This is one-shot that expresses the angst that Puck and Quinn must feel way deep down. It's the pain that Ryan Murphy used to write. Before being an underdog went mainstream. It's raw emotion. Raw Quick. Reviews are much appreciated.

They're outside. They're in the McKinley courtyard. The moonlight makes her tears shine. The sound of her sobs eats at his soul. He can't fight his feelings for her. Not anymore.

"Babe, you look like freakin' Cinderella! You're so beautiful. You're pretty, you're cute, you're smart, you're athletic, you're caring, and totally hot when you're pissed." He says putting a hand on the crying blonde's shoulder.

"Don't call me babe. You know I'm with Finn." she sneers at him.

"Your facebook relationship statuses just say 'in a relationship', Quinn. Until yours says 'with Finn Hudson' then I'm afraid, I'm gonna keep calling you babe. It keeps me sane to pretend you're mine anyways." He counters, trying to avoid sounding hurt. But it's true. He's hurt. But he wouldn't dare to cry in front of anyone, except the dust bunnies under his bed.

The blonde bombshell lets out an exhale that almost resembles a chuckle. Its the same type of breath that had left her lips when he had told her he loved her. That "God, you're cheesy" type of chuckle that can only be mustered up when he's near.

"If it helps, I'm pissed at Rachel too. She steals your boyf..." The word hurts him too much to say it. "Finn, I mean. Then Jesse shows up tryna get back with her and she starts a fight between Finn and him? And I thought you were good at drama. Jesus." He places his hands on the back of his head like he often does when he was stressed.

"It is her fault you two broke up but..." He takes a step closer to her. "it's not like you have to leave the prom single." He says, trying to gauge her reaction to him hitting on her at such a bad time.

She doesn't say a word. She can't. She's just sniffling. No more tears, just fear. Fear of what words may come out of the lips she longed to kiss.

"It should've been you." He says in his normal voice. But then the volume changes. He's speaking in a whisper that he can barely hear. "Shoulda been me too." He grits his teeth, trying to hide his obvious anger. He's not angry with her though. He's angry with himself. With Finn. With Sam. With Matt. If Matt hadn't moved, Sam wouldn't have joined Glee Club. If Sam hadn't joined Glee, they wouldn't have dated. If they wouldn't have dated, Finn wouldn't have stolen her from Sam. It's like a storm but the only tree to get struck by lightning is him. It's not fair. It should've been him. It should've been them.

"You?" She finds her voice but it's buried within her under a pile of tears, hurt, and shock. "You wanted to be prom king?" She questions in disbelief, not fully understanding what he meant (even though he didn't mean for her to hear him.)

"No", he replies curtly. There's a long pause.

He cups a cheek in his strong, calloused hand. He wipes away a stray tear from her face with the most gentle touch a human can achieve. "It should've been me...and you. Pizes, Finchel, Artitny? Fuck 'em all. It should've been us. It should've been Quick."

Neither of them say a word. Mainly because he's just said it all. But also because they're both about to vomit. The tension's reached its limit and she can't stay without grabbing him by the collar and crashing her lips against his so she leaves. He won't sleep tonight. He'll lay in bed, wishing he'd wrapped his strong arms around her and kissed her.

They can't take back the words they haven't said. There's three words that they'd never take back if they'd say them but they just can't.

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