'I didn't know how to tell you on the phone,' he replied covering Puck's hand with his own.

Puck easily carried Kurt into their room, before they stripped each other naked and reacquainted themselves with the others body.

He said, "Back to forever, girl.
I hope you endured the weather, girl.
Now all I wanna do is get you outta that sweater, girl."
She said, "I love the way you flirt.
I'm so glad you didn't get hurt.
Now let me see you naked, without that shirt."

If you have a song you would like to see as a PucKurt fic, or just a favourite song, feel free to leave it in a review! ;-)