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Chapter 16- Awake

Something was shining so brightly it made Obi-wan wince. Was it sunrise already? He slowly and carefully opened his eyes and noticed he wasn't in his bed; he was in the Halls of Healing. How did I get here? He thought. Suddenly he remembered what happened. Oh yes I started to attack Anakin in the council chambers then I passed out. But for how long was I out?

Suddenly the door opened and glanced over to see Master Vokara Che coming in. She gasped.

"Master Kenobi, you're awake," Master Che said out of shock.

"Master Che?" he asked drowsily. "How long was I out for?"

Her eyes widened.

"Practically a week," she said.

"A week?"

She nodded. "I'm so glad you're awake, Master Yoda will be pleased to hear it."

"Where's Sasha?" he asked.

"She and Bail Organa went after the sith that was attacking you and her," she said.

"Is she alright?" he asked sitting up.

"I just received word from Master Yoda that they are coming home as we speak and should be here by sun down," Master Che said. "However, I was told to prepare a bed for Sasha. I'm guessing she got injured."

Obi-wan nodded. He climbed out of bed and when he stood he almost fell. Master Che ran over and caught him.

"Easy," she said lowering him back down. "You haven't used your legs for a week; they are not strong enough yet."

Obi-wan sighed and tried again this time he only swayed, he didn't fall.

"Let's get you something to eat,' Vokara Che said as she helped guide him to the door. "And you can walk there to get the strength back."

Obi-wan smiled and nodded.

The ship set down on the landing platform of the Jedi Temple. Bail noticed that Master Yoda and a twi'lek Jedi standing waiting. Bail shut down the engines and went to the back of the ship. Sasha was still unconscious on the cot and she hadn't awakened since he knocked her out.

Arthree, who was parked next to her, beeped. Bail lifted Sasha into his arms and carried her down the ramp, Arthree trailing behind them. He walked up to Master Yoda and the other Jedi.

The female Twi'lek looked down at Sasha.

"Let's get her to the Halls of Healing quickly," she said. She then gestured to two apprentices behind her, who had a medical stretcher, to come forward.

They came up and Bail laid Sasha down on the stretcher. Immediately the two padawans turned and headed to the Halls of Healing, Master Vokara Che running after them, leaving Bail and Yoda behind.

"Master Yoda, has Obi-wan woken up yet?" Bail asked.

"Awake he did, earlier today," said Yoda.

"That's good," Bail said.

Master Yoda looked up at him. He noticed the bleeding bandage on Bail's arm.

"Injured, you are Senator," Yoda said. "Come, treat you we will."

Bail nodded and followed Yoda to the Healing center.

A cough caught in her throat, made Sasha wake up. She coughed and she winced from how much it hurt.

"Easy, padawan," said a male voice with a Coruscanti accent.

Sasha slowly opened her eyes to see, her master, Obi-wan sitting beside her.

"Ma..ster?" she croaked.

"Don't speak, Sasha. You're injuries are serious, you should rest," he said.

"Bail… where… is… he?" she asked.

"He's being taken care of by Master Che," Obi-wan said. "He told me what you two went through the past week." He paused and brushed back Sasha's hair. "I'm so sorry Sash that I let this happen to you."

Sash? No one except for Zane had ever called her that. She shook her head carefully.

"It's… not your…fault," Sasha said. "You… would have… done…the same…for me."

Obi-wan felt tears rise. He caressed Sasha's cheek, tears fell from her eyes. He carefully lifted her up off the mattress and held her in his arms.

Bail watched the moment from the doorway and felt tears rise himself. Obi-wan laid Sasha back down, said something to her, got up, and left the room. That's when Bail ran into him.

"Bail," Obi-wan said.

"How is she?" Bail asked.

"She's in pain, I was going to go and get Master Che to help her," Obi-wan said.

Bail nodded and walked along side Obi-wan as he went to go and tell the healer. There was a silence between them.

Obi-wan broke it.

"Thank you Bail," he said.


"Thank you for protecting and saving Sasha," he said. "I don't know what would happen if I lost her."

Does Obi-wan feel an attachment toward Sasha? He thought. I thought that was forbidden for a Jedi.

Bail nodded. "No problem."

Obi-wan gave him a smile. They came to a stop in front of a door.

"Hey I'm gonna get out of here," Bail said. "I need to go and contact Breha and I've got some senate stuff to catch up on."

"Alright," Obi-wan said. "See you later?"

"Totally," Bail said.

They two then embraced in a hug then pulled away. Obi-wan watched as Bail headed back to the hanger to go home then he turned and entered the Masters office. A thought did come to his mind.

I've got to remind Master Yoda to award Bail for being so brave and for killing a sith.

He shrugged and closed the door behind him. The only thing that mattered at the moment was that his padawan, Sasha, was safe with him again.

The End.


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