A/N: First off, thank you to all the Alex fans out there and I'm sorry it has taken soooooo long for a new story. For those of you new to Alex, please bear in mind you will have had to have read the "Memories" trilogy to understand what's going on.

Now, on with the show and I hope you enjoy!

Alex pulled the towel off her head and sighed at the sight in the mirror. Her once white-blonde hair had been replaced with a mass of jaw length black hair, courtesy of a haircut and dye bottle. Staring at herself she couldn't help but laugh, with her pale skin and cobalt blue eyes she looked like snow white.

Because of Sicily's background as driver for America's most wanted, Alex had gone to her for help. Sicily had jumped at the chance and gone to work on everyone within a foot of her. After Jill's dye job and contacts, plus Rebecca's Marine Core haircut, Alex had avoided her for a week before getting jumped, with Chris' help of course.

"It's not too bad."

Alex glanced up at Chris' reflection in the mirror. At least he was in a better mood than the previous three days. Because of his and Rebecca's background with Umbrella, i.e. they were the only two S.T.A.R.S. members that Umbrella was sure was still alive, neither could be included in the official roster in Dean.

"I suppose it could be worse." Alex said, tossing the towel on the sink. "Could have Jill's blue…she looks like a blueberry."

"I don't like it."

Alex sighed, raking her fingers through her wet hair. She understood what Chris was talking about, he didn't like the idea of the others putting themselves in danger while he and Rebecca stood by and watched.

"And here I thought you'd be happy playing my husband."

Two swift steps kept Chris from saying anything else. As Alex pulled back from the kiss, she saw the love lighting his eyes.

"We can't take a chance that Umbrella is watching. Be happy you're not Rebecca, I don't think you could handle High School again…"