Hey everyone the wait is over. Here is the first chapter to my new story. ENJOY AND REVIEW!


The planet looked dead as if someone personally came to kill it. A tree line in the distance was ruined. A wreaked ship lay on the plateau opposite of the one he stood on. And the temple, the temple herself lay in a pile of scrap and debris.

Who had done this? Who came to his home and ruined it? He left for about two years and returned to this. It made his anger grow just looking at it.

Before he had left, he placed a holocron inside the temple that would activate the moment a Jedi, was in its presences. Now that holocron lay in pieces at his feet. It's dark power practically gone.

He knelt beside the pieces and picked all up with the force. He let the pieces lie on the palm of his hand. He used his free hand and used the force to connect the pieces back together. Once again the holocron sat in his hand as a whole. However its power was still weak.

"Who did this?" he asked.

A Jedi, it said through the force.



"Tell me."

Obi-wan…Kenobi, it said then fell to pieces again in his hand.

He let the pieces drop to the floor and walked to his ship, his cloak flying behind him. He boarded the ship and took his seat. He started the ship up and left to find a new home.

"Obi-wan Kenobi will pay for ruining my home," he said to himself. "And I have just the idea."

Then the ship jumped into hyperspace leaving his home and works behind on Zigoola.

I hoped you all enjoyed it because this is just the beginning.

Now we have questions:

Who is this guy?

Is he a sith?

What will happen to Obi?