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Last Train Home – Ryan Star

'Stay the hell away from my son!' Burt growled. If ever there was an image of Burt as a bear, this was it as he loomed over Puck, who as nursing his bruised jaw.

'Dad!' Kurt blurted, indignantly.

'Why is it so hard for everyone to believe that I love him?' Puck demanded, angry that no one seemed to think him capable of loving Kurt. Of wanting to be with the other boy.

'Because, you don't stay with one girl long enough to establish any relationships,' Burt stated. 'I know who you are, Puckerman. I know what you've done, and I won't have you hurting my son, just so you can have another notch on your belt. Now go home.'

Puck wanted to argue, but the teary head shake from Kurt had Puck glaring at Burt, he could be a bear too and storm off. Slamming his door shut as the engine, restored by Kurt, roared to life.

Burt turned to find his son storming into the house, slamming the door shut behind him. With a sigh he headed into the house, this was just a phase. He was sure that Kurt would get over this, maybe meet some new boy, when he was at school.

We were only kids,
We ran like water.
Your dad said,
Stay away from my daughter.
The sun was coming down when I said,
Can't you just believe?

It had been almost a year since Kurt had seen Puck. He had talked to him, mostly through email, but it was still communication.

Puck was still in love with Kurt, and Kurt still loved Puck.

Burt had been bullied by Carole into giving Puck a job at the garage; he had been the most capable and knowledgeable of the applicant's, and he was talking courses at the community college to help his grades so he could get into a good school. He'd started to get his shit together during his last year, at Kurt's urging, but it hadn't quite been enough.

Kurt had shown up at the garage a day early.

He had brightened visibly at the sight of Puck, in his uniform, covered in grime.

'Kurt,' Puck had breathed in something akin to awe, as he dropped his tools and rushed to Kurt, sweeping him into his arms.

'Fuck, I missed you,' he breathed in Kurt's clean scent, before setting him on his feet to kiss him.

'Puckerman!' Burt bellowed angrily as he stormed from the office, unimpressed with the sight of Kurt in Puck's arms.

'Look, Mr Hummel,' Puck began, standing in front of Kurt, who was rather speechless, 'I love Kurt, whether you believe me or not, doesn't change that fact. I'm not the same kid from a year ago. I've changed, because of and for Kurt. I want to be good enough for him, and we both know that I won't ever be perfect, but I can damn well try and I will. I'm not letting Kurt go. I will be his light when he's lost, and his voice when he doesn't know what to say. I'll wait for him for as long as I have to, but ever giving up. I love him too much to just stop fighting for him. Why do you think I started working here?'

Burt studied Puck, before Kurt let out a pained whimper and both men focused their attention on him, but Puck was closer. He pulled into his arms, but not before Burt noticed the tears and the giant smile.

He sighed in defeat.

And if you wait for me,
I'll be the light in the dark if you lose your way.
And if you wait for me,
I'll be your voice if you don't know what to say.
I'll be your shelter,
I'll be your fate.
I'll be forever,
Wait for me.
I'll be the last train,
I'll be the last train home.

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